Canada Wants To Send Its Astronauts To Space In Computer Shirts

Wearable technology has a long way to go. Sure, a smartwatch that lets you read text messages on your wrist is neat, and a pair of glasses that take pictures is innovative (or whatever). But what about technology we can really wear? Like clothes?

Awesome Guy Builds Colourful Ice Fortress

Winter is no fun, especially when it comes too soon or overstays its welcome. How can you make it more enjoyable? By being awesome like Chris Marchand who decided to turn snow into snowlemonade (snowade? water?) by making a beautiful and colourful ice wall fortress in his yard. Look at it. It glows.

It Was So Cold In Canada, The Ground Exploded

Even before the polar vortex put large swathes of the US into a deep freeze, subzero temperatures in Canada were causing frost quakes. A few nights ago, residents around Ontario woke up to mysterious booms — like an explosion or falling tree. Turns it was just the cold.

Canada Spent $US14,000 Asking People If Superheroes Can Fly

Can superheroes leap over tall buildings? Can they become invisible? Can they walk through walls? Can they fly? These are the types of cutting-edge questions asked in a recent study commissioned by Canada’s armed forces. Weird, huh?

This Truck Is Made Of Ice, And You Can Actually Drive It

Behold the first self-propelled ice sculpture ever — a truck made of ice that actually works! It’s a real truck, using 5000kg of ice over a regular truck chassis complete with engine and electrical system. Check out the videos to see how they built it — and how it melted.

Canada's About To Claim The North Pole As Its Own

Have you spent the past decade believing that Canada is nothing more than the friendly, innocuous country north of the US? Good — that’s what they wanted you to think. In reality, Canada has given the past 10 years of its life and $US200 million dollars in taxpayer money to file the ultimate claim: 2.6 million square kilometres of Arctic seafloor that, yes, includes the North Pole.

Oil Companies Could Create Dozens Of Toxic Lakes In Alberta

Canada’s tar sands are an unequivocal environmental nightmare, ravaging the landscape and spewing billions of gallons of toxic water into the world. Now, oil companies are claiming they’ve figured out what to do with all that poisonous water: Turn Alberta into one giant man-made lake district.

Vancouver Bans Doorknobs On New Buildings

Hold on to your knobs while you still can. Humanity is about to embark on an era of doorknob prohibition, and it’s all starting in Vancouver, Canada.

Haunting Aerial Photographs Of Drowned Villages In Canada

Louis Helbig is cataloging aerial photographs of Canadian villages drowned by the construction of the St Lawrence Seaway on his website Sunken Villages. The photos are haunting and gorgeous, almost emerald-like, but often difficult to read. Outlines of houses and roads barely emerge from the silt like scenes from a dream by J.G. Ballard, or flooded stage sets in the water that, in some photos, are lazily criss-crossed by boats.

The Space-Based Internet Relay That Will Torch Google Fibre Has Launched

With an average global broadband connection speed of just 3.1Mb/s, the internet has become one enormous bottleneck for those that send large amounts of data across it. At that speed, a 100GB file would take around three days to transfer completely, eons too long in a digital era measured by millisecond pings. But a new double-duty satellite launched yesterday could cut that transfer time to just 90 minutes.