Gift Guide: Bill Gates' Favourite Books Of 2014 Are The Smart Gifts For The Holidays

Watch Bill Gates — in Lego form no less! — tell you about his favourite books of 2014, an impeccable list that has a little bit of everything for everyone. I’ve included all his recommendations and short reviews below so you can easily buy any of them. I recommend getting all of them for yourself too. Good stuff.

30 Years Of Amazing Criterion Collection Art Packed Into A Single Book

Today the Criterion Collection released a 306-page book full of the designs it has commissioned since 1984, including covers, supplemental art, concept art and more. Criterion Designs is a coffee table book we can all believe in.

7 Pieces Of Album Art From The Golden Age Of Disco Design

What’s hot, sweaty and filled with sexual innuendo? I’m talking about disco — what did you think I was talking about? — but I’m also talking about the design that was created to sell this era of suddenly decadent lifestyles.

Barbie F**ks It Up Again

I recently paid a visit to my sweet friend Helen Jane and was excited to find this book at her house. (The second book of the “2 Books in 1!” is “Barbie [i can be…] an Actress.” We’ll get to that later.) Helen Jane has two little girls under the age of six. I have a daughter who is almost two. “This is great!” I said. “Barbie wants to be a computer engineer! And fifty stickers!”

The Choose Your Own Adventure Books Were The First Interactive Games

Since 1975 the Choose Your Own Adventure books have given millions of kids the chance to determine their own destinies (at least in a literary sense). Sadly, the author and publisher of those books, R.A. Montgomery, died this week. But he leaves behind an incredible legacy in both publishing and, perhaps surprisingly, gaming as well.

These Iconic Road Trips Make You Want To Grab A Camera And Just Drive

The road trip is one of the great American photographic traditions. Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip, a new book published by Aperture, revisits the journeys of 18 influential photographers as they set out in search of weird, beautiful and unknown things to point their cameras at.

The Inside Story Of How Stuxnet Was Discovered

Countdown to Zero Day, a new book by Wired journalist Kim Zetter, is a whodunnit for the internet age. It tells the true tale of how a complicated virus, which later came to be known as Stuxnet, made its way into the world.

A Closer Look At Some Of The Most Familiar Logos Ever Designed

The modern logo is actually surprisingly old: The first trademarked logo dates all the way back to the 18th century. But it wasn’t until the 20th — the era of instant and ubiquitous communication — that identity design really bloomed.

My First Kindle: I Finally Stopped Multitasking And Got Lost In A Novel

Still don’t have an ereader? I can respect that. Physical books just feel better. Print is sacred. I’m with you — or at least I was, until our reviews editor thrust a Kindle in my hand and made me use it.

In New Book, Architecture Photography Is More Than Pretty Buildings

When Nicephore Niepce created the first ever photograph of the world in 1826, he chose to point his camera at a building. Architecture has been an iconic subject of photography from the very beginning, and Phaidon’s new book, Shooting Space, surveys how artists new and established are looking at man-made structures.

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