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Recreate Your Favourite Calvin And Hobbes Comics With Tiny Snowman Molds

In the comics world, a little kid like Calvin can churn out a small army of miniature snowmen in a single afternoon. In reality, it takes a lot longer, and you’ll end up with a pair of freezing soaking wet gloves well before you’re finished. But if you have access to a 3D printer, you can make the process of building a tiny snowman army a lot easier with this simple plastic mould.

How Much Monetary Damage Did Calvin Cause In Calvin & Hobbes?

Calvin and Hobbes made a lot of mischief during their decade-long run — but just how much damage did they actually do? One intrepid superfan went through every single panel and tallied the total cost of their mayhem, from $2 cracked glass jars to $4798.83 to fix a flooded home.

Calvin & Hobbes' Creator Has Been Secretly Drawing This Comic Strip!

Holy crap! Calvin & Hobbes’ creator Bill Watterson has been secretly drawing a comic strip! Nobody knew it except Stephan Pastis, the author of Pearls Before Swine. You’re looking at his artwork right above these lines — the first two panels are drawn by the legendary cartoonist, the third by Pastis.

You Can Now Get Calvin And Hobbes As Ebooks

Words cannot express how giddily excited we are by this news: you can finally get Calvin and Hobbes ebooks for the first time. Goodbye, weekend.

What If Calvin And Hobbes Was… Gritty?

Part of the beauty and majesty of Bill Watterson’s classic Calvin and Hobbes is how childlike and innocent it all is. With the current penchant for “gritty” remakes of classics in Hollywood, what would happen if Calvin went that way?

Greatest Dad Ever Creates Calvin And Hobbes Nursery Complete With Tree Fort

Here’s a father that will make your heart melt in aww and a nursery that will make you want to go back to being a kid again. Screw real life, I want to grow up again with Calvin and Hobbes. Heck, I don’t care if I can even fit on the bed… I want to live in that room right now.

Best Thing Ever: Classic Calvin And Hobbes Scenes Animated Into GIFs

Short of a few seconds of homebrewed animations here and there, we’ve never seen Calvin and Hobbes animated. That’s fine — Bill Watterson’s panels are more lifelike than a kabillion hours of most shows — but seeing it done right is enough to make your eyes fall out from happiness.

Photoshopping Calvin And Hobbes Into Real Life Makes Me Really Happy

Here’s something that’ll brighten you up for your Monday morning: Calvin and Hobbes being spliced into real life photographs. I don’t know how many times I wished these guys existed in real life when I was young. Hell, I think I still do.

I'm A Tech Writer Thanks To This Calvin And Hobbes Comic Strip

I wasn’t supposed to be here today. Growing up, I was obsessed with dinosaurs and dreamed of becoming a paleontologist — the thought of sifting through heaps of stone and soil was far more enticing than fighting fires or learning Ninjutsu, my two fallback careers. But then Calvin’s dad went and blew my mind.

Calvin And Hobbes Search Engine Makes The World A Better Place

Rejoice, humans, for life just got a lot better thanks to a new wonder of the internet: the Calvin and Hobbes search engine!