How To Make A Delicious Mac And Cheese Bun Burger In Eight Steps

FoodBeast went to Muncheese Burger — in Torrance, California — to see how they make their delicious, gooey inside but crunchy outside mac and cheese burger buns. It’s not hard at all and they look so delicious. You only have to follow eight easy steps.

Can Anyone Really Eat This Insane Five-Patty Japanese Cheeseburger?

I always feel guilty eating plain double cheeseburgers, but after seeing the Tower Cheeseburger by Korean-Japanese fast food chain Lotteria, I won’t anymore. These people are crazy. And the real thing even looks crazier than this beauty marketing shot.

This Burger Is Illegal In Several Countries

Briefly: The Foie-ck A Duck, ladies and gentlemen: “Sous vide duck breast, encrusted in a smattering of peppercorns, smothered in a foie gras cognac cream sauce, and feathered with freshly sliced summer truffle.” I’m drooling so much right now — really, actual drool just came out of my mouth. I want this so badly.

This Crazy Pneumatic Tube System Will Deliver Burgers At 87 MPH

Waiter service too slow for you? How about a pneumatic tube that spits out sliders at 87 MILES PER HOUR? C One Espresso, a cafe in Christchurch, New Zealand, has concocted just such a plan to deliver mini-burgers straight to your table via pressurised air.

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