carbon nanotubes

Carbon Nanotube Transistors That Will Save Moore's Law Are Coming In 2020

Our world of amazingly tiny electronics is about to get even tinier. After a decade of research, IBM says it will bring carbon nanotube transistors to market by 2020. The company is now readying the technology to take over from silicon transistors, and that opens up a lot of exciting doors.

Tiny Copper And Carbon Nanotube Wires Increase Current Flow 100 Fold

Researchers in Japan have developed an incredibly thin wire — just half a micrometre in diameter — made from a new composite material composed of traditional copper and those new fangled carbon nanotubes. But what makes this creation particularly awesome is that the new wire allows over 100 times more current to flow than a traditional copper thread.

Carbon Nanotubes Can Now Fireproof Your Furniture

If you’ve ever lamented the fact that putting your sofa right next to a warm crackling fireplace was dangerous, carbon nanotubes might one day come to the rescue — again. Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology — or NIST — have created a carbon nanotube-based coating that makes the foam used in furniture considerably less flammable.

The First Carbon Nanotube Computer: The Hyper-Efficient Future Is Here

Coming just a year after the creation of the first carbon nanotube computer chip, scientists have just built the very first actual computer with a central processor centred entirely around carbon nanotubes. Which means the future of electronics just got tinier, more efficient and a whole lot faster.

Australian Scientists Find New Way To Turn Plastic Bags Into Supermaterial

Have you ever had a roommate who saves plastic grocery bags just in case they ever have the need to reuse the dang things? Like, hundreds of plastic grocery bags? Well, thanks to Australian engineers, those extra bags can not only have a purpose, they can become technology of the future.

The World's Tiniest Saw Is Made From Diamond-Coated Carbon Nanotubes

You know all that sawdust you’re left with when hacking through a piece of lumber? It’s a minor inconvenience for carpenters, but a huge problem for electronics manufacturers cutting expensive materials like silicon wafers on the microscopic scale. So researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have found a way to make incredibly precise ultra-thin saws from carbon nanotubes covered with an outer layer of lab-grown diamonds.

Carbon Nanotube Coated Fibres Could One Day Lead To Self-Heating Clothing

Working with Hokkaido University, Kuraray Living has created a soft washable fabric woven with carbon nanotube coated fibers that produces heat when electricity is applied. So when it’s perfected, your electric blanket could get a lot less bulky.

This Carbon Nanotube Patch Could Heal Your Broken Heart

When areas of a heart are deprived of oxygen—say, in a heart attack—muscle and nerve cells are damaged. The tissue can’t regenerate on its own. But this carbon nanotube patch could help.

The Best Of The Year In Space

It’s been a big year for the space sciences. The first privately-held spacecraft orbited our world, the blackest material in history was created, researchers expanded the list of possible sources of life threefold; and that was just in December.

When Water Drops Onto Water-Repelling Carbon Nanotubes

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Even though not all of you will understand what “superhydrophobic carbon nanotubes” actually are, everyone will appreciate this video of water droplets shot at varying frame-rate speeds of up to 3500fps. Except for Martians, perhaps.