This Anti-Bullet Wall Can Stop Bullets From Penetrating And Ricocheting

Somehow a wall filled with these hard ceramic balls is bulletproof. It stops bullets from penetrating through the wall and even prevents bullets from ricocheting off the wall too. It’s basically the best shield against a gun we have.

The Simple Maths Of Why Smaller Bullets Are Deadlier

The long range rifle has been around since the 19th century, a short 100 years after Daniel Bernoulli published his book, Hydrodynamica, on the relationship between pressure and potential energy (or speed) of a fluid. The gist of his principle relates an increase in speed of a fluid to a decrease in pressure. Using this with the venturi effect that states the velocity of a fluid increases as the cross sectional area decreases provides the key to projectile ballistics.

This Simple Invention Seals Gunshot Wounds In 15 Seconds Flat

To stop bleeding, apply pressure — with tiny sponges. A group of veterans, scientists, and engineers in Oregon have a developed a device that uses small medical sponges to stop bleeding from gunshot wounds in just 15 seconds.

Cross-Section Bullets Are Interesting Things... For Something That Could Kill You

When they aren’t being fired at or around you, ammunition can be interesting. We’ve already seen the striking visuals of exploding bullets trapped in plexiglass, but photographer Sabine Pearlman found a different, but equally awesome bullet-photography approach: cutting them in half.

Exploding Bullets Frozen In Plexiglass Are Terrifyingly Beautiful

Just because a piece of glass might claim to be “bulletproof” doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s actually, well, bulletproof. But if your bullet-resistant glass is sturdy enough, that speeding bullet will usually just end up lodged in layers of polycarbonate. That’s what intrigues photographer Deborah Bay.

Fear Not! These Official Zombie Bullets Will Save Us From The Apocalypse

Hey, I know the Zombiepocalypse has your undies all in a bunch, but you can relax! Unbunch, because ammunition manufacturer Hornady has a line of lime-green bullets specially designed to kill your zombie dead — or whatever the equivalent of killing an undead thing would be.

What Is This?

Is this scorched protrusion a robot genital wart? A satellite fragment? A melting CPU? Keep guessing!

How To Take Badass Muzzle Flash Photos

Destin over at the Smarter Every Day video blog has done it again. This time he shows you gun lovers how to take incredible photos of muzzle flashes. The rig he’s built has impeccable timing, and the results are amazing.

Use A 50-Calibre Bullet To Open Your Silver Bullet

Like beer?! Like guns?! Let this bottle opener made from a real 50-calibre bullet casing serve as a token of your love for ‘Merica. Don’t just tap the Rockies; rip through it with the biggest bullet $US20 can buy. [Cool Material]

This Bullet From The Future Flies Itself

What’s that ghostly trail in the air? A bullet, flying and turning on its way to nail a target nearly 2km away. This is science fiction — four inches long and launched from the barrel of a gun.