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The Wheel Of Time Is Going To Be A TV Series After All

After last year’s fight over the TV rights to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, Jordan’s widow Harriet McDougal has said that the legal situation is sorted and a new adaptation is already on its way.

There's Only One Way You Could Personally Visit An Exoplanet

Sorry, Han Solo and Mr Sulu. Based on everything we know right now, you’ll never be able to punch a button and travel through “hyperspace”, or go to warp speed. Travelling faster than light is almost certainly impossible. According to scientists, the only way you could personally visit other stars is by taking a long, long nap.

That Leia-Focused Star Wars Novel Will Reveal The Origins Of The First Order And The Resistance

We’ve known for a while that Claudia Grey’s new Leia-starring novel Star Wars: Bloodlines would be uncovering some important backstory about Leia’s soured relationship with the Republic in The Force Awakens. But now we know it’s tackling another huge mystery from the movie: Just how were the First Order and Resistance formed?

Will Sylvain Neuvel's Sleeping Giants Become The Next Martian Success Story?

Sylvain Neuvel’s upcoming novel The Sleeping Giants doesn’t hit stores until next week, but his unconventionally published novel has already been picked up by Sony Pictures Entertainment for film.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: I'm Starting To Think The Greatest Hero Is Brienne Of Tarth

Last night’s Game of Thrones begins with the sightless gaze of Jon Snow, right where we left him last year. But the most striking moments of the episode — including its final shocker — involve the gazes of women, usually without any words at all. There weren’t any dragons or zombies, and only a couple glimpses of a direwolf, but the main special effect last night was medium close-ups of women’s shifting facial expressions.

Spoilers ahead…

10 Authors Who Wrote Gritty, Realistic Fantasy Before George R.R. Martin

When George R.R. Martin released A Game of Thrones in 1996, he helped to change the game with his grounded approach to fantasy tropes. At the same time, people sometimes talk as though Martin was the first to bring realism to epic fantasy. So here are 10 other authors who were doing “gritty” fantasy before Martin.

George Lucas' Wild Theory About The Narrator Of Star Wars Makes So Much Sense

We all know who the main characters of George Lucas’ six Star Wars films are: Anakin Skywalker, his son and daughter, and their friends. But who’s the narrator? Turns out Lucas had a crazy theory that makes total sense.

How To Fix What's Wrong With Game Of Thrones

Winter hasn’t arrived yet on Game of Thrones, but there’s still a bit of “winter of our discontent” going on. Season five veered way off George R.R. Martin’s road, with shall we say mixed results. Here’s how to get Thrones back on its game.

18 Perfect Short Stories That Pack More Of A Punch Than Most Novels

People sometimes mistake short stories for trifles, wee vignettes that are over before they start. But there’s a reason why many of the best movies are based on short fiction rather than novels: a short story is just the right length to blow your mind. Here are 18 science fiction and short stories that rock our world.

The United States Of Japan Shows What Happens When Ideology Crumbles

In Peter Tieryas’ novel The United States of Japan, the United States loses the Second World War to Japan, and finds itself split between the invading Japanese army and Nazi Germany.

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