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This Cover Art Game Invites You To Literally Judge A Book By Its Cover

We’ve all heard the idiom, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. But a new site called encourages users to do just that — and its creators, Nate Gagnon and Dean Casalena, seem to have a moral of their own in mind: buy more books.

There's A Hidden Conveyor Belt Under The US Capitol That Was Just For Moving Books

Most people who work in the US Capitol don’t know about the 100-year-old book conveyor tunnel underneath them that used to connect the building to the Library of Congress. It’s long since abandoned, but it’s still down there.

An Algorithm Can Quickly Find The Killer In An Agatha Christie Mystery

She’s still widely regarded as one of the greatest mystery writers ever, but coming up on what would be her 125th birthday, a group of academics has managed to create an algorithm that can accurately predict which character will turn out to be the killer in an Agatha Christie novel.

12 Fantastic Sci-Fi Vehicles From A Century Ago

Electric airships, submarines, and other futuristic vessels were the main attractions on the covers of a pulp novel series called Frank Reade Weekly Magazine: Containing Stories of Adventures on Land, Sea & in the Air.

Drink A Book To Purify Your Water, Why Not

You’ve probably never thought “maybe I’ll drink a book today,” but apparently that’s just for lack of imagination. Scientists, inventive weirdos that they are, have upended reality once again, creating a book with pull-out, nanoparticle-coated pages that can filter 100 litres of drinking water each — enough to supply a single person’s water needs for up to four years.

This Bedtime Book Uses Psychology Tricks To Make Kids Fall Asleep Faster

There’s a new weapon in the war on bedtime that might finally give parents the definitive advantage over their kids. The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep is a new children’s book written using specific psychological techniques that help kids relax and quickly doze off.

Two Books You Must Read If You Care About The Future Of Humanity In Space

Two of the most celebrated authors in science fiction, Kim Stanley Robinson and Neal Stephenson, released epic novels this summer about our future lives in space. And yet both Robinson’s Aurora and Stephenson’s Seveneves are actually about why we may never be able to leave Earth behind.

Where's Wally Wallpaper Is The Best Work Distraction

We’ve all got something on our desks we like to fiddle with when work gets boring, be it a traditional Newton’s Cradle, or just the good ol’ internet. But neither can compare to the wonderful waste of time that is a giant Where’s Wally scene filling an entire wall of your office.

How Lycos Almost Won The Search Engine Wars

In 1998, a young developer named Jim Gilliam was hired at Lycos after he impressed management by finding bugs in their site. He took on the task of improving their search results to find a way to beat their biggest competitor, Yahoo.

Do You Buy Books Anymore?

We’re talking the old-fashioned kind. A “new” Dr. Seuss book, What Pet Should I Get? is cause for rejoicing, and likely the purchase of a paper copy, if you’re into Dr. Seuss. But do you really buy books these days?

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