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Use Google Bookmarks To Share A Lot Of Links At Once

If you’ve got a bunch of links you need to share with someone else, you could paste them one-by-one into an IM window or email… or you could use Google’s newly revamped bookmarks system to do the job for you. Here’s how to collect your links and make the list public.

Adorable Desk Lamp Bookmark Sheds Light On The Last Page You Read

If you needed a good reason to hold onto your collection of classic tomes instead of replacing them all with a Kindle, here it is. The folks at Peleg Design have created what has to be one of the most adorable bookmarks ever with this tiny reading lamp that casts its soft beam onto whatever page you were last reading. Trying use this on your fancy ereader.

Cassette Tape Bookmarks Adorably Pair Two Dead Forms Of Media

Like a buddy movie where two retired cops stuck in their ways have to return to active duty, these adorable bookmarks — designed to look like miniature unwound cassette tapes — work alongside antiquated printed books to help you remember what page you were last reading.

Delicious Returns From The Dead With New Features In Tow

The social bookmarking site Delicious is back. Those who loved saving their favourite links to a public (or private) profile page will find that experience unchanged. But there’s a new central focus to Delicious. It’s called Stacks.

What If Your Phone Could Chop A Video Recording Into Chapters?

The idea-centric brains at Nokia Beta Labs have been working hard on some cool ideas for video recording on smartphones. Like this automatic bookmarking feature, where a shift in scene creates a new chapter in a video without ever cutting.

ChromeMarks Syncs Chrome Bookmarks With Android

Android: If you’re tired of manually adding new bookmarks to both your PC and your phone, ChromeMarks will sync all your bookmarks between Android and Chrome with minimal setup.

Delicious Being Sold, Not Shut Down

The leaked internal Yahoo slide that said Delicious, my favourite bookmarks manager, was being shut down wasn’t quite accurate. Delicious says that they’re looking for an outside buyer to take them off Yahoo! instead of closing down completely.

The Best Alternatives To Delicious

Tag-friendly and social bookmarking service Delicious is headed for shutdown. Sure, you can export those bookmarks, but what if you want a new place to tag, save, share and maybe go beyond what Delicious offered? These are your best bets.

Rest In Peace,, a beloved social bookmarking service, is being killed off as part of some “organisational streamlining” by Yahoo and we’re already in tears. Here’s some advice on how to preserve the memories – and bookmarks – we have with the service.

Delibar iPhone App Syncs Delicious And Pinboard Bookmarks

Shiny Frog’s Delibar app, for iPhones running iOS 4 and higher, combines the social and antisocial bookmarking features of Delicious and Pinboard. Save, manage and share web pages stored in the cloud, and integrate with services like Mobilizer and Instapaper.

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