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Inside A Treasure Trove Of Rare Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars Art

There is no doubt that Ralph McQuarrie’s sublime art was fundamental in shaping the success of Star Wars, and enriching the galaxy far, far away. For years his work has been archived and championed, but a new book is collecting some of his best (and some of his rarest) Star Wars art in a lavish volume, and we have an exclusive look inside.

Get Ready, A Minecraft Book Is Being Written By World War Z's Max Brooks

A whole series of Minecraft novels are reportedly set to hit shelves, with the endeavour kicked off with a book by Max Brooks, author of World War Z. And why not? A giant, successful game is obviously ripe for being adapted into other media, and Minecraft is already set to be a movie released in 2019. Hopefully, the book won’t take that long.

Hard-Boiled Urban Fantasy Sandman Slim May Be Coming To The Big Screen

Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim books have always seemed perfectly suited for a film adaptation. After all, they star a tough-talking magician who’s escaped from Hell (and sounds like he escaped from a Raymond Chandler novel) and is out for revenge. And now a movie may be on its way.

George R.R. Martin Has 'Thousands Of Pages' Worth Of Game Of Thrones Lore Sitting Around

Honestly? Screw waiting for The Winds of Winter. I want to read all these pages of Westeros’ backstory he has sitting around.

The (Very Cheap) Humble Book Bundle Is Full Of Sci-Fi Novels By Real Scientists

Humble is best known for its game bundles, but it also packages applications and other media at discount prices from time to time. For example, right now it’s running a book bundle containing digital sci-fi novels penned by actual scientists, starting with six titles for $US1.

Fox Is Making A Movie About The Friendship Between A Preteen And A Preteen Bigfoot

Fox is making an animated feature that sounds just perfect — an adaptation of Jennifer Weiner’s children’s book The Littlest Bigfoot, about two 12-year-olds who feel like they don’t belong in their worlds but do love each other. The best friends are one human and one Bigfoot.

A Fascinating Look At Life Behind The Scenes Of Star Trek's Second Season

Image Cache: The first To Boldly Go: Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage book covered season one of Star Trek: The Original Series. Now author Gerald Gurian has released To Boldly Go: Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage – Season Two, and it’s exactly what it says on the tin — and its collection of photos are just as captivating. See for yourself!

The 10 Most Dangerous Schools In Fiction

Kids may not be happy about going to school, but it could be worse — they could be going to one of these schools, where danger, physical damage and even death stalk the classrooms. Here are 10 schools where you have an equal chance of graduating as dying.

The Illustrated Version Of The Original Game Of Thrones Novel Looks Gorgeous

A new A Song of Ice and Fire book is coming out this year! Sort of! Next month sees the arrival of a new, illustrated edition of the book that started it all, A Game of Thrones, and this early look at some of the volume’s illustrations are looking pretty damn cool.

MIT Invented A Camera That Can Read Closed Books

In a breakthrough that will appeal to both spies and those who work with priceless but frail historical documents, researchers at MIT have developed a camera that uses terahertz radiation to peer at the text on pages of a book, without it having to be open.

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