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Clear Fast Track Airport Security Is No More

Allowing people to quickly hop through airport security with a TSA-verified biometric “fast passes,” Clear had great idea on their hands. Sadly, as of yesterday, their freeflowing security lanes will be closed.

AT&T MMS Delay May Be Due To Opt-Out Codes

According to BGR, the reason AT&T isn’t going to be ready with MMS at launch is not because of any new pricing plan—it’s because of Opt-Out MMS codes.

Real Cost of iPhone 3GS: About $118 More Than You Think

It’s hardly been in the open for 3 hours and already the 3GS is incurring wrath among iPhone devotees: An upgrade may cost you $US399 for the 32GB or $US299 for the 16GB, if you’re not eligible for a new plan.

Vizio Unveils a Whopping 31 New HDTVs

Vizio’s been awfully busy since we last heard from them, updating three product lines with a total of 31 new HDTVs. The XVT series are more high-end, the M series is more about style, and the E is eco-friendly.

Roku Getting Hulu? Playboy Says So

Our buddy Dave Zatz stumbled across an article in the current Playboy that revealed that Hulu would soon appear on the Roku digital video player, which already carries Netflix and Amazon VOD. Our guess is, it’s a solid statement from Roku, but not fully concrete till Hulu confirms it. [ZatzNotFunny]

Kindle DX Ships June 10 For $US489

The $US489, 9.7-inch Amazon Kindle DX is shipping June 10. Amazon’s filling pre-orders first, so those people who got really excited early on get them before everyone else. [Amazon]

Verizon CEO: We're Getting the Palm Pre, Storm 2 Within 6 Months

The Palm Pre will be exclusive to Sprint for a weirdly short six months, after which the handset will show up on Verizon, according to CEO Lowell McAdam. They’ll also get the Storm 2 at about the same time.

Samsung's 240Hz HDTV Is the Best LCD Around

HD Guru just scored the first review with the $US3,200 46-inch Samsung UN46B8000. It’s an LED-backlit LCD that measures just over an inch thick and refreshes images at 240Hz. HD Guru loved the display, calling it the best LCD ever.

After a Short Break, TiVo Gets Back To Losing All Its Money

First quarter results are in for TiVo, and they’re not great: revenue is down 9% from the same quarter last year, forcing the company to report a hefty loss just a few months after recording their first year of profitability, ever.

Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Knows Stuff About Computers

Pundits have framed President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, as a judicial equivalent to her predecessor. Not quite: Justice Souter is a proud luddite who has never owned a computer. Sotomayor, on the other hand, is a nerd.

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