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Why We Always Want To Push The Big Red Button

Whatever you do, don’t press that button. It’s a trope that’s spanned pop culture for generations — and the real world, too. But where did this Big Red Button come from? And why does sick curiosity compel us to mash it down?

No Time To Sew? A Clip-On Button Is The Perfect Temporary Fix

Just because your collared shirt came with a couple of spare buttons hanging off a tag doesn’t mean you always have time to sew a replacement back on when the need arises. So an emergency replacement button that temporarily clips onto your shirt like a paperclip so you can quickly do it back up needs to exist — and, like, yesterday.

This Sticker Adds Four Customisable Buttons To Your Android Device

Most Android devices don’t have a physical home button like the iPhone or iPad, and while it reduces manufacturing costs and is one less thing to break, sometimes it’s nice to have that tactile feedback. So the Dimple goes above and beyond the call of duty with a set of four easy-to-install buttons that can be customised to do almost anything you want.

Oh Man, I Want This DIY Mission Control Desk So Badly

Jeff Highsmith is probably the best dad in the world. It’s OK, other dads, you can take a shot at the king if you too build an incredibly awesome mission control desk. What are you waiting for?

Add A Button To Any Android Phone With This Genius Headphone Jack Plug

Wish your Android phone had one more hardware button, maybe for the camera? Of course you do; hardware buttons are great. With up-and-Kickstartering gadget called Pressy, you can add one yourself at the cost of clogging one headphone jack.

Permanently Attach Your Shirt Buttons Without Needle Or Thread

Technically there are a lot of things more embarrassing than popping a shirt button when you’re out, but few things are as annoying. So instead of trying to re-attach it by ducking into a bathroom with an unruly needle and thread, these Tic fasteners provide an instant and permanent solution to the problem.

The Lowly Button Gets A Brilliant Upgrade

There should be a special Nobel Prize set aside for geniuses who find ways to improve the simplest things in life. And this year’s award would go to Shapeways user OliveBird, whose Button 2.0 turns any shirt into a convenient headphone wrangler.

How Many Buttons Do You Need On Your Phone?

Most phones — non-iPhones, of course — have a row of dedicated ‘hardware buttons’ that typically include some combination of home, search, menu and a back button. They make for convenient quick-access commands! But do you really need them all?

Fracking Now Legal In North Carolina, Because Lawmaker Pressed The Wrong Button

Technology is screwing up our voting system. It’s possible that technology just doesn’t belong in that process, isn’t it? At least, not until the technology is foolproof and failsafe.

Will Your Android Phone's Buttons Work With Ice Cream Sandwich?

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) has been the talk of Android town, and rightfully so: it looks like the most promising version yet. But considering it doesn’t require any physical buttons, how will your phone work once it’s upgraded?

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