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Neurocam Analyses Your Brainwaves To Take Photos For You

Pressing a button is so 20th century. And winking or asking Google Glass to do it for you seems like quite a lot of effort too. So, for the truly lazy, Neurocam analyses your brainwaves to work out when you want a picture taken.

Cat Ears Pick Up On Brainwaves And Act As Furry Mood Rings

Of course these cat ears come from Japan, and of course they’ll be on sale soon. Neurowear’s Necomimi ears sit on a hairband (though don’t let that put you off, guys!) and have sensors inbuilt for detecting brainwaves. Depending on the signals decoded by the sensors, the ears can twitch, wriggle or even flop down, letting everyone around you know your true mood.

Mindflex Duel: The Mind Controlled Game Goes Head To Head

The original Mindflex was like playing basketball, but for your brain. Seriously, it read your brainwaves to move the ball. This new Mindflex Duel uses the same idea, but now you get to go head-to-head (or brain-to-brain) against a friend.

Researchers Successfully Translate Brainwaves Into Words

In a recent study, researchers at the University of Utah successfully translated brainwaves into words, a huge breakthrough that could eventually give paralysed patients a new way to communicate.

Brainwave Sofa Turns Your Brilliance Into Butt Cushions

After capturing just three seconds of brain activity through EEG, designers Lucas Maassen and Dries Verbruggen can carve a snapshot of your thoughts into a block of foam.

The Mindflex Brainwave Game Gives Me A Headache

Mind-control games like Mindflex are poised to be a big seller come Christmas time, but is it really worth spending $US80 on? It gives me a headache just thinking about it.

A Wheelchair Controlled By Man's Mighty Will

We’ve seen a few instances of mind-controlled wheel chairs, and now researchers from the University of Zaragoza, Spain, offer us yet another amazing prototype.

Your Brain to Your Hands: I Can Twitter Without You

newVideoPlayer("/P3Twitter.flv", 506, 423,""); Stupid hands, always getting the glory for all of the hard work that originates with me. Now, fingers, feel your tragic irrelevance as I tweet with electric elegance without your pitiful clumsiness!

Honda Asimo Creators Turning Your Brain into the Ultimate Robot Controller

You know what I think the worst thing about having a robot army is? You have to press buttons. It’s much more satisfying to get every automaton to do your bidding by just thinking it.

Neurosky Mindset Hands-on: Brainwave Gameplay!

The technology behind Neurosky’s Mindset is essentially the same that was peddled around last year at trade shows. The only difference now is that it’s ready for PC gaming consumption starting in July.

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