Making Plastic, Fertiliser And Superglue Out Of Thin Air

What to do with an environment-wrecking molecule like carbon dioxide? The gas behind global warming and ocean acidification enjoys a pretty rough reputation these days, but scientists have been working on ingenious ways to put carbon dioxide to good use. A little electricity, it turns out, can transform the waste gas into raw material for making plastic bottles, antifreeze, fuel and more.

How The Carbon Cycle Dictates Our Lives

Carbon is the fundamental element which all life on our planet is based on — but it’s also much maligned for its role in climate change. So which is it, friend or foe?

We Could Build Entire Cities Out Of Greenhouse Gas Some Day

A team from the University of Newcastle is perfecting a method of capturing carbon emissions and transforming them into carbonate rock bricks. They’re just part of a wave of efforts by scientists who hope to tame carbon in order to shape a greener future.

New Carbon Supermaterial Is Stronger Than Graphene And Diamond

Move over graphene; get outta here diamond. There’s a new carbon supermaterial in town, and it’s stronger and stiffer than either of you.

NASA Finding Organics On Mars Is Nothing To Get Excited About

The internet is awash with news that NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has detected carbon compounds on Mars. Some people may have you believe that the news suggests there’s life on Mars — but don’t get too excited just yet.

New York City's CO2 Emissions, Visualised

In 2010, New York City pumped out 54 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. That figure’s close to meaningless for most of us, though — so here’s what it would look like if you could actually see it.

Scientists Are Making Computer Chips Of The Future Out Of Carbon Nanotubes

Scientists have developed a way to manufacture a new breed of computer chips that use carbon nanotubes in the place of silicon.

Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook: Holy Crap

The Lenovo X1 Carbon arrived at our office a few days ago, and while the full review will be up early next week, we wanted to give you our first impressions of Lenovo’s ruggedised ultrabook. So far: Really good.

Graphene Miracle #5347: It Can Repair Itself Entirely Unassisted

There seems to be little that graphene can’t do. While previous studies have shown that it can repair itself with a little assistance from heat or pressure, new research suggests that it can actually fix holes in its structure entirely unaided.

The Miraculous NASA Breakthrough That Could Save Millions Of Lives

There are no hospitals in space. The closest E.R. is back on Earth, and astronauts can’t exactly jump in a cab to get there. So what happens if the sun burps out a massive blast of radiation while an astronaut is space-amblin’ by?