These Decoy Insects Zap The Nasty Bugs That Try To Mate With Them

As they say, sex has consequences, even for male beetles. In their quest to eradicate an invasive beetle, scientists have created “femme fatale” decoys that lure the males in and zap ‘em dead — just as the unsuspecting males think they might be getting it on.

Apple Needs A Bug Bounty Program

Twitter just launched a bug bounty program. That’s a smart move, and it’s a move Apple should watch. Any big tech company that offers software should also offer a bug bounty program to protect it. Now is the perfect time to understand the value of giving hackers a reason to help.

Watch Ants Work Together Beautifully To Bring Food Home

Video: It’s always incredible to see ants work as a team by stringing their bodies together like a rope to pull something much heavier back home. It looks a lot like what us humans would do when we’re trying to move something big. Ants, they’re just like us!

This Gross Glob Is Actually Thousands Of Larvae Swarming Together

Video: What’s more gross than a fungus gnat larva? Thousands of fungus gnat larva swarming together to look like a giant blob snake. From afar, it just looks like a rotten log or snake trying to slide by on the sidewalk but when you get up close, the horror, the horror.

These Scorpions Are Probably Hiding In Your Bookcase

If you have old vintage books, you may have some book scorpions in your bookcase. Actually, you really should want to have them, even if they look scary and gross. Book scorpions protect your old books — they love to munch on the book lice that eat the glue which holds old books together.

Drawing Lines With A Pen Can Magically Control Bugs

Video: I’ve always wondered what some bugs are actually aware of. Can they see what’s happening above them? Do they realise when we’re screwing with them? Or can they only make 2D decisions in a 3D world? Like this guy shepherding a bug on a piece of paper by just drawing lines with a pen.

How And Why Your Computer Crashes

Despite technology constantly improving, there’s one eternal truth in computing: your computer can and will crash, probably at the most inconvenient point. But why is that? And why is it still a problem?

How To Take Eye-Popping Pictures Of Tiny Bugs

Alex Wild is an entomologist. He’s also an amazing photographer who’s become famous for his highly detailed, almost too vivid, sometimes alien-looking photography of bugs. And recently he revealed how he does it.

This Insect Farm Grows Fly Larvae For Your Dinner

They’re safer than fish, healthier than beef and cheaper than chicken — bugs: they’re what’s for dinner. To help get a few more of these insects into our diets, a forward-looking designer has built the Fly Factory, a system for breeding fly larvae for human consumption.

Oh God, This Giant Fused Hornet's Nest Looks Like It Swallowed A Human

When you let bugs run wild inside a shed for years, you never know what you’re gonna get. Like this hornet’s nest that fused together with a wooden statue to look like a sand creature swallowing a trapped human head. It’s haunting.

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