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That Willy Wonka Prequel Doesn't Have To Suck

David Heyman, the producer of the Harry Potter film series — including upcoming spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them — has a new fantasy franchise in his sights. Warner Bros. has just secured the rights to all things Willy Wonka from Roald Dahl’s estate, and is teaming with Heyman to make a prequel about the character.

Cleverly Smuggle Booze By Turning It Into Edible Bubbles

At Toy Fair earlier this year we were surprised to discover that edible lolly bubbles were not only a thing, they were also surprisingly tasty. But why stop at lolly flavours? The next time you find yourself headed to a tedious children’s birthday party, you can now whip up a batch of edible boozy bubbles instead — just keep them away from kids.

Putting A Piñata On A Flying Drone Seemed Like A Good Idea At First

Video: Piñatas are already notoriously difficult to hit while wearing a blindfold and dizzy from spinning. But trying to hit a piñata perched atop a flying drone, and not hanging from a tree, is a even greater challenge.

Melting A Giant Jawbreaker Is Like Breaking Open Earth's Core

Video:Wow. Peeling back the layers of a jawbreaker is so glorious, especially when it’s done with a blow torch. Each colour bubbles up and melts away revealing a different colour underneath until it’s all gone. This is probably how the Earth gets destroyed in nightmares.

Why All The Best Kit Kat Flavours Are Only In Japan

Video: Wasabi, strawberry cheesecake, green tea, dark chocolate, sweet potato. What do these flavours have in common? They’re all Kit Kat varieties exclusive to Japan. But how did the crispy, break-associated candy get so popular there?

I Ate Edible Candy Bubbles And I Didn't Go Blind

When you’re a kid, there’s an endless list of things you’re not supposed to eat, and that includes bubbles. But apparently the science of bubble solution has come a long way over the years, because a company called Little Kids, Inc. has succeeded in concocting bubbles you can not only eat, but are actually surprisingly tasty.

Making Custom Gummy Bears Is A 3D Printer's True Calling

It’s not just electronics and other product manufacturing that 3D printers promise to revolutionise. The machines might one day replace all the appliances in your kitchen when it comes to making dinner, or more importantly, making candy.

Watch How Candy Canes Are Made

Video: A helluva lot of sugar and a helluva lot of machinery. That’s what it takes to make candy canes and it’s very close to being a magical process, as taking something as large as what candy canes start at and shaping it down to the classic skinny hook is so very impressive.

CandyAnatomy Reveals The Sweet Complexity Of Human Reproductive Structures

University of Glasgow medical student Mike McCormick released diagrams of the female and male reproductive systems made out of all the kinds of lollies I hated as a kid.

Watch A Jawbreaker Get Carved Into A Shot Glass On A Lathe

The craftsmanship of candy. The art of an edible cup. The carving of a jawbreaker into a shot glass. It’s a thing that you never thought would make any sense but once the jawbreaker starts spinning on the lathe and getting shaved down to expose the different layers of its colours, you realise that all shot glasses should be made from candy now.

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