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DNA Repair Earned The Nobel Prize In Chemistry, And Here's Why

Yesterday the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Tomas Lindahl, Aziz Sancar, and Paul Modrich for their work in mapping out how cells repair damaged DNA. Their research improved our understanding of how our own cells work and helped in the development of cancer treatments, but what does it all really mean?

What You Can Do About Mosquitos

From ancient home remedies to modern gadgets and even new clothes technology, there’s no need to suffer mosquito bites this spring. Follow this basic advice and never get bit again.

How Starving Cancer Cells Of Sugar Could Be The Best Way To Attack Them

All the cells in our bodies are programmed to die. As they get older, our cells accumulate toxic molecules that make them sick. In response, they eventually break down and die, clearing the way for new, healthy cells to grow. This “programmed cell death” is a natural and essential part of our wellbeing. Every day, billions of cells die like this in order for the whole organism to continue functioning as it is supposed to.

Can Scientists Create A One-Click Shop For Cancer Treatments?

What if there were a vast library of crowd-sourced samples of rare cancers, and scientists could order them simply using ‘one-click shopping’?

This Messy Mass Of Colourful Orbs Shows How Cancer Grows

Healthy tissues are like healthy ecosystems: Both are composed of diverse populations. But in tumours a single, malignant cell type often dominates. A new computer model is helping researchers understand why, and it could pave the way to more effective cancer treatments.

Did An Australian University Just Say Wi-Fi Can Give You And Your Kids Cancer?

Despite the fact that both Australian nuclear advisory bodies and the World Health Organisation have downplayed the link between brain cancer and the radiation emitted by devices like Wi-Fi routers and mobile phones, Monash University yesterday issued a press release that might give parents second thoughts about having Wi-Fi and other wireless gadgets in the home. What gives?

Don't Watch This Film About A Dog Unless You Want To Cry

First, Ben Moon’s dog helped him survive a fight against cancer. Then, Denali succumbed to the disease himself. This film about their life together is incredibly moving.

Herpes-Based Drug Shown To Successfully Treat Aggressive Skin Cancer

A new drug based on a genetically modified herpes virus has been used to successfully treat patients with aggressive cases of skin cancer — and it’s hoped it could be used to treat other forms of cancer too.

To Treat Cancer, Doctors Will Grow Miniature Organs From Your Tumours

Organoids are exactly what they sound like: simplified miniature organs. And now geneticists are growing them out of living cancer cells, creating tiny, living cancer tumours for study. It sounds terrifying, but it’s actually one possible way we’ll get personalised medicine to treat many kinds of cancer.

PornHub's New PSA Reminds You To Touch Your Balls

PornHub, one of the world’s leading pornography destinations, is throwing in its support for testicular cancer awareness month with a new PSA video cleverly titled “Charlotte Stokely teaches you to last longer.” (Obviously, obviously not safe for work.)

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