The New Branding For Rio 2016 Looks Like A Very Friendly Amoeba

Hundreds of thousands of people attend the Olympics, and millions more watch them. So there’s a lot riding on the way a city presents them, from advertising to stadiums. Rio just revealed what its 2016 Games will look like, and it’s done a great job — not just because no enterprising internet perv has compared it to a lewd gesture. So far. I know you’ll get there, guys.

7 Corporate Twitter Accounts That Are Actually Not Terrible

Sometimes, corporate Twitter can be a soul-sucking place. All that shilling. All that engagement. #So #many #hashtags. So I went on the search for a few brands that didn’t make me want to unfollow life. To my surprise, I found a few.

The Evolution Of Google's Iconic Logo

It may feel like Google’s colourful lettering has been with us since the dawn of time, but it’s been a long, bumpy road getting there. When it comes to logo design, sometimes you have to face-plant before you can fly. And in Google’s case, there’s been plenty of face-planting.

RIP Massimo Vignelli: The Iconic Designer Who Shaped A Century

We’d known that legendary designer Massimo Vignelli was sick: His son issued a plea to designers who were influenced by him to send him a letter, which surely flooded his home with well-designed well-wishes over the past few weeks. This morning, Vignelli passed away at the age of 83. Here, we’ve collected a handful of his most iconic contributions to design.

If Brand Slogans Were Brutally Honest

Since advertising is all about the power of suggestion, it’s fun to see what happens when the conceits of well-known campaigns are totally undermined. Honest Slogans takes well-known advertising and turns the slogan into some real talk about the product, or at least designer Clif Dickens’s take on it.

The US Army Guide That Teaches Soldiers To Recognise Terrorist Logos

Modern warfare is defined by ambiguity — and with it, soldiers (and training) have had to adapt. Posted online this week, a US Army document guides soldiers through the rigors of recognising terrorist and insurgent groups in the wild. Not through weaponry or language, but through branding.

Giz Explains: Why We Hate Change

The horrors of New Coke have not been easy for the public to forget. We do not handle change well, especially when it comes to the brands that we’ve been conditioned to love. But did New Coke really taste that bad? And, likewise, is the new Yahoo! logo really that atrocious? And is iOS 7 really the flaming trainwreck of a redesign that some folks are making it out to be? Or is the problem not within the product but rather within ourselves?

6 Cities And States Reinventing Themselves Through Branding

Is it possible to distill the character of a city into a single, striking logo? In some ways it seems crass to (re)brand a place, reducing the complexity of a locale into to what is, essentially, a marketing campaign. Done well, however, the efforts can unite locals and lure leisure travellers, who bring with them a major financial boon (check out the World Bank’s map of international tourist dollars from the past four years — there’s a lot of cash involved). But have we reached peak branding?

Are Any Of These 29 Decoy Yahoo! Logos Better Than The Original?

Yahoo! is about to unveil its new logo. If you’re confused — yes, Yahoo! has been “unveiling a new logo” (read: comic sans rendering of Yahoo!) for the past 29 days. It’s all part of an unusual plan to evade the virulent public backlash that has haunted many recent corporate rebrands. But will it work?

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