Can You Detect The Stealth Animals Hiding In All These Pictures?

Can you see it? Hiding in plain sight there are two of the most stealthy creatures in the animal kingdom, almost impossible to detect. Thanks to the wonders of natural selection, these and other animals can avoid most predators and perpetuate their species. See if you can spot them all:

How Automakers Use A WWI-Era Camo Technique To Disguise Prototype Cars

In the early days of modern warfare, ships protected themselves from German U-boats with wild, eye-catching painted patterns called dazzle. The military moved on to new forms of camo decades ago, but for carmakers, dazzle is still the best way to protect prototype cars from being photographed.

Why No One Used Camouflage Until WWI

The general idea behind visual camouflage, which is to make distinctive, recognisable shapes difficult to pick out against a background, was nothing new in 1914. The point of camouflage isn’t necessarily to make oneself totally invisible, which isn’t practical for a large army.

This Synthetic Material Changes Colour And Texture Like Octopus Skin

When it comes to camouflage, we lowly humans are far behind the cephalopod. Octopus, squid, and cuttlefish have the amazing ability to change colour or texture — going from scarlet red to bone white, bumpy to smooth in just seconds. But we’re making progress. Scientists at MIT and Duke have created a new stretchy camouflage skin inspired by these creatures.

Map Shows What Each Country's Military Camouflage Pattern Looks Like

Here’s a fascinating map that reveals how each country defines the idea of camouflage for their military. Of course, different branches of the military have different camo needs but this map, created by a Reddit user, draws out the broad strokes.

This Colour-Changing Camouflage Is Inspired By Octopus Skin

If you have not yet witnessed the wonder of an octopus changing colour instantaneously, then you should go do that right now. We humans are only slowly playing camouflage catch up. A new colour-changing sheet that adapts to the light it senses brings us a tiny step closely to octopi.

The Strange, Sad Story Of The US Army's New Billion-Dollar Camo Pattern

After nearly a decade, multiple false-starts, and many billions of dollars, the US Army has finally chosen a new camouflage for its troops. Except it’s not exactly new. It was originally developed back in 2002. And it looks a whole lot like one of the patterns that the US Army was in talks to adopt from an independent company.

Columbia Designed This Camo To Make Anglers Invisible To Fish

Hunters wear camouflage clothing from head to toe to blend in with their surroundings and sneak up on their prey. But fisherman never do, so Columbia has designed colour-changing shirt with what it’s calling a ‘Solar Camo’ pattern that only appears in the warmth of sunlight, helping anglers avoid being spotted and scaring the fish they’re after.

MIT Develops Camouflage Generator That Can Hide Almost Anything

When you hear the word camouflage, images of fake foliage, random brown blobs, or maybe even the US military’s failed pixelated fatigues come to mind. But researchers at MIT have developed a new algorithm that generates camouflage patterns that let an object blend into any surrounding, not just a jungle or the desert.

Watch This Octopus Instantly Change Colour To Blend In With A Fishing Boat

It’s not news that an octopus, the alien super-villain of the big bad ocean, can change colours to camouflage itself, but just watch as this octopus tries to blend in with a boat in seconds. The transformation from orange to white is so fast it’s unbelievable.

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