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Excavators Build And Then Destroy The World's Tallest Sand Castle

So how do you top a bunch of excavators playing the world’s most massive game of Jenga? You put them to use doing what they were designed for: building stuff. Except stuff, in this case, happens to be the world’s tallest sand castle towering over 12.5m.

Short Film: A Cute Cat With A Mean Spacesuit Faces Some Evil Alien Bees

Video: This short film by French director Loïc Bramoullé displays the coolest spacesuit I’ve ever seen. Not just because its mean range of weapons, but also for its (artificial) intelligence to make decisions that protect its owner — a cute cat that seems a bit out of place — from things like evil alien bees.

Watch Five Giant Cat Excavators Play The World's Biggest Game Of Jenga

Twenty-seven wooden blocks weighing 270kg each? That’s no regular game of Jenga — that’s a job for a team of five giant, yet agile, Cat excavators and telehandlers to take on. Just some machines having fun.

Make It A Cross-Species Halloween

Interaction designer Chris Woebken has taken Halloween to its logical conclusion: helping one species pass for another.

Hacker Straps Virus Information To Feral Cat's Collar

Scavenger hunt-loving hacker, Yusuke Katayama was arrested overnight after months on the run. Disgruntled for some reason, he sent viral death threats, and while evading Japanese police, he mentioned that information about his virus was strapped to a cat roaming Tokyo. Months later the cat was found, leading to his arrest.

This Cat Played It Cool In Melbourne Earthquake

Clearly, this cat is all out of f**ks to give. While you were all out there in a tizzy about the earthquake in Victoria last night, this cat was playing it cool.

What Tron Needed Was More Pussy...

Olivia Wilde was good ‘n all, but how much better would Tron: Legacy have been with this Catron? I think 698 per cent, on average. [Buzzfeed via Make]

Sleepy Kitten Causes Kitchen Fire By Napping On Toaster Oven

The theory that technology and pets aren’t the best mix is supported by a recent incident in Port Townsend, Washington. In that town, a sleepy kitten caused a kitchen fire by napping on top of a toaster oven.

Have A Heavy German Babe On Your Wall Every Month Of 2010

Phwroar, get a load of ‘er rear end! This German heavy machinery calendar is wall-porn for anyone who fetishizes CAT bulldozers and diggers. Strangely enough, I want one. A calendar, that is—where would I park a digger?

Japanese Company Releases USB Pussy but Nobody Knows What It Is

All clues point to the fact that this USB cat from Japan is, in fact, a mouse. Or is it? What do you think this infernal contraption is most likely to be? Whatever it is, it comes in three models and costs around $70. [Darumouse via Impress]

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