Watch The Unbelievable Restoration Process Of Making An Old Book New

There is honour in having a worn down book with creases on its spine and dogeared corners and highlighter marks on its pages and a cover that barely resembles anything anymore. But, sometimes, a book gets a little too roughed up and is on the brink of falling apart and needs fixing. You can fix it! Or, well, this magician of a man can. He restores old books with the utmost care.

Is It Really Possible To Learn To Speed Read?

Ninety-five per cent of university-educated individuals read at a rate between 200-400 words per minute according to extensive research done by University of Massachusetts Amherst professor Dr Keith Rayner. However, there exists a small, but rather vocal subset of people who insist that they can read several times faster than this using various speed reading techniques.

How P-22 Became Hollywood's Most Famous Mountain Lion

A mountain lion named P-22 is making headlines today for being discovered inside — and eventually escaping from — a Los Angeles basement. In this excerpt from his new book about the urban wilderness,Tristan Donovan gives us the origin story of P-22.

The Plan To Build An Undersea Cable Around The US -- And Why We Need It

There’s a new undersea cable in the works, unlike any system that’s been built before. It is almost 10,000 miles long. It winds under the Arctic Ocean, from the United Kingdom, over Canada, and down to Japan, offering the fastest possible route between London and Tokyo. It stops on icy Canadian shores along the way, providing internet access to small communities entirely dependent on spotty satellite connection. And what’s really new: the cable is made possible only by climate change. Melting Arctic ice is making way for giant cable ships.

Human Existence Is A Big, Sad Video Game In William Gibson's New Novel

Human beings are the most important ingredients in game design. Without the participation and attention of an actual person, games are just basically systems waiting for input. In the latest novel by legendary science-fiction writer William Gibson, humans aren’t just controlling disembodied avatars in made-up worlds. They’re also controlling each other in the worst possible ways.

That Monster Book Of Monsters Replica Comes With A Real Textbook

Sideshow Collectibles has revealed that its Harry Potter Monsters Book of Monsters replica will be available sometime this year for $US295. That seems expensive, but the furry, tentacled tome also includes an accompanying book full of actual drawings, sketches, and info on all the creatures in the Harry Potter universe.

This Pin-Sized Book Reminds Us Of Life's Little Pleasures

If you’re feeling down, this pin-sized book may be just the thing to cheer you up. Just don’t put it in your pocket, or it will be lost forever.

1908's Best Party Invite And More Forgotten California Design

From psychedelic rock posters to modernist film titles, it might seem like the graphic output from California means anything and everything goes. But there’s a particular California spirit when it comes to design.

A Skyscraper Shelf Turns Your Books Into A Picturesque Skyline

If you haven’t yet embraced e-reading and donated all of your printed books to your local library, you’re probably also the type who likes to put your various tomes on display. So to guarantee that your carefully-curated collection gets noticed by visitors, store them on this Skyline shelf that makes them look like buildings in a Instragrammed cityscape.

Making A Book Completely By Hand Is Way More Impressive Than I Thought

It’s completely unnecessary and like two steps away from being a joke, but making a book by hand is a pretty impressive feat. There are so many unseen things you have to do! Like cutting the pages right, sewing them together, silkscreening for colour, glueing everything perfectly and so on.