ACMA Busts Dodo For Not Sending Data Usage Alerts

So here’s a concrete example of how data charges are still a problem: the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has issued a formal warning to frequently-troubled provider Dodo for failing to send data usage alerts to its customers.

Another Step Forward For The NBN As Fixed Wireless Switched On In SA

Almost 1000 homes and businesses in rural South Australia are able to access (relatively) high-speed Internet for the first time, after the first fixed wireless components of the NBN were recently switched on in areas south of Adelaide.

The FCC Is Trying To Do Something Good For Once

In a blog post, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler recently promised the American people that his agency will intervene if more states pass laws that limit community broadband networks. It’s a nice promise. But remember: It’s just a promise.

Streaming TV Will Dominate The Internet In Five Years

80 per cent of Internet traffic in 2018 will be IPTV, with nearly a million minutes of video being consumed every second. Add on peer-to-peer file sharing and video on demand services, according to Cisco, and up to 90 per cent of everything going on on the Internet will be some form of online video.

Report: Cable Cos Funding Consumer Campaigns To Attack Net Neutrality

Cable companies are rattled over public demand for net neutrality. But VICE believes that they have it so bad that they’re funding consumer groups to rally against a democratic internet.

NBN Wrap: What Happened With Australia's Broadband This Week?

This week, NBN got some new high-ranking staff, a larger trial of the preferred fibre to the node tech was announced, almost 200,000 premises have hooked up to the ‘net through NBN, and over 100,000 more need more work done to get there.

NBN Co Updates Its Rollout Maps To Include Pre-Build Info

NBN Co has updated its rollout map with more information around the nationwide construction process for the National Broadband Network. The new maps include a ‘build preparation’ category, denoting areas where contractors are readying pits and pipes in suburbs for the imminent rolling of fibre optic network cable. Don’t put too much faith in the maps, though — even apparently completed areas don’t guarantee your house is connected to the NBN.

The Australian Sex Party's Budget Response On The NBN: 'For F**k's Sake'

The Australian Sex Party’s crowd-funding for its 2014 Federal Budget response video raised $16,500, with over 150 donors. It takes aim at retirement pension age raises, the $7 Medicare copayment, handouts for school chaplains and the rising price of university places, but its most concise and most cutting target is the Liberal Party’s scaled-back NBN.

The Moon's Internet Connection Is Probably Faster Than Yours

Not happy with your internet speeds? Worried about it getting worse? There’s a simple solution: Just move to the moon. Researchers just beamed Wi-Fi there, and the connection is probably faster than anything you have in your neighbourhood.

iiNet Is Building Australia's Largest Public Wi-Fi Network In Canberra

Australia’s number two ISP, iiNet, has been picked by the ACT government to build the country’s largest free Wi-Fi network, spanning 12 business districts throughout Canberra. More than 700 individual wireless access points will be distributed across those areas, blanketing high-traffic areas with free public wireless access.