Man Does Spectacular Trick Shot Through Moonroof While Driving A Car

Video: David Kalb can bounce two basketballs through a moonroof while driving a car, which to me is more awesome than scoring a three-pointer while driving the same car, but whatever. I guess that people love the scoring more than the bouncing.

What The Hell Is This Giant Russian Car?

According to English Russia, a Russian guy designed this car using a 3D modelling software. Then he and his friends got a Nissan Maxima “as a source for some parts” and built it. Looks like an all-terrain batmobile to me.

New Cool Car Carries A Drone For Terrain Reconnoissance

This is the Renault KWID, a car that carries a quadcopter drone for terrain reconnoissance tucked inside a little hangar on its rooftop. It may seem like a silly James Bondigh invention, but it actually makes a lot of sense in certain situations.

This Could Be The Biggest Amazon Package Ever

Amazon is well-known for its habit of delivering small items in gigantic packages. But this parcel has to be perhaps the biggest that Bezos & Co have ever had to ship.

A Visit To Local Motors, Badass Innovators Of Future Vehicle Design

Gizmodo had the pleasure today of stopping by the future Las Vegas factory, autoshop, office and cafe space for Local Motors, easily one of the most innovative vehicle-design outfits in the United States. The company justifiably prides itself on its “co-creative” approach and its “microfactory” network of smaller shops and independent designers, all pooling ideas for future vehicles.

Google Is Taking Android To The Car With Audi, GM, Honda And Hyundai

Google has just announced that it’s joining forces with Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia to create the Open Automotive Alliance. In other words, it’s planning to take Android to the automobile.

WSJ: Google And Audi Are Working On In-Car Android

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google has been working with Audi to develop in-car entertainment and information systems based on Android — and the pair plan to make an announcement at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

This Australian-Made. Life-Size, Air-Powered Lego Car Hits 32km/h

What happens if you take 500,000 pieces of Lego and 256 pistons, then hand them over to Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida? This fully functioning, life-size, air-powered Lego car is what.

What The Strange Slot In Your Old Car's Dashboard Is Really For

Someone was did an amazing job of predicting the future when they put that strange slot in the centre of your dash. Spooky. [Reddit]

Updated New York Subway Car Design Proposals Aim To Minimise Stranger Danger

It might be time for new subway cars in the Big Apple, and the New York Transit Authority wants to do it right. So they sent a group of researchers into the subways to stare at straphangers over three weeks and make everyone super uncomfortable. Plus gather data or whatever.