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Scientists Finally Made Carbyne, A Material Stronger Than Graphene, That Lasts

Several years ago, scientists calculated the properties of an exotic form of carbon — called Carbyne — and found that it promised more strength and stiffness than any other known material. Now, it’s finally been made in a stable form inside an Austrian lab.

The UN's Proposed Airline Emissions Standards Are A Joke

As humanity’s first space colonists are getting ready to ship off to Mars in 2030, the citizens of Earth may have just implemented the first-ever carbon emissions standards for airlines. And they’re weak as hell.

There's A New Form Of Carbon That's Harder Than Diamond

Researchers have discovered a new form of carbon structure, called Q-carbon, that’s harder than diamond and allows artificial versions of the precious stone to be made at room temperature and pressure.

Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Hit High, Likely To Become 'Permanent Reality'

A new bulletin from the World Meteorological Organisation reports that the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached another new record high in 2014 that could become a ‘permanent reality.’

How France Plans To Bury Its Carbon Emissions -- Literally, In Its Soil

French wine lovers have always taken their soil very seriously. But now the country’s government has introduced fresh reasons for the rest of the world to pay attention to their terroir.

IBM Is Shrinking Transistors With Rows Of Tiny Carbon Nanotubes

In the semiconductor industry, size matters — and people are worried that it won’t be able make transistors any smaller. But a team of IBM scientists has now published research showing how carbon nanotubes could help.

This Is Why Carbon Is Now Called Pollution

Carbon dioxide is a funny molecule. Life as we know it wouldn’t exist without CO2. But when we pump too much of it into the atmosphere, it destroys our environment. That’s why the Clean Power Plan, announced yesterday by the Obama administration, has finally decided to call carbon what it is: Pollution.

Extreme Droughts Weaken Trees' Ability To Soak Up Carbon

There’s a mystery inside trees upon which the fate of coastal cities, threatened by rising sea levels from climate change, may depend. Each year, the Earth’s forests take up about one-quarter of the carbon dioxide emitted by humans, effectively slowing the speed and severity of global warming. They lock up most of this carbon in their stems and keep it there for centuries. This service that they provide to humanity is worth about $US1 trillion each year.

The World Lost 18 Million Hectares Of Forest In 2013

New high-resolution maps of international woodland reveal that the world lost 18 million hectares of forest — the same area as that covered by Oklahoma — to wildfires, deforestation and development in 2013

This Frozen Forest Is Actually A Landscape Of Diamond-Coated Nanotubes

It might look like something on the side of an Alpine mountain, but you’re actually looking at an electron microscope image of diamond-coated of carbon nanotubes.

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