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Meanwhile In The Future: One Agency Controls All Border Crossings

Every time you go from one country to the next, you cross a border. And that usually means dealing with some kind of border agency that enforces each country’s idiosyncratic rules and regulations. But what if the whole process were standardised and run by a single organisation?

Saudi Arabia Is Building A 965km Wall Along The Iraq Border

Saudi Arabia is building great wall — or rather, a great chainlink fence with razor wire — to “protect against ISIS” in Iraq. And it’s not the only country investing in very expensive walls right now, even though they probably won’t work. Why? Because walls aren’t just about security. They’re also powerful symbols.

Google Maps Stays Neutral By Only Showing Your Side In Border Disputes

Border disputes are still going on in a bunch of places around the world. That makes life difficult for mapmakers, and especially difficult for the world’s favourite online map service, Google Maps. As The Washington Post points out, Google strives to not get stuck in the middle of a territorial struggle, by showing you the border you most likely want to see based on where you’re Googling from.

Georgians Will Leave Their Country Just To See This Beautiful Border Crossing

Border crossings are usually designed to suck your soul while you wait in endless lines for a customs agent to approve or cancel your travel plans. But if your journeys have you crossing between Georgia and Armenia in the near future, you’ll be treated to this amazing architectural wonder at the border.

A New Low For Borders: Selling IP Addresses

Like a haggard crackhead selling its socks, bankrupt Borders has resorted to selling things that don’t actually exist. That’s right — the company that once sold Ulysses and Jane Eyre is now hawking its collection of IP addresses.

Some Good News For Australian Kobo Readers

Since REDGroup (owners of Borders and Angus & Robertson) went belly up, Kobo users have been left wondering about access to Australian best sellers, even if they were reassured that books already purchased would remain safe. Enter publishing giant Pearson Australia.

Borders Is Dead

In what is destined to make the purchase of eReaders just a little bit harder in Australia, Borders has announced that it is closing down all of its retail stores around the country.

Borders Tells Amazon To Go To Hell In Passive-Aggressive Way

What do you do when your business model and way of life has been obliterated by the internet? Put up a bitchy sign, of course! I will say – it’s a clever little middle finger of a flyer. [via Consumerist]

All Borders Gift Cards Now Expire April 3

Gift cards are the perfect gift, right? Wrong! The administrators now running Borders and Angus and Robertson have put an expiry date of April 3 on all gift cards, so if you don’t use them by then, you’ve just wasted your money.

What Will Happen To eBooks In Australia If Borders Disappears?

The company behind bookstores Borders and Angus and Robertson is in a lot of financial trouble at the moment. While they’ve been granted a slight stay of execution, they’re in administration, and things aren’t looking good. But given that Borders is the driving force behind eBook and eReader sales in Australia, what will happen to the budding electronic book market should RedGroup go completely under?

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