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It's Time To Stop With The Ridiculous Camera Lens Gadgets

If you hang with a tech-minded crew, a high-end DSLR with a giant telephoto lens is definitely an object of lust and envy you’re going to want to show off. And when Canon handed out those telephoto lens thermoses at the Olympics a few years ago, of course photographers and gadget aficionados went nuts over them. But enough is enough.

Bluetooth Keyboard With Backup Battery, Or Is It The Other Way Around?

The chicken or the egg? This multifunctional smartphone accessory has mysterious origins. Did someone slap a backup battery on a mediocre Bluetooth keyboard as a redeeming feature, or was a Bluetooth keyboard added to a backup battery for added value and more incentive to carry it around?

Built-In Projector Actually Makes This Media Player Even Worse

Desperately clinging to a product category that smartphones have all but wiped out, this tiny media player has its sights set on the iPod Shuffle. It hopes to take some market share with a built-in projector that only succeeds in making this device even worse.

Is This The Worst Gadget Of The Year So Far?

There’s still over four and a half months left in 2012, but Brando’s new Retro Mobile MP3 Player could very well have already clinched the title of the year’s worst gadget. It’s a crappy AM/FM radio and MP3 player, and its only redeeming feature is that it’s shaped like a retro mobile phone.

Desktop Missile Launcher Puts Firing Control On Your iPhone

You’ve probably seen remote-controlled dart launchers all over the place, but this updated version transfers launch control from your PC to an iOS device using Bluetooth, letting you play Khrushchev by putting the launcher wherever you like.

Giant Glowing Mouse Is Sure To Make You The Prince Of Pranks

Can you imagine the look on your co-worker’s face when they discover you’ve swapped their regular mouse with this hi-larious giant alternative from crapfactory Brando? You’ll be a pranking genius? Or a complete and utter fool for wasting $US20 on this.

These Brand New Portable Speakers Look Broken

The speaker cones on a brand new set of speakers — even cheap ones like these — shouldn’t look like that. Nope that’s definitely wrong. I hope it’s fixable. Someone at Brando Workshop is going to get fired.

These Cute But Unlicensed Pac-Man Ghost Lamps Are Just $10

These USB ghosts are retro-tastically cute, illuminating and completely unlicensed, which is probably why I have the sneaking suspicion lawyers, somewhere, have already fired up whatever software they use to create legal docs.

A Mouse Made For Drug Dealers

What kind of person needs a scale in their mouse? A small-time hustler, obviously. Brando’s mouse offers a kind of discrete simplicity that any drug dealer could appreciate.

Now You Can 'Birdwatch' Using A Telescope Lens For The iPad 2!

Wait, it took Brando this long to sell a telescope lens for the iPad? Too many novelty USB sticks Brando, far too many. Attached to a case, it adds 6x zoom to the iPad 2 camera and costs $US28. [Geeky-Gadgets]

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