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Telstra To Stream Every AFL Match Live On NextG And T-Box

AFL fans should get ready to enjoy a wild slather of live broadcasts, as Channel Seven, Foxtel and Telstra today announce that they have joined forces to broadcast every match live all over the country through a variety of media. The most notable is the inclusion of a digital streaming inclusion that will see all matches streamed live over NextG to mobiles and tablets.

Why You Can't Get Foxtel On Xbox Outside Foxtel Broadcast Areas

There has been a real undercurrent of discontent from people who live outside the Foxtel broadcast area wanting to get access to the Foxtel on Xbox service. So we asked Foxtel why this was the case. Here’s their answer:

SBS Considering 3D Broadcasts For The FIFA World Cup

One of the biggest hurdles for the upcoming release of 3D televisions in Australia is the lack of content. Sure, there’ll be a handful of 3D Blu-ray discs, but Foxtel aren’t planning on doing anything until next year, and the free to air networks are struggling enough with the concept of high definition, let alone 3D. Except that last part may not be true… According to Lara Sinclair in the Australian, SBS is looking into the possibility of broadcasting the FIFA World Cup in 3D later this year.

First White Spaces Broadband Trial Spreads Wi-Fi Via Broadcast TV

The NAB has been battling white spaces networks for years, but the technology that repurposes unused TV spectrum as a Wi-Fi signal is finally getting a trial period in Claudville, Virginia.

How Live HD TV Is Made: A Look Inside Sony's Outside Broadcast Vans

From the outside, it looks like a regular truck: Your typical Isuzu chassis with a van on the back. If you drove past it on the road, you’d barely notice it. But when you step inside, it’s a wonderland of dials, knobs, screens and buttons – a technological nerdgasm – and it’s what makes your coverage of live sports events so entertaining. And yesterday at SMPTE09, I got to take a look inside two custom trucks built especially for Thoroughbred Racing Productions (TRP).

The Aliens Of Star Iota Horologii Are Just Watching Captain Kangaroo

When our broadcasts leave Earth, they slowly travel into space. There is, however, a sizable delay between what we watch and what distant aliens watch. This convenient chart shows us what TV various stars are receiving today. [AbstruseGoose via TDW]

Advertising During The Simpsons More Expensive On Hulu Than TV

We’ll laugh at this headline in the not so distant future, but for the first time, buying a 30-second ad during a Fox broadcast of The Simpsons costs less than buying the same ad on Hulu.

Digital TV Transition Starts Today in Wilmington, NC: Let's See Who Freaks Out

As most of you know, commercial analogue TV in this country will become all but extinct on February 17th 2009. However, the digital revolution begins today in Wilmington NC. Basically, the town and its 197,760 TV-watching households will serve as guinea pigs for the nationwide rollout. The town has been bombarded with information about the switch, but the powers that be will be watching closely to see what unfolds. Will throngs of old people run screaming into the streets when Wheel of Fortune goes black? We will just have to wait and find out. [TVWeek]

TiVo Auto-Delete Flag Returns (Thank God It Was Only Star Trek)

In case you didn’t already know, broadcasters can slip “flags” into TV shows telling your DVR to not record it or to delete it when it hits an expiration date. TiVo users last had a run-in with the auto-delete flag a couple years ago (Media Centre users had a more recent taste), but it looks like it’s back and haunting Star Trek fans.

Flixwagon Broadcasts Video from Any iPhone

Steve Jobs didn’t mention video features for the iPhone 3G or the new iPhone OS 2.0 but, thankfully, developers are working hard on it. Flixwagon has now created the first-ever video broadcast client for any iPhone. Just open the application, point the camera, and start transmitting video over the web.

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