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The Girl With All The Gifts Is Also A Brilliant Sci-Fi Novel

Some books feature powerful characterization and heart-stopping emotional journeys. Others have great world-building in the service of a thundering great adventure. Still others have clever scientific ideas. But it’s rare to find a book like M.R. Carey’s The Girl With All The Gifts, which aces all of the above.

Spoilers ahead…

George R.R. Martin To Stephen King: 'How Do You Write So Fast?'

Video: This entire nearly hour-long conversation between writing luminaries George R.R. Martin and Stephen King is well worth listening to in its entirety, but before that: Skip to around 50:08 and hear Martin ask the one question he’s always wanted to put to King. It’s worth it.

9 Novels That Are More Action-Packed Than Most Winter Movies

It’s winter movie season, the time when blockbuster films come out every week and we pit Vin Diesel against Wolverine. But how do you keep that cineplex excitement alive when you’re at home on the couch? With books! Here are 10 science fiction novels that pack more non-stop thrills than Independence Day: Resurgence. Really.

10 Things That Every Brand New Creator Of Science Fiction Should Know

Being a science fiction creator is the most amazing adventure — you get to invent whole new worlds, brand new futures, and fantastic technologies, and you get to tell the most incredible stories about them. But it’s also a tough and heartbreaking career path, whether you’re in books, comics, movies or television. Here are 10 things that every brand new science fiction creator ought to know at the start.

10 Writing 'Rules' We Wish More Science Fiction And Fantasy Authors Would Break

Science fiction and fantasy are genres where almost anything can happen — as long as the author can make it seem plausible, and as long as it’s part of a good story. But that doesn’t mean there are no rules. If anything, the fact that these genres are so wide open mean that there are tons of rules out there, some unspoken and some written in black and white.

Explore The Paranormal History Of Ghostbusters' In This Gorgeous New Book

Ghostbusters’ gallery of ghouls has quite the history behind it, even if the films never really delved that deep into the origins of its most famous spooks and demons. A new book plans to do just that, and we’ve got a first look at some of the details held within.

'Lost My Name' Has A New Personalised, Geo-Targeted Children's Book

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home is a new children’s book from the team behind Lost My Name, a personalised children’s book with pages customised to the letters in your daughter or son or nephew or niece’s name. The new book takes things to the next level, though, with pages showing a satellite image of your kid’s street address.

10 Audiobooks That Are Worth Getting For The Voice Acting Alone

Do you ever outgrow the pleasure of having a story read to you? Not if you’re listening to these books. From A-list celebrities to talented voice actors with multiple pseudonyms, these voices will make you love literature, even if you’re listening to it instead of reading it.

10 Utterly Brilliant Novels That Have One Fatal Flaw

There’s no such thing as a perfect book — but some books feel as though they could be just about perfect, if they didn’t have one nagging problem. And sometimes, the most wonderful books have the most glaring shortfalls. Here are 10 amazing novels that are each marred by a fatal flaw.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Reveals Hermione Granger And Ron Weasley's Family Photo

We got the Potters yesterday, and today brings us the rest of Harry Potter‘s power trio: Hermione (Noma Dumezweni) and Ron (Paul Thornley) with their daughter Rose (Cherrelle Skeete).

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