Breakfast Wrap

Breakfast Wrap: Monday Night's Top Stories

The New Hobbit Movie Teaser Trailer Looks Freaking Amazing The first trailer for the last Hobbit film.

Two New Mysterious Giant Holes Found In Siberia, Scientists Puzzled It’s not the work of humans, but it doesn’t look natural either.

A New Pure Lithium Battery Could Double Your Phone’s Life Awesome. Because mine can’t get through a working day without dying.

These Light Paintings Show How Wi-Fi Swirls And Shifts Around You So shoving your arm out in all directions in hopes of a better signal works!

Australian Hackers Build An ATM That Plays Doom Hey, cool, you have an ATM. Wait a minute.

Breakfast Wrap: Thursday Night's Top Stories

New Video Of Mysterious Giant Siberian Hole Filmed By Investigation Team If it’s not a sinkhole, and it’s not a meteorite…

Welp, There Go Your Dreams Of Android On A Nokia Phone It just wasn’t meant to be.

Five Things You’ll Never See Posted On Social Media Well, we’re certainly not going to start posting them now.

Watch A Boeing 787 Dreamliner Pull Some Crazy Stunts It can do more than take people from place to place, you know.

The FBI’s Worried That Self-Driving Cars Could Be Turned Into Weapons Because the human-driven ones are totally safe.

Breakfast Wrap: Monday Night's Top Stories

There’s A New Material That’s So Black You Can’t See It I really feel the urge to stick my hand in it.

New Old Spice Mandroid Ads Hilariously Embrace The Uncanny Valley Smell amazing, look stupid.

The UK Is Getting A Spaceport Too You can see Scotland’s tourism industry drooling already.

What Google Play Looks Like When Material Design Leaks In I’m not so sure I like the whole floating cards thing.

Why The British Don’t Refrigerate Eggs Oh. I guess I’ve been doing it wrong.