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Buying Guide: Specs Your Child's Christmas Laptop Needs For School

Christmas shopping season is upon us, and that means deciding on the best presents for the people in your lives. If you’re a parent, it makes sense to consider a new laptop for your kids that can also serve them well in the new school year. Here are some important tips on what to look for…

Gizmodo Smartphone Buying Guide: Camera Features Compared

If you’re carrying your phone with you all day, chances are a time will come when you’ll want to take photos. Whether it’s for documenting your daily activities, taking gratuitous Instagram selfies, or just capturing a nice sunset, you want your phone to take the best photos possible.

Gizmodo Smartphone Buying Guide: Screen Size And Resolution Explained

If you walk into the store today to buy a smartphone, you’ll be assaulted with a barrage of different models, with wildly varying specifications and designs. If you want to know which phone is best for you, a good place to start is by picking the right screen size. Your smartphone screen is your main point of contact with it, so it makes sense to give it some serious thought.

Windows 8 Buyers Guide: Which Specs Are Most Important?

You already know what size of Windows 8 PC you want, but what are you going to put in it? More RAM? A bigger processor? Solid state storage? We’re here to explain a few things for you to help you get the best Windows 8 device for your money.

Windows 8 Ultimate Buyers Guide: Choosing The Right Form Factor

Tablet? Laptop? Convertible? Ultrabook? When you’re researching online or looking on the store shelves, you could be forgiven for feeling intensely overwhelmed by the amount of choice available to you. Thankfully, we’re here with the Ultimate Windows 8 Buyers Guide to help you make the right choice when it comes to your next laptop, tablet or portable.

Laptop Buying Guide 2012: How To Find The Right Laptop For You

Buying a laptop is all about spending the least amount of money, right? Not so fast. While the price you pay should be your final consideration, there are plenty of considerations to think about first.

The Best HDTVs You Can Buy In Every Category

It’s remarkably hard to buy a TV. Yearly updates skew identifiable model numbers, so even finding reviews on the product spam is tough. Luckily, HD Guru named names of their favourite TVs available now.