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Netflix Is Losing Big Movies Next Month, And Hulu Picked Them Right Up

Over the weekend, Netflix announced the service would be losing lots of big ticket blockbusters next month. Within hours, Hulu announced it would be scooping up those very movies. The streaming wars continue.

This Man Is About To Put A Robot In Your Pocket

What will it take for robots to become as common in our homes and daily lives as smartphones, TVs and computers? Ask roboticist Tomotaka Takahashi. The famous Tokyo professor aims to be “the Steve Jobs of robotics”, by moving away from technical specs and emphasising design, as well as pure bot charisma.

Tinder Swipes Left On Its CEO

Rejection is tough. Just a few days after Tinder lashed out in a choreographed and ill-advised Twitter attack over a silly magazine story about its app, the company has fired its short-lived CEO. Yes, Tinder’s now-former chief executive Chris Payne is having a tough week.

Google Creates Alphabet, A New Parent Company To Rule Them All

So you thought Google was a sprawling Silicon Valley entity with a frightening amount of power? Get a load of Alphabet: the web giant’s new parent.

The Little-Known Robot Taxi That Could Outrun Google And Uber

By 2020, visitors landing in Tokyo for the Summer Olympics could be greeted by a fleet of self-driving taxis.

Japanese Cell Phone Companies Are Competing To Sell Robots, Too 

Here in the US, telecom giants like Verizon and AT&T fight for their share of customer data plans. But Japan’s own telecom outfits are embroiled in an additional head-to-head: selling robots.

Waiting In Line Sucks, And Google Wants To Help You Avoid It 

Your lunch break burrito bowl awaits, but avoiding the winding, noon-hour queue is an art. But soon, you’ll be able to work around those long lines on your grub-fetching quests — or at least anticipate them — using data from Google.

Sony Is Getting Into The Drone Business

Sony is making drones now, partnering with an autopilot technology startup to create a drone company called Aerosense. This might seem like a strange zag into an unfamiliar business for Sony, but it dovetails with the company’s mission to become a sensor powerhouse.

This Startup Melted Down After Its Workers Fought To Be Employees

Pour one out for home cleaning startup Homejoy, one of the first big casualties of the brewing fight between workers and “gig economy” apps like Uber and Taskrabbit.

Lil Wayne's Label Sues Tidal For 'Desperate And Illegal' Album Debut

Birdman has been busy. In addition to allegedly plotting to murder his former collaborator Lil Wayne, his record label Cash Money is suing Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service for putting out Lil Wayne’s most recent album without permission, according to TMZ.

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