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Parallels Desktop 10 Makes Running Windows On A Mac Less Annoying

Being locked into one software ecosystem is the cruel fate that awaits anyone who loves technology. On our desktops and smartphones, we build prisons with companies who want our complete fealty to their apps and services.

16 Year Old Internet Addict Beaten To Death In Chinese Boot Camp

After refusing a direct order, 16 year old Chen Shi was beaten to death at a boot camp for troubled youth in China. And it’s not the first time this has happened to teenage internet addicts.

Apple Boot Camp 3.1 Update Includes Windows 7 Support

It’s a little behind schedule, but Mac users can now run Windows 7 natively thanks to today’s Boot Camp update. Boot Camp 3.1 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate. Multiple OS enthusiasts, rejoice!

Apple To Support Windows 7 In Boot Camp Before Year's End

Tossing a bone to Windows 7 on its launch day, Apple updated its help section to announce that Boot Camp will support all versions of Windows 7 before year’s end. But some older Intel-based machines won’t get any Windows 7 love.

How To Survive Boot Camp (and Run Win 7 On A Mac)

Windows 7 and Snow Leopard are great. Boot Camp’s the free, official way to run them both natively on one machine. It’s easy to setup, and just works, except when it doesn’t. Here’s how to survive Boot Camp.

QOTD: Boot Camp, Parallels Or Fusion?

I’m sitting here with my MacBook Pro and a copy of Windows 7, wanting to combine the two into the ultimate blogging machine. But how to do it?

New Snow Leopard Feature: Access Mac Files from Windows in Boot Camp

Maybe the best front-end feature from Snow Leopard yet: HFS+ drivers will let you access your Mac’s files from Windows in Boot Camp, making running multiple OSes on one machine more seamless.

How To Install Windows 7 On Your Mac Using Boot Camp

Eyeing Windows 7 but feeling left out in Mac land? Well, if you have 10GB to spare and a DVD burner, here’s how to join the Win7 party for free with Boot Camp.

Apple Updates Multitouch Trackpad Drivers for Windows, Still Unusable

The multitouch trackpad on the aluminium MacBooks is, to be generous, barely usable in Windows. So I was excited there’s a new update. But apparently they screwed it up—it still sucks, just differently. [Ars]

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