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This Bug's Camouflage Is Very Impressive

Meet the Lichen Katydid, an insect that has such impressive camouflage skills that it can hide in plain sight when walking on a lichen (a plant-like composite organism of an alga and a fungus). The bug’s body matches the wisps of the lichen so damn well that you’re not even sure which part belongs to which.

How This Weird Dinosaur Used Camouflage To Evade Predators

Researchers from Bristol University have reconstructed the colour patterns of a Cretaceous-era Psittacosaurus, revealing not just its colours and distinct shading patterns, but also clues about the life and environment in which this extinct dinosaur lived.

Can You Find The Cat Taking A Nap On This Pile Of Wood?

Let’s play a game. Can you find the orange tabby cat that’s supposedly taking a nap on this pile of wood without going crazy? I say supposedly because for a good few minutes as I was looking for the cute little guy, I swore that the cat didn’t exist or that the cat has transformed into a block of wood or that the cat had invisibility powers. All of those explanations were much more believable than an actual cat taking a nap on the pile of wood.

Can You Find The iPhone On This Freaking Carpet?

There’s an iPhone laying somewhere on this carpet. You have to stare really hard and probably scour every pixel of this picture and possibly stop blinking for at least four minutes in order to find it, but I promise you that it’s there. Jeya May Cruz dropped her iPhone onto this rug and basically saw her phone vanish before her eyes. Who knew iPhones had an invisibility feature.

How A Freaky WWI Camouflage Trick Could Be Reworked For The 21st Century

During World War I, ships were painted in zebra stripes to deceive the enemy. The effectiveness of this “dazzle” camouflage was never quite clear, but a new study suggests that these zigzag patterns can be quite deceptive when they move.

This Crazy Artwork Is Inspired By First World War Camouflage

Image Cache: This art installation, known as Dazzle room, was created by Japanese artist Shigeki Matsuyama after he learned about a kind of camouflage used during the First World War.

What The Original Spy Manual Can Teach You About The Outdoors

Before there was a CIA or an MI6 there was the Special Operations Executive. And, as WWII heated up, it put all of its collective tradecraft knowledge into a single training manual. And, it turns out that training spies to operate behind enemy lines is often good training for going outdoors, too.

The US Army Is Finally Releasing Its New, Old Camo Design

It’s been more than a decade since the US Army adopted its first pixelated camo pattern — it was the start of the Iraq War, and the blocky digital pattern seemed to signal a new era of futuristic warfare. One problem: It didn’t work. At all.

The Golden Gate Bridge Almost Ended Up With A Bumble Bee Paint Job

The Golden Gate Bridge’s iconic “International Orange” paint job was a bit of a happy accident. If the United States Navy got its way, the landmark stretch of infrastructure would look like a bumble bee. That would have been just sad.

This Amazing Camouflaged Fish Is Pretty Much Invisible

Video: The camouflage on this fish is so impressive that you can barely see it. I mean, it’s essentially invisible. Anytime it stops, I lose track of it because it blends in so perfectly with the ground. Even when it’s moving, it looks more like a pile of dirt than an animal. Amazing.

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