UV-Powered Blood Test Could Make Universal Cancer Detection Possible

Early detection is the best tool to fight cancer, but biopsies can be painful and inconclusive. New research shows a simple blood test can detect cancers by blasting white blood cells with UV and seeing how they respond. Painless, universal cancer detection could be a drop of blood away.

How A Cat Poop Parasite Could Help Scientists Beat Cancer

This week, a team of researchers at Dartmouth announced an exciting, if terribly disgusting, medical discovery. A single-celled parasite usually found in cats’ intestines — and later in their poop — shows unique promise as a cancer treatment. The researchers even think the parasite could enable them to create personalised cancer vaccines.

A Tiny, Breathing Lung Made Of Cancer Cells That Helps Test Chemo Drugs

One of the great tragedies of cancer medicine is when drugs work phenomenally in animal testing, but fail to deliver for human patients. As close as animal testing can get, it’s no substitute for the real thing — which makes this tiny, breathing artificial lung, grown from human lung cancer cells, so promising.

Would You Trust 'Drinkable' Sunscreen?

There’s a new snake oil sunscreen doing the rounds in the US and making big promises. Osmosis Skincare’s UV Neutraliser Harmonized Water apparently makes the water molecules underneath your skin vibrate, giving you SPF 30 sun protection for three hours. Yep, this is stupid.

The Shitbox Rally Kicks Off In Perth This Weekend

$1000 for a car. 4000 kilometres to travel. One week to do it all. The Shitbox Rally is back for another year, and a bunch of plucky teams are pushing 250 cars to their limits on the way from Perth to Darwin.

How A Doctor Is Fighting Cancer With Items Found At Walmart

David Walmer is a renegade doctor who’s been saving lives in Haiti. When he realised a few years ago how cervical cancer was killing many of his patients, Walmer decided to get creative about solving the problem. Oddly enough, Walmart was part of the solution.

This Electric Helmet Looks Goofy, But It Zaps Deadly Brain Cancer

Glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive and deadly forms of brain cancer. Nausea-inducing chemotherapy can prolong life by a few months, but there’s another gentler though funnier-looking treatment: a cap that literally zaps the tumour away.

Giz Explains: Finding, Treating And Beating The Most Survivable Forms Of Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is often compared to being kicked in the gut — by a Clydesdale. But if caught soon enough, many of the disease’s 200 iterations offer more than even survival rates, five years down the line. It’s by no means a clean bill of health, mind you, but there several forms of cancer that modern science has beaten back.

The Cancer Gene That Lurks Inside All Of Us

Inside every cell in every human body, there’s a very special gene, called BRCA1, that regulates how fast cells can divide. A simple mutation within it can be all that’s required for us to develop cancer.

Why Don't We All Have Cancer?

Video: Our bodies aren’t perfect. Every time a cell reproduces, it makes about 120,000 mistakes in the replication of its DNA, introducing mutations that can lead to uncontrollable division. What we know as cancer. But, if this happens all the time, why don’t we all have cancer? Here’s the answer.