Slip Your Special Mail Into These Letter-Holder Bookends

This is just a clever use of space right here. These bookends keep your softcovers in line and your mail in order. All your favourite paper goods, all in one place, tidy and organised. Nice!

A Compact Toolbox That Camouflages Itself As A Book On Your Shelf

Hunting down your toolbox and finding the right tool for a quick fix is never really ‘quick’ enough. And it usually leads to an ever-growing to-do list of things to fix around the house. Here’s a better solution: Strelka’s ToolBook lets you hide a basic set of screwdrivers and Allen keys on a bookshelf, so they’re always easily accessible.

A Collection Of Nine Flipbooks Celebrating Disney's Greatest Animators

Before Walt Disney came along, animation was seen as just for kids. But through the release of a series of now iconic animated films, he was able to turn ‘cartoons’ into a serious art form, paving the way for blockbusters like The Lion King and Frozen. However, he couldn’t have done it without the help of nine well-known animators that are now further immortalised in this wonderful box set.

A Pregnancy Diary That Grows With An Expectant Mother

If you’ve never kept a diary or journal before, a pregnancy is probably a great time to start. Not only because of all the new experiences, but it will also probably come in really handy if and when you decide to have a second child. And what better place to document your thoughts than in a journal that’s growing right along with you?

Let BookBot Bring You Any Of This Library's Two Million Titles

Wow. Look at BookBot go! This massive automated delivery system is housed in North Carolina State University’s stunning Hunt Library. With the touch of a few buttons, it will scan and deliver any title in the two million volume collection straight into your hands.

This Incredibly Touching Ad About Whisky Is Better Than Most Movies

This moving commercial about Bell’s whisky does more in two minutes than most movies do in two hours. Give it a try. I went in expecting nothing — I mean, it’s a commercial! — and walked away gently holding my heart. It’s definitely better than any commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and probably more heartwarming than some Oscar movies.

This Book Somehow Opens Up 6 Different Ways To Reveal 6 Hidden Books

Done with this book? No need to get another one, because you can just open it a different way to reveal another book. Done with that one? Well, just open it another way and you’ll have another story. And again. And again. Until you do it six times. Because, you see, there are six books in this one book. It just depends how you open it.

This Transforming Medieval Text Is Actually Six Books In One

With a literacy rate hovering around an estimated 5 to 10 per cent of the population during the Middle Ages, only a select few of society’s upper echelons and religious castes had use for books. So who would have use for a sextuplet of stories bound by a single, multi-hinged cover like this? Some seriously busy scholar.

Rediscovering Acres Of Forgotten Books In A Grand Old Basement

Amidst endless stories about the death of the printed word and the closing of America’s libraries, another issue remains unresolved: What’s to be done with all the leftover books? In Albany, administrators at the former State Library are embroiled in a debate over the value of books — and what’s “too precious” to throw away.

Cassette Tape Bookmarks Adorably Pair Two Dead Forms Of Media

Like a buddy movie where two retired cops stuck in their ways have to return to active duty, these adorable bookmarks — designed to look like miniature unwound cassette tapes — work alongside antiquated printed books to help you remember what page you were last reading.