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Casinos And Con Men: The Hustler Origins Of Wearable Computers 

Be healthier! Be less distracted! Be more efficient! The wearable tech market is gripped by the idea of quantifying positive change. Fitbits and Apple Watches are shilled as objects that will make us the best versions of ourselves.

Casinos Look Incredibly Eerie Without All The People

Casinos can be rancid places, full of sadness and stale beer. But if you just vacuumed out all the gambling, they’re surprisingly peaceful — if a little weird in the interior decoration department. Photographer Joe Johnson proves it in “The Playing Field”, a project that documents Reno, its casinos and almost zero humans.

9 Casino Games Too Ridiculous To Believe

Casinos are awesome, especially once you accept the fact that the house always wins. And if you’re going to give away your money regardless, you might as well do it at one of these incredibly, wonderfully weird games.

How Slot Machines Use Psychology And Design To Keep You Coming Back

Anyone who has ever walked into a casino has felt the lure of the slot machine. The bright lights, inviting little stools, and the promise of hitting the elusive jackpot are ever-present. It’s hard to avoid, no matter what logic tells you about the terrible odds. This Cool Hunting video shows just how involved the development of those enticing machines can be.

Man Goes On US$1.5m Gambling Spree After ATM Glitch Allows Him Unlimited Withdrawals

Ronald Page, a retired General Motors worker living in the Detroit area, took advantage of one hell of a computer glitch, after happening upon an ATM that allowed him to make unlimited cash withdrawals.

Vegas Casinos Connected By Zipline Sounds Like An Ocean's 14 Stunt

Las Vegas can be an exhausting place to explore on foot. So in a slightly misguided attempt to make it easier for patrons to get between its casinos, MGM Resorts International is planning to string up zip lines between the Luxor and Excalibur.

Bestmodo: Six Toolkits For Cultured Types

Gizmodo’s toolkit column highlights the latest (and strangest) gadgets on a particular theme. Today we serve up a classy best of collection: tools to help hit the casino and horse races, trim your movember moustache, play golf, write that novel and survive your summer holiday.

Man Finds Mysterious Safe, Plans To Open It Live On The Internet

Mike Laub recently bought Bill’s casino in Lake Tahoe and was in the process of renovating the building. But when he started tearing down walls, Laub found a 1.2m tall, black locked safe that was hidden underneath a staircase and sealed off behind a wall.

7 Casino Technologies They Don't Want You To Know About

Movies make casino cheaters seem like modern-day Robin Hoods, but don’t be fooled. Regulatory agencies toss around jail sentences faster than mob goons used to break knees. But casinos can’t prosecute what they can’t catch; everything starts with detection.

Ugly Carpets Of Vegas Are Clever Social Engineering At Work

Something this horrific can’t possibly be an accident. I mean, it takes a genius to come up with something so offensive to the eye. Sure enough, the insanely appalling carpets that adorn Vegas casinos are designed to keep you gambling.

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