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Adventure Time Comes To An End In 2018

In news that is perhaps totally unmathematical, one of Cartoon Network’s biggest shows is officially coming to its close. Six years after Finn and Jake’s adventures started, we now know they’re nearly over — but at least it won’t be for another couple of years.

The Simpsons Parodies Adventure Time In Its Latest Couch Gag Opening

Video: One of the greatest animated series of all time pays homage to another cartoon that will undoubtedly also be fondly remembered for decades as The Simpsons recreates Adventure Time for its latest couch gag opening, airing before the first episode of season 28.

Why Bugs Bunny Is The Ultimate Animated American Icon

Video: Mickey Mouse is obviously more well-known than Bugs Bunny. But there’s a kitschy globalisation aspect to Mickey that Bugs has somehow managed to avoid, even though they both served as mascots for their companies (Disney and Warner Bros., respectively). How did Bugs do it?

This Is The Guy Who Sang The Original Pokemon Theme Song

Video: Even if you’ve been obsessed with playing Pokemon GO the past few weeks, you probably have no idea who Jason Paige is. But if you grew up watching the animated series, you definitely know his voice. He sang the epic theme song for the US version of the Pokemon cartoon. Think the resurgence in popularity is doing Paige favours? Think again.

How Futurama Made Maths And Science Funny

Futurama may not make me laugh as hard as other comedies, but its vision of the future and all the shenanigans that come with it have always been enjoyable to watch (throughout all its various cancellations and comebacks). Kaptain Kristian makes the case that Futurama is special because it was the “master of hiding brilliance in plain sight. Bridging the gap between comedy and arithmetic while bringing humanity to the science.”

The Return Of Samurai Jack Will Be Darker And Way More Epic

Yes, Jack is indeed back. Last year we learned that Genndy Tartakovsky’s sci-fi-themed samurai series was making its way to TV once more, but now the first fleeting details about what’s in store for Jack in the new series have emerged — along with some gorgeous, gorgeous art.

Steven Universe's Latest Saga Has Been The Show At Its Best

There are two sides to Steven Universe‘s addictive brilliance: One is its deft, deep character-driven storytelling and masterful slow burn approach to its worldbuilding and lore. The other is its adorable goofy charm, its laidback slice-of-life-style comedic atmosphere. This most recent run of episodes has given us a huge dose of both.

Why Batman: The Animated Series Is The Best Batman Ever

Video: What’s your favourite version of Batman? Tim Burton’s? Christopher Nolan’s? Maybe you should consider that Batman: The Animated Series actually has the best Batman. Hear me out.

The Creators Of Archer Might Make A Live-Action Movie, And They Want Jon Hamm To Star

There’s long been talk that after the adventures of animation’s goofiest spy, Sterling Archer, came to an end on TV, the team behind the show would want to try an Archer movie. Recently the show’s producers teased an idea for a live-action film, and if they go that way they already have a perfect star in mind: Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm.

Fun Video Shows The Simpsons' Stanley Kubrick Parodies With The Original Movie Scenes

Video: It’s really fun to see the genius eye of Stanley Kubrick get translated into the world of The Simpsons. Instead of the psychopaths in A Clockwork Orange, we get Homer, Moe and crew. Instead of the stillness of 2001: A Space Odyssey, we see the goofiness of Homer eating in zero gravity. Instead of the eeriness of The Shining, we get Homer… again.

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