Every Baby Bottle Needs A Grippy Rollcage

If you don’t have kids, you might find it hard to believe that baby bottles don’t come standard with this springy shock-absorbing and easy-to-grip silicone rollcage. The Ba Baby Bottle Holder is actually a $US15 aftermarket accessory for bottles that makes them easier for babies to grip, and better suited to surviving being thrown across a room.

This Adorable Robo-Bottle Provides Cold, Calculated Hydration

With every sugar water-selling corporation directly targeting kids, it’s hard to convince the young’uns that water is really their best source of hydration. But what kid in their right mind would choose to sip from an aluminium can when this wonderful robot-shaped bottle could be lurking in their lunchbox?

This 3D-Printed Web Of Plastic Caps Turns Water Bottles Into A Vase

If your recycling bin overfloweth with empty plastic water bottles, and you’re just too lazy to take them to the curb, why not turn them from an eyesore into a lovely centrepiece with this 3D-printed web of bottlecaps? All you need to do is scrounge up 12 similarly sized bottles, and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind vase that can hold an entire bouquet of flowers.

Hide Your Beer Bottle From The Man With This Clever Water Bottle

Are you tired of being told when and where you can and cannot drink? Taking advantage of the fact that everyone carries around reusable water bottles these days, the BottleCamo blends right in. But instead of filling it with water, you unscrew the bottle, stash a brewskie inside, and don’t let any silly laws prevent you from downing a cold one when you want to.

How To Cut A Glass Bottle In Two Using Fire And Water

You might not be able to envision a time when you’re lathe-less and need to cut a glass bottle in two. However, when it does happen, you’ll be quite happy you spent three minutes watching ‘CrazyRussianHacker’ do it with string, alcohol, fire and water. And even if you don’t ever cut your own glass, this hack is still incredibly fun to watch.

The Most Dangerous Ways To Open A Bottle Of Wine

It’s intentionally obnoxious, but this video goes through all the ridiculously dangerous ways a person can open a bottle of wine. I’m talking about chainsaws, guns, rockets, blow torches, swords and more.

How A Used Bottle Becomes A New Bottle Again

Recycling! It’s good for the planet or something. It’s also a very sensible thing to do. But how does the bottle you just drank out of become a new bottle you’ll drink out of in the future? No, it’s not just refilling the glass. It’s a process that involves magnets, soda ash, a 1480C furnace, something called gobs and more.

Twist-Off Wine Cork Invention Means Life Will Never Be The Same

Just when you thought that mankind could go no further, four years of research has given birth to a new apex in cork innovation. Please say hello to your newest wine-stopper, the Helix cork.

Refuse To Drink Wine From Anything But These Crazy Anatomical Carafes

Next time someone offers you a glass of wine, refuse unless its presented from a carafe as incredibly attractive as this. All example of “bio-tableware” by sculptor Etienne Meneau, these beautiful, branched structures are artistic takes on wine carafes.

This Replacement Cap Turns Any Water Bottle Into A Humidifier

When you name your product the ‘Amazing Humidifier’ it better be bringing something great to the table. After all, it’s pretty hard to get excited over something as mundane as a humidifier. But the fact that this compact version transforms any water bottle into a secret weapon to battle dry skin is, admittedly, pretty amazing.