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A Hot Breakfast Looks Even More Delicious Under A Thermal Camera

Video: Scrape out your eye boogers because even the most quotidian breakfast foods look like incredible NASA photos through a thermal camera.

Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

Personally, I need breakfast. Almost every morning, I wake up early feeling hungry, and it’s only once I banish my morning hunger that I’m ready to fire. By mid-morning, I take a break and enjoy a snack.

I’ve used a personal anecdote because it’s likely that eating breakfast – or skipping it – may simply reflect a personal preference for timing food intake. Not everyone enjoys eating first thing in the morning. But your first choice of foods may contribute to an overall healthy diet.

Bacon, Egg And Cheese Pizza Is A Great Excuse To Eat Pizza For Breakfast

Video: What would you say about eating a breakfast sandwich on a pizza? Sizzling bacon, a runny egg and perfectly melted cheese on top of pizza dough. Maybe add mushrooms and chives if you’d like. How can you say no? I know I couldn’t. Even if there’s no tomato sauce, I’d eat the heck out of this breakfast pizza every morning.

There's A Restaurant In Melbourne That Serves Exclusively Cereal

There’s nothing better than cereal for dinner. You get home after a massive day and pour yourself a delicious bowl of corn flakes to rip into. Clearly, Bryan Robertson thinks so too. He’s the man behind Cereal Anytime: a restaurant opening in Melbourne that plans on serving nothing but cereal all-day, everyday.

Watch Kids Get Grossed Out By Breakfast Foods From Around The World

Video: Kids are cute and also hilariously picky eaters, so they’re pretty perfect for this experiment by Cut Video that makes them eat different breakfast foods from all across the world. It’s fun to see how they react and also interesting to see what different countries eat for breakfast.

How To Cook Breakfast Over A Campfire Like A Pro

Forget instant oatmeal, in the outdoors you should be eating like a king. Here’s how to cook the breakfast of bearded champions: bacon, eggs and fried potatoes over a campfire.

A Magic Pancake Stacking Robot Machine Is Why Technology Exists

You can have your iPhones and iPads and Androids and laptops and smart watches and Google Glass and fitness trackers and wearables. Have it. Take it all away. I only want this magic pancake stacking robot in my life. It’s the only reason we invented technology.

This Grapefruit Sectioner Might Be The Most Specific Kitchen Gadget

No longer do those wanting to eat healthy at breakfast have to live in fear of the backlash from the grapefruit they’re digging into. This Citrus Sectioner replaces your spoon with a purpose-built contraption that safely and easily removes a wedge from your favourite morning fruit — minus any geysers of blinding juice.

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Video: Kid Slaps Brother Across Face With iPad Probably fake, but it does entertain, if you like a spot of gadget violence.

Microsoft Celebrates IE6′s Death With T-Shirts Ooh, want.

How Classic Rock Can Guarantee You A Perfectly Boiled Egg Possibly the greatest gadget ever conceived.

File Sharing Is Now An Official Religion In Sweden Wow. Just wow.

If You’re Not Apple, You Need To Stop With The iNames This is fairly obvious, but it’s surprising it took this long for someone to say.

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