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Canada's Getting Its Own Superhero Universe

Credit: Chapterhouse Comics Justin Trudeau won’t be the only Canadian with his face on the cover of a multi-superhero comic book saga. Chapterhouse Comics is getting in on the game with its own superhero universe.

Park Denies Allegations That It Starved Walrus After Video Appears Online

If you haven’t been to SeaWorld in the US, then you probably haven’t heard of Marineland, which is a controversial amusement park in Niagara Falls, Canada that has been the subject of accusations of unfair animal treatment.

That Photo Of A Baby Moose With A Pride Flag Is Fake

Have you seen that photo of a baby moose holding a gay pride flag? It’s adorable. But unfortunately, it’s also fake. Why is the internet so mean?

Watch A Massive Sinkhole Swallow A Minivan

Downtown Ottawa is the latest city to remove cars from its streets. Actually it’s just a single minivan. That got sucked into the bowels of the Earth.

Terrifying Bushfires Prompt The Evacuation Of An Entire Canadian City

Residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta — home to 83,000 people — have been ordered to leave as an out-of-control bushfire swept into the city. It’s the largest fire evacuation in the province’s history.

Canadian Minister Of Health Blames 'Social Media' For Gonorrhea Epidemic

If these numbers are to be believed, the residents of Alberta are swimming in sexually transmitted diseases. Last year, the Canadian province saw an 80 per cent increase in cases of gonorrhea. What to blame? According to the government, “social media”.

Canada's Mounties Hold The Keys To Blackberry's Encryption

Blackberry — the financially floundering smartphone maker that prides itself on end-to-end encryption — may have finally met its match in the form of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Motherboard reports that the RCMP, as part of a criminal investigation, was able to intercept and decrypt more than a million Blackberry messages over the course of two years.

Obama Enlists Canadian Prime Minister To Help Fight Climate Change

As tiny-handed man-children command the lion’s share of America’s attention, the still-acting leader of the United States — President Obama — is quietly doubling down on climate change. The latest part of Captain Planet’s scheme? Getting Canada on board.

Firefighters Open Hydrant, Find It Stuffed With Fish

Some brave Canadian firefighters recently showed up to put out a grass fire, but their hoses weren’t getting any suction from the hydrant. Why? Because it was stuffed with fish!

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