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The Cool Trick Beetles Use To Breathe Underwater Like Scuba Divers

You see that bubble attached to the beetle? That’s basically an air tank that the beetle uses so that it can breathe underwater. Because they’re so small, they can use water’s surface tension to trap air in bubbles on their body so they can swim under water without having to constantly come up for air. Other beetles can trap air even cooler, like a force field around their entire body that acts as a space suit of sorts.

Scientific Study: Victoria's Secret Perfume Is Actually Mosquito Repellent

A group of scientists wanted to find the most effective mosquito repellents. So they tested 10 different substances, including campout standbys like DEET, as well as a random choice: Victoria’s Secret perfume Bombshell. Turns out the perfume is almost as good as DEET.

It's More Nutritious For You To Eat A Bug Than A Steak

So, what are you having for dinner tonight? Some grilled chicken? Yet another steak? Allow us to change your mind.

This Hot Sauce Is Made With Giant Ants And Termites

Hot sauce is one of those universal truths that different cultures from all over the world have realised is so completely awesome. Everybody has their own preference and people use different peppers and make their hot sauce at varying levels of spice and heat but all hot sauce is good. Even this hot sauce made with giant ants and termites, I’m sure.

Seeing A Ladybug Take Flight In Slow Motion 

Video: This is just so cool. I love how the dotted red shells split and then the wings slowly swing out and then begin to flap and the ladybug takes flight like some sophisticated alien space ship that’s ready to swarm together. It’s also really cool to see this angle of a ladybug taking flight because it’s so different than the overview look we typically get.

We've Identified Those Bugs Infesting Burning Man, And It's Not Pretty

Yesterday, Burning Man organisers revealed the truth: The annual desert arts festival is infested with bugs. Swarms of them. Piles of them. What are they? Why has nobody ever seen them before, in over two decades of building mega-party spaces in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert? We found out.

Burning Man Riddled With Brutal Pest Infestation 

Burning Man, favourite summertime gathering place for Silicon Valley’s VC-funded shirtless mollybros, is combatting a large-scale pest infestation at its popup city, Blackrock City, Nevada. Crawling over every surface, biting, sowing mayhem and discontent, the scourge of pestilence has proven damn near impossible to banish from the once-peaceful windswept playa.

The Worst Bugs In Windows 10 And How To Fix Them

If you dived in the Windows 10 deep end, you might not have a smooth and seamless experience. Nowadays every piece of software seems to be a work-in-progress, and Microsoft’s newest operating system is no different.

How To Change A Blank Account Picture In Android Lollipop

If you’ve made the upgrade to Android Lollipop then one minor annoyance you might have come across is a blank avatar at the top of the quick settings drawer and everywhere else accounts are listed in the mobile OS. You don’t have to settle for this anonymous silhouette, but it’s kind of tricky to change.

The Complicated And Fascinating Life Of Farming Leafcutter Ants

Here’s an interesting look at the life of leafcutter ants, the tiny little farmers of the world. They cut off the leaves of trees and essentially use it to farm the fungus they need to feet their little ant colony. It’s an impressive undertaking, carrying the leaves as they do is the equivalent of humans carrying more than 600 pounds with our teeth.

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