The World Lost 18 Million Hectares Of Forest In 2013

New high-resolution maps of international woodland reveal that the world lost 18 million hectares of forest — the same area as that covered by Oklahoma — to wildfires, deforestation and development in 2013

This Frozen Forest Is Actually A Landscape Of Diamond-Coated Nanotubes

It might look like something on the side of an Alpine mountain, but you’re actually looking at an electron microscope image of diamond-coated of carbon nanotubes.

How To Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Rock And Bury It Forever (Hopefully) 

What do we do with a problem like carbon dioxide? We want to remove the excess from our atmosphere, but how? In Iceland, geologists are burying the greenhouse gas with water, so that basic chemistry can turn it into solid rock inside what the New York Times calls “a geological soda machine”.

Atmospheric CO2 Increases Have Hit A 30-Year High

Don’t panic (you should panic), but the rate at which the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are rising just hit a 30-year high. If rates don’t slow down, we’ll soon breach the levels that experts claim are safe.

Video Explains What Graphene Is And Why It's A Magic Material

So what’s the deal with graphene and why does everyone think it’s the next big thing? Well, as SciShow says, it conducts electricity better than silver, it conducts heat better than diamonds and even though it’s only one atom thick, it’s even stronger than steel. So why isn’t it more popular and everywhere?

There's A New Material That's So Black You Can't See It

A team of British researchers has created a record-breaking material, but you might struggle to tell — because it’s so black that you can barely see it. The new material, called Vantablack, is a coating made using carbon nanotubes, which absorbs all but 0.035 per cent of visible light.

Magic Fabric Doesn't Catch Fire After Being Doused With Molten Aluminium

The molten aluminium being poured out onto the thin black fabric is bubbling at a scorching 816C. That’s hot. And yet for all the heat and fire and flame power, the magic fabric easily withstands the burning liquid metal. The fabric doesn’t catch fire, it doesn’t get burnt through, and there’s not a single hole in it. What is this sorcery?

Making Plastic, Fertiliser And Superglue Out Of Thin Air

What to do with an environment-wrecking molecule like carbon dioxide? The gas behind global warming and ocean acidification enjoys a pretty rough reputation these days, but scientists have been working on ingenious ways to put carbon dioxide to good use. A little electricity, it turns out, can transform the waste gas into raw material for making plastic bottles, antifreeze, fuel and more.

How The Carbon Cycle Dictates Our Lives

Carbon is the fundamental element which all life on our planet is based on — but it’s also much maligned for its role in climate change. So which is it, friend or foe?

We Could Build Entire Cities Out Of Greenhouse Gas Some Day

A team from the University of Newcastle is perfecting a method of capturing carbon emissions and transforming them into carbonate rock bricks. They’re just part of a wave of efforts by scientists who hope to tame carbon in order to shape a greener future.