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This Ice Ball Cocktail Is The Coolest Thing

Video: Even though all cocktails should be simple, I’ll excuse a little flair for this awesome ice ball cocktail because it’s just too much fun. An ice cube sphere looks like it’s frozen solid until it’s hammered open to release the liquid goodness. It all works perfectly because the former ice sphere that held the drink transforms into the perfect rocks for the drink.

North Korea Claims To Have Invented Hangover-Free Alcohol

Never mind the nuclear rumblings, arbitrary executions and incessant famines: North Korea is Best Korea, because North Korea has invented hangover-free booze!

How To Make Boozy Ice Cream For Friends Tonight (The Best Ice Cream)

Booze and ice cream. Two of humanity’s greatest inventions, so why not combine them? As I discovered on a weekend trip to San Antonio recently, you can, and it’s magical. And while boozy ice cream is typically made with gelatin, if you’re willing to put in a little extra leg work, yours can be 100 per cent vegetarian.

Take The First Shot With A Han Solo Blaster Flask

The kids over at Insignificant Fish Industries run a popular Etsy shop selling geeky merchandise like glowing arcade coin slot belt buckles. But they also just teased this wonderful Han Solo blaster flask on their website that is sure to make them overnight millionaires if they ever start selling it.

Sneak Better Refreshments Into A Star Wars Screening With A Secret Lightsaber Flask

If you prefer drinking from an elegant flask from a more civilized age, here’s a brilliant (and even more covert) alternative to the Han Solo blaster flask from a few months ago.

How Champagne Is Made

Video: Champagne is really hard to make. There are rules and regulations and specific grapes and soil requirements and is completely region specific and more that goes into each bottle that it’s impressive that even one bottle gets popped. In this video from the Science Channel, we get to see how Bollinger makes its champagne. It marries the old fashioned methods formed over hundreds of years of bubbly creation with impressive modern machinery. Delicious!

The Fascinating People And Stories Behind Making Scotch Whisky

We love whiskey, we drink whiskey, we’ve seen whiskey get made. But what’s cool about this latest episode of Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain is how we meet the people behind the alcohol we all love. It’s combining generations of knowledge with unique skills and a real passion to just make good things. Thankfully, these guys make whiskey.

How To Drink Sake: Your Guide To Japan's Tasty, Boozy Gift To The World

Sake. You might only know it from Sapporo bombs or overheated swill from all-you-can-eat pan-Asian buffets. But if you get a beat on its basics, it’s the smoothest, sexiest, slickest libation. We’re going to demystify sake, and make you that sashimi-pairing, worldly boozehound we know you can be.

How Space-Aged Whiskey Tastes: Smoked Fruit, Antiseptic, Rubbery Smoke

Back in 2011, Ardbeg Distillery, of Islay in Scotland, sent a sample of unmatured malt whiskey into space aboard the International Space Station. Now, the samples have been tested — and here’s how it tastes.

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