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Strikingly Beautiful Pictures Show The Horrors Of The BP Oil Spill

Seattle-based photographer Daniel Beltrá took these images by for the book Spill. They’re beautiful, perfectly crafted shots despite their horrible — and gut-wrenching to the point of nausea — subject matter: The 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP CEO Thinks Last Year Was Almost The Company's Best

Ah man, don’t you hate those days where everything goes totally right except for when you, I dunno, step in a puddle? BP CEO Bob Dudley feels like that about BP in 2010, except his “puddle” was an environmental armageddon.

Burning The Oil In The Gulf Of Mexico

With BP closing its book on the oil spill disaster, we’re left to repair the damage – and look at Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky’s dramatic photos from the last few months, including the Q4000’s oil flaring. [Burtynsky via DesignBoom]

BP's Oil Spill Report Lays Blame On 'Multiple Companies And Work Teams'

After five months of investigations, soul-searching and naval-gazing, BP’s released its report today summarising exactly how a catastrophe such as their Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster could have occurred. And it’s a doozy.

BP Sand Shark Hunts Tarball Prey On Devastated Gulf Coast Beaches

Meet the Sand Shark. Unveiled this week on the sands of Alabama, this imperfect tool is perhaps the best weapon yet against the oily disaster BP has wrought against the Gulf coast. Updated.

Using Power Plant Waste To Clean Up The Gulf

How are we going to clean up the Gulf oil mess? Easy. With waste material from power plants, of course. Oh, and it’s a certifiably eco-friendly method. That’s right: We’re finally getting a real-life toxic avenger.

Watch BP's Latest Attempt To Plug The Oil Spill

After a containment cap didn’t work all that well, BP’s making yet another attempt to plug the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf. This time it involves a lot of mud and cement. And you can watch.

X Prize Offers $US1m For Oil Clean-Up Solution

The X Prize Foundation, which spurs scientific and technological innovation with the greatest of incentives – a big pile of money – hopes we’ll have a significantly improved method for cleaning oil by this time next year. The carrot: a cool million.

Ultraviolet Spotlight Reveals Oil Spill At Its Most Psychedelic

The oil disaster in the Gulf has produced some profoundly distressing imagery, from photographs of oil-soaked animals to satellite shots of the slick’s sprawling tendrils. But these are a little bit different.

"Critical Alarm System" Turned Off Before Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Explosion

BP knew about the Deepwater Horizon oil rig’s safety risks a year ago. So, naturally, the “critical alarm system” that would’ve warned workers bad things are happening was intentionally disabled before the explosion that took down the rig.

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