Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: Australian Review

What happens when you take a smartphone and stick a point-and-shoot camera on the back? The original Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom was a slightly unrefined piece of technology, but the new Galaxy K Zoom — based on the excellent Galaxy S5 — cleans up its act and produces a versatile and useful camera phone.

Why Medium Format Is So Gorgeous (It's About More Than Resolution)

One of the biggest reasons to shoot film nowadays is medium format, an option that yields gorgeous results but whose digital counterpart is wildly expensive. It’s well known that medium format offers an increase in resolution and print size, but there are other advantages that make it a unique tool in a photographer’s repertoire.

MIT Thinks Lighting Drones Could Be The Perfect Photography Assistants

If you’ve ever been to a photography set, you’ve probably noticed how much time the photographer and their assistants take to perfectly position the lighting — only to have their efforts foiled when the model moves. That’s why researchers at MIT are proposing using drones as lighting, as they can constantly ensure they’re always in the perfect spot.

First Image We've Seen Captured By Sony's Curved Camera Sensor

Last month we heard Sony has been working on a curved sensor for cameras, the idea being they better reflect the nature of the human eye and reduce the amount of distortion and blur you get with a traditional flat CMOS. While there’s no further news on when we’ll see such technology at the consumer level, we do have a shot showing the sort of photos the sensor can record.

What It Takes To Shoot Jaw-Dropping Photos Inside Giant Caves

Video: Photographer Chris Higgins has been fascinated by caves ever since he was a kid. When he found that words weren’t enough to describe the beauty of what he saw in the caves he explored, he began photographing them. Now, he shoots heart-stopping underground images, and the guys from JOBY followed along to see how much hard work that takes. Something that you don’t consider when ogling Chris’s images is the sheer bulk of time that they require — a single shot could involve up to 12 hours of climbing, crawling, rappelling, wriggling and setting up flashes and triggers.

Watch: Olympus' Anywhere Classroom Teaches You How To Take Amazing Photos

If you’re new to photography, there is a huge range of excellent, high-quality videos on the Internet that you can use to hone your skills. Olympus has jumped on the bandwagon, with a trio of Anywhere Classroom videos that teach viewers a little about capturing arresting photos.

Watch: NSW Police Body-Mounted Cameras Give Cop's-Eye View Of Action

NSW Police is spending $4 million on a rollout of body-worn video cameras for active police officers, with the chest-mounted cameras recording any interaction or confrontation between cops and the general public. Take a look…

Samsung's NX Mini Is The Perfect Selfie Camera

The new NX Mini is one of those technology products that is unashamedly Samsung. It’s an interchangeable lens camera that’s been pared back to its simplest form — and that form is clearly designed for party selfies.

NSW Cops' Body-Mounted Video Cameras Could Record Over 700TB Of Data Per Year

Equipping New South Wales’ police force with ubiquitous body-mounted video cameras is a good idea, since there’s evidence that suggests the cameras makes public interactions safer for both police and the general public. There’s one big, looming problem though; what do you do with all that data?

Learn How The World's Most Detailed Macro Photos Are Captured

Have you ever wondered just what the wings of a cicada look like really close up? There’s a company with a nifty piece of tech that can show you exactly that, and anything else, down to a micron level. Its fascinating computerised rig can be configured to capture the most detailed macro photos you’ve ever seen.