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Quick-Release Camera Mount Complements Your Fixie's Hip Aesthetics

Most camera mounts seem targeted at extreme athletes wanting to record their over-the-top exploits with a GoPro strapped to their bike’s handlebars. But Minoura’s new quick-release mount looks like it would appeal to the hipster community instead, letting them strap their plastic Lomos to their retro fixie bikes.

Flymount Is A Rugged Camera Mount For Active Types

If you like to spend your weekends taking photos of yourself doing active things, you’ll probably want to know about the Flymount, a lightweight camera mount designed specifically for active people.

GigaPan Epic Pro Gives Your DSLR Full Panoramic Power

We’ve been waiting on a DSLR version of the GigaPan Epic gigapixel photo system for a while now, and the moment’s finally arrived: the GigaPan Epic Pro handles DSLRs and large lenses to stitch together photos into sweeping panoramas.

Mount A Camera On Your Helmet For Great Photos Of Handlebars

Since the best pictures are taken when you are unable to aim your camera properly, the Happy Helmet Bike Camera mounts your point-and-shoot on top of your head.

Sony Party Shot Automatic Camera Mount Is For People Who Have Lots Of Parties, But No Friends With Cameras

So here’s what you’re supposed to do: Nestle your Cybershot point-and-shoot atop the Party Shot motorised monopod, set a few parameters, and party hard. In theory, when you wake up, you’ll have a memory card full of semi-candid, Facebook-ready pictures.

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