The Complicated And Fascinating Life Of Farming Leafcutter Ants

Here’s an interesting look at the life of leafcutter ants, the tiny little farmers of the world. They cut off the leaves of trees and essentially use it to farm the fungus they need to feet their little ant colony. It’s an impressive undertaking, carrying the leaves as they do is the equivalent of humans carrying more than 600 pounds with our teeth.

What In The Monster Hell Is This Scary, Bright Green And Pink Gooey Worm?

It’s just not right. Adult humans should not have to fear monsters. But how in the world will the world ever sleep again after knowing that this terrifying radiator fluid-looking worm goo thing exists? Can humanity survive after seeing this? Just look at the sludge bug shoots out its pink dart, and you’ll only dream nightmares for the rest of your life.

NASA Has A Fix For The Billion-Dollar Problem Of Splattered Bug Guts

NASA’s been studying the way bugs splatter for years. Those gooey speckles of black and red might be gross to you, but to aerospace engineers, they’re a riddle that’s plagued the industry for decades. Yes, bug guts.

A Simple Message Can Crash Skype So Badly You Need To Reinstall It

A new bug appears to crash Skype when a short string of text is sent as a message across the service — and the effects are so bad that it requires a reinstall to get things working hitch-free again.

Awesome Time Lapse Shows The Entire Transformation Of Bees As They Hatch

Watch bees hatch right before your eyes in this stunningly clear time lapse that tracks the growth from larva to pupa to the full grown bee. You can see the entire transformation from nearly transparent organisms that swim around in fluid to hairy bees with lots of colour. It’s really stunning.

Wolf Spiders Play Leaf-Vibrating Songs To Attract Mates

Wolf spiders are deaf — they don’t have the right structures for hearing. However, they are very good at sensing other kinds of vibrations, and they use this ability to communicate. One species of wolf spider plays songs on dead leaves to attract mates.

These Eerie Millipedes Glow In The Dark Because Of Stress

We all have our own different coping mechanisms when it comes to stress. A nice walk outside. A cold beer. A punching bag. Blowing up at your friends. And glowing in the dark. What? Scientists believe that these millipedes evolved to glow in the dark to deal with stress (and to let predators now that they’re packing toxic cyanide).

What's The Craziest Computer Bug You've Ever Encountered?

System errors and software glitches appear without warning to mess with our workflows. If you work in tech, it’s often on you to fix ‘em. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen?

Moths Rub Their Genitals Together To Jam Bat Sonar

Some species of moth can produce ultrasonic emissions that confuse echolocating bats, and they do it by rubbing their sex organs together.

Watch A Terrifying Worm Bug Thing Shoot Out A Spiderman-esque Web Goo

I no longer want to live in this world anymore because I don’t want to share it with this utterly terrifying ribbon worm that has the ability to spit out an even more terrifying web-shaped goo. The way the substance stretches across that person’s hand just makes me want to never ever go outside again.