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MOG Now Available On Boxee

In addition to iOS, Android, Roku and a variety of TVs, MOG’s unlimited music streaming service is now available on Boxee. The app itself is free, but the same $US10/month subscription fee applies. [MOG]

The Boxee Remote Now Works For Your Home Computer

For those of you who like Boxee but couldn’t be bothered getting the Box for your home theatre setup, D-Link is now offering you the remote that came with it for your Mac or PC. Just to show they care.

Boxee Box: Now With Less Bugs Thanks To Firmware Update Magic!

As Jason noted in his review, the Boxee Box was a really good local media streamer, but the software was also pretty damn buggy. Well hopefully that will change for the better now that Boxee has issued their first firmware update. Not only does it offer 30 bug fixes, it adds improvements to navigational and sorting elements in the UI.

Boxee Review: Good At One Thing, Bad At Everything Else

Theoretically, Boxee is like a cheaper Google TV that can play back every file type imaginable, as well as stream internet videos through its browser + Flash player setup. In reality, it only does one of those things well.

Your Pre-Ordered Boxee Boxes Are On Their Way

Boxee boxes started shipping yesterday in the US, but what about here in Australia? If you pre-ordered, you could be receiving your little bundle of Boxee joy as early as today.

Hulu Plus For Boxee Will Be Announced Later Today

Boxee is definitely getting Hulu Plus – under the condition Boxee removes all links to Hulu’s free streaming service. Boxee’s CEO is expected to confirm it later today, but until then that’s making the new Box look even costlier. [AllThingsD]

Boxee Box 'More Solid' Than Google TV Box, Apple TV

So it’s shipping, and will support Netflix and Hulu Plus before the end of the year, but what’s actually inside D-Link’s Boxee Box? iFixit found “build quality that rivals Apple’s [TV] ” and “is much more solid than the Logitech Revue”.

Boxee Box Finally Shipping, Will Get Netflix And Hulu Plus Support

As promised, the D-Link Boxee Box is finally shipping in the US! And that’s not all the good news its makers have for us today:

Your Boxee Box Questions Answered (UPDATED)

Last week, I got the opportunity to sit down with the guys from D-Link Australia for a preview of the new Boxee Box. I took the opportunity to hit them up with all your questions. Here are their responses, courtesy of Scott Howell from D-Link Australia:

Boxee Getting Vudu Streaming HD Movie Rentals

The D-Link Boxee Box (in addition to Boxee clients for PC and Mac) will offer HD movie rentals when it lands in living rooms in coming weeks, courtesy of a new partnership with Vudu. Vudu’s full HD rentals – 1080p, Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 Surround Sound – cost two bucks a pop for two nights of viewing. Not a bad service to add to Boxee’s arsenal, not bad at all. [Press Release]

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