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These Are The Tech Issues The Major Parties Will Have To Address This Election

With just over a month to go before Australia’s federal election, you’re going to be hearing a lot from every side on the economy, negative gearing, health and the environment. But anyone who reads Gizmodo is going to have be listening for answers to Australia’s most pressing tech questions — and ACCAN has identified the five most pressing issues prioritised by tech-minded Aussies.

Google Is Giving Internet To Cuba

Cuba is one of the least digitally connected nations in the world. But Barack Obama has announced that Google will start providing the island nation with internet service.

Foxtel Announces Unlimited Broadband Bundles

After 12 months of offering broadband and home phone bundles, Foxtel today announced the launch of its new Unlimited broadband and home phone bundles.

Internode Now Has Just One 1000GB Naked Plan... That Comes With A Catch

In December last year, Internode switched from a tiered plan structure to a single option for its naked broadband offering — 1000GB for $69.99. While a massive shift from Internode’s modus operandi, it syncs with quasi-owner iiNet’s plans, so no real surprises there. However, current Internode users looking to change their plans, it does come with a caveat — all content is metered.

How To Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems

It’s a heart-wrenching moment when your web browser reports that it’s no longer connected to the internet. But there’s no reason to panic: We’ve distilled the troubleshooting process into five easy steps. Keep this list close by in case your internet suddenly breaks (or pass it on to friends and family the next time they call on your assistance).

Google Rolls Out Free Gigabit Ethernet To Public Housing Locations

High-speed internet is improving across the US, but not everyone is experiencing the same level of improvement. Google wants to help solve that problem, albeit in a highly limited fashion.

Cuba Is Finally Getting Home Broadband

Cuba is one of the least-connected nations in the world. But yesterday its state telecommunications company announced that it was launching the first domestic broadband scheme in Havana.

Six Ignorant US Senators Want To Slow Down High-Speed Internet

Last year the FCC had the US rejoicing when it upped the minimum requirements for broadband from 4Mbps to 25Mbps. It meant that many internet service providers could no longer classify their service as broadband. So while it didn’t instantly improve speeds, it did shame ISPs and cost them in the tax breaks and grants that come with this classification.

A Dumb Typo Saw An ISP Penalise The Wrong Guy For Heavy Data Usage

When a programmer from Tennessee returned home off vacation, he found US ISP Comcast hassling him for using 120GB of data while he was away from home. But it turns out that a simple typo in Comcast’s records was what saw him copping the blame for someone else’s data habit.

What Happens In A World Ruled By Broadband Monopolies

An entire town in northern Canada just lost its internet. Not for a few minutes. Not even for a few hours. The area’s one and only internet service provider went out of business, and now the town of Stewart, British Columbia will be without internet for months.

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