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Microsoft Is Buying Keyboard Maker Swiftkey

Swiftkey is the most innovative and interesting predictive keyboard maker in the business, and Microsoft is a software giant that’s trying to push its artificial intelligence cred a little higher. It’s a match made in heaven.

It Cost Google $US1 Billion To Keep Its Search Bar On iPhones

Google’s search bar has been a fixture on Apple devices for years, something that’s always seemed counterintuitive, what with Android being iOS’s only real competitor. According to Bloomberg, Google’s search engine is only present because of a $US1 ($1) billion payment made to Apple in 2014.

Trump Says He Will Force Apple To Manufacture In The US Even Though That Makes Absolutely No Sense

US GOP presidential candidate and angry sweet potato Donald Trump claims he’ll be able to change Apple’s entire manufacturing system if he is elected president. I’ll give Trump this: He’s great at shouting impossible nonsense.

Why 2016 Will Be The Year Of E-Sports

2015 was by far the biggest year for professional video gaming, with 334 million people watching the championships for League of Legends, a multiplayer battle video game. Mix in bigger sponsors, more tech company money, better hardware, and virtual reality, and 2016 could be the year this phenomenon really takes off.

Toshiba Is Axing 6800 Staff In The Wake Of Huge Accounting Scandal

Earlier this year, it came to light that Toshiba had exaggerated its operating profits by $US1.2 billion over the past six years. Now, it looks set to report a staggering $US4.5 billion of losses — and cut 6800 jobs as a result.

Samsung Has A New Smartphone Boss

J.K. Shin, Samsung’s longtime head of mobile (and the boss who oversaw the company’s rise and fall as the Android kingpin), is moving on.

Is Amazon Secretly Flying Its Own Cargo Planes?

According to a report in Motherboard, there’s a secretive air freight business running in an old DHL facility in Wilmington. It’s impossible to say who is behind it, but as Kari Paul explains, Amazon would be a safe bet.

New US Company Lets You See Into Your Medical Future For Just $US25,000

Biotech visionary and entrepreneur Craig Venter, famous for inventing a technique to sequence his own genome back in the 1990s, has embarked on a new venture. For $US25,000, his startup Human Longevity will give you every possible futuristic medical test, potentially revealing your risk for Alzheimer’s.

PayPal's Two-Hour Outage Could Have Cost Tens Of Millions Of Dollars

Despite some slightly questionable practices, PayPal continues to be the best (or only) way for millions of online businesses to take your money. So an outage, even just a few hours long, can cost millions.

Dell Reported To Announce $68 Billion 'Biggest Deal In Tech' Soon

According to several reports, the ‘largest-ever technology merger’ is set to be announced within a day — and it’s between Dell and storage technology firm EMC, in a deal said to be worth over $68 billion.

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