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One Way That Scientists' Brains Are Different From Other People's

A bizarre research study has revealed that neuroscientists are more excited at the prospect of seeing their names in prominent research journals than they are by piles of money.

Science Finally Explains Slackers

There’s a neurological reason for apathy and laziness, according to new research. Inefficient connections between certain areas of the brain may make it harder for some people to decide to act.

Scientists Have Found Fossilized Brains

Conventional wisdom says that brains don’t fossilise, but these seven fossilised brains beg to differ.

This Intricate Digital Model Of A Chunk Of Brain Fires Like The Real Thing

This complex web of fibres is in fact a digital model of a small chunk of rat brain — containing 31,000 neurons, 37 million synapses and the ability to fire just like a living chunk of grey matter.

These Balls Are Mini-Brains, Ripe For Medical Research

Understanding how the brain works is important, but going hands-on to test drugs or other treatments can be difficult. Which is why a team from Brown University has created these miniature ball-shaped brains for use in the lab.

RIP Oliver Sacks: 7 Must-Read Works About Our Beautiful Brains

In the past day you may have seen the internet lighting up with appreciations for the writer and neurologist Oliver Sacks. He died earlier this week at age 82, leaving behind a lifetime of illuminating writing that helped us to understand our own brains as beautiful, imperfect machines. Here are a few of our favourite books and stories.

Deep-Fried Brain And Bone Marrow Is A Deliciously Killer Combo

Video: Hamburger and fries. Spaghetti and meatballs. And brain and bone marrow… I guess? Our friend Anna Péter, from the Hungarian food blog Malackaraj, shows us how she makes deep fried brain and bone marrow. And because the universal rule across all types of cooking is that deep frying things and adding bone marrow is always delicious, I’m going to believe that this tastes divine.

4 Videos That Explain How Technology Can Actually Change Your Brain

BrainCraft is a YouTube channel exclusively devoted to (zombie voice) braiiiins. It explains “through psychology and neuroscience why this fleshy mass makes you act the way you do”, whether that means our compulsive Googling or our love of Tetris.

'Mind-Melded' Animal Brains Work Better Than Individual Ones

Connecting brains together into networks, or ‘mind-melding’ as the Trekkies say, has a long and colourful history in science fiction. But it’s also something that scientists are doing — rather successfully — with animals in the lab. And in many cases, networked animal brains seem to perform better than individual brains.

What Google's Dog-Fish And Camel-Bird Can Tell Us About How Our Brains Work

You may have seen some of the “nightmarish” images generated by Google’s aptly named Inceptionism project. Here we have freakish fusions of dogs and knights (as in the image above), dumbells with arms attached (see below) and a menagerie of Hieronymus Bosch-ian creatures. But these are more than just computerised curiosities.

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