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Is Amazon Secretly Flying Its Own Cargo Planes?

According to a report in Motherboard, there’s a secretive air freight business running in an old DHL facility in Wilmington. It’s impossible to say who is behind it, but as Kari Paul explains, Amazon would be a safe bet.

New US Company Lets You See Into Your Medical Future For Just $US25,000

Biotech visionary and entrepreneur Craig Venter, famous for inventing a technique to sequence his own genome back in the 1990s, has embarked on a new venture. For $US25,000, his startup Human Longevity will give you every possible futuristic medical test, potentially revealing your risk for Alzheimer’s.

PayPal's Two-Hour Outage Could Have Cost Tens Of Millions Of Dollars

Despite some slightly questionable practices, PayPal continues to be the best (or only) way for millions of online businesses to take your money. So an outage, even just a few hours long, can cost millions.

Dell Reported To Announce $68 Billion 'Biggest Deal In Tech' Soon

According to several reports, the ‘largest-ever technology merger’ is set to be announced within a day — and it’s between Dell and storage technology firm EMC, in a deal said to be worth over $68 billion.

Why You Should Care That Jack Dorsey Is The New CEO Of Twitter

In a move that should surprise exactly no one, Twitter’s board has named company co-founder Jack Dorsey the permanent CEO of Twitter. He has served as interim CEO after Dick Costello got the boot back in June.

Apple Sold A Ton Of New iPhones (Again)

Every year, without fail, Apple sells a ton of new iPhones. And every year, the company finds a way to spin the news into a press release about “a new record.” This year is no different: Apple sold 13 million iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models in three days. A new record!

Netflix Is Losing Big Movies Next Month, And Hulu Picked Them Right Up

Over the weekend, Netflix announced the service would be losing lots of big ticket blockbusters next month. Within hours, Hulu announced it would be scooping up those very movies. The streaming wars continue.

This Man Is About To Put A Robot In Your Pocket

What will it take for robots to become as common in our homes and daily lives as smartphones, TVs and computers? Ask roboticist Tomotaka Takahashi. The famous Tokyo professor aims to be “the Steve Jobs of robotics”, by moving away from technical specs and emphasising design, as well as pure bot charisma.

Tinder Swipes Left On Its CEO

Rejection is tough. Just a few days after Tinder lashed out in a choreographed and ill-advised Twitter attack over a silly magazine story about its app, the company has fired its short-lived CEO. Yes, Tinder’s now-former chief executive Chris Payne is having a tough week.

Google Creates Alphabet, A New Parent Company To Rule Them All

So you thought Google was a sprawling Silicon Valley entity with a frightening amount of power? Get a load of Alphabet: the web giant’s new parent.

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