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Brookstone And Indiegogo Are Teaming Up To Fill The World With More Novelty Gadgets

Brookstone, the brick-and-mortar retailer of mass-market novelty gadgets, and Indiegogo, the second-string crowdfunding platform with very few guidelines, are teaming up to try to bring the ideas of inexperienced inventors to your junk drawer.

Fitbit's Upcoming Smartwatch Basically Confirmed In Pre-Order Page

Fitbit’s Surge smartwatch has already been leakedwhat feels like a million times, but we now know pretty much all the remaining details, thanks to a pre-order page that hangs every last detail out to dry.

Everyone's A Master Bartender With This App-Connected Drink Scale

You’ve mastered opening your guest’s beers with your bare hands, but what about when a dinner party calls for something a little more sophisticated? You can try you hand as an amateur mixologist, hoping you’ve got the proportions right for the perfect cocktail. Or wait for Brookstone’s new Perfect Drink system that guarantees precise pours.

Nectar Fuel Cell Charger Confirms The Sad Truth: Batteries Are Still Cheaper

One day, fuel cells may very well be a cheap source of power for all of our electronics. But that day isn’t here yet, and from the looks of things, isn’t arriving anytime soon. A company called Lilliputian Systems has hooked up with Brookstone to create another fuel cell charger called the Nectar that promises to fully top off a smartphone from 10 to 14 times with a single recyclable cartridge, but at a premium.

Handheld Wet/Dry Vac Is So Convenient, You'll Spill Something Just To Use It

It might not be as futuristic looking as Dyson’s space-age vacuums, but this compact handheld wet/dry vac from Brookstone is a far easier way to clean up spills and crumbs than hauling out that mess of hoses and attachments.

iConvert Scanner Dock Lets Your iPad Wrangle Receipts

A scanner can be a useful tool for road warriors, but travelling with one of those all-in-one office machines is just impractical. Instead, consider the svelte iConvert which easily stashes in your carry-on and digitises documents directly into your iPad.

Brookstone's Pocket Projector iPhone Case Adds More Than Just Bulk

Smartphone displays are not great for sharing, at least with a large group of people. So the combination of phones and miniature projectors was an inevitable pairing, I just wish the results weren’t so clunky.

UCrown 2 Massage Helmet Is Not A Prop From The Last Starfighter

I can’t tell if the OSIM uCrown 2 really is a head massage device, a practical joke, an attempt to reinvent 1980s electronics styling, or some twisted mixture of all three. Also, there was a uCrown 1?

Talking Photo Ball Reminds How Family Has Wronged You

Brookstone’s Talking Photo Ball is the perfect gadget for those of us who’ve always dreamt of putting our family and friends into a ball and recording personal voice memos about them. The gadget is simple to use; place 4 pictures in the various slots around the ball, record any message you’d like — as long as its 15 seconds long — and voila, your emotional attachment to each individual is placed in a succinct voice memo.

Once recorded, the ball will play your message every time you press one of the pictures or turn the whole gadget. It retails for $15 dollars at Brookestone and acts as an especially good reminder of how your family and friends have wronged you. [ChipChick via Brookstone]

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