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An App Manages The Brightness Of Petzl's New Headlamps To Maximise Battery Life

When you’re heading out for a night run, or hiking through the bush after dark, a working headlamp is almost as important as the shoes on your feet. So Petzl is upgrading its hands-free headlamps with Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity to intelligently manage brightness and battery life.

Audio-Technica's New Turntable Will Play On Your Bluetooth Speakers

Following the introduction of new turntables from both Technics and Sony, Audio-Technica is getting into the fray with a low-cost record player that will beam tunes to your Bluetooth speakers.

If Positive, The First Bluetooth Pregnancy Test Gives Important Advice On What To Do Next

A pregnancy test can tell you if you can expect a little bundle of joy in nine months, but not much else. So working with Qualcomm, First Response has created the first Bluetooth app-connected pregnancy test that provides other crucial info and guidance if you are indeed expecting.

You Won't Hear The Haters With These Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

The wireless earbuds arms race is heating up with a new “neckband-style” set from JBL. Unlike others, these have active noise-cancelling powers. Pump ‘um up, and tune out the world.

The New Wi-Fi Will Reach Twice As Far

Cars, blenders, fitness trackers, doggie bowls — there’s a connected version of basically any object you can name. It’s like the new Rule 34. There’s even a “smart” menstrual cup. Many of these objects rely on Bluetooth connections, but someday, they may run on a juiced-up version of Wi-Fi.

First Alert's New Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detector Alerts Your iOS Devices Of Danger

First Alert’s new Onelink smoke and carbon monoxide detector is basically a Nest Protect that’s specifically designed to work with Apple’s HomeKit system, alerting you to emergencies at home, even if you’re not there.

Bluetooth Will Have Twice The Speed And Four Times The Range In 2016

Since Bluetooth was given an overhaul in 2010 with the 4.0 standard, it’s surged in popularity. Now, it’s about to get another serious spec bump, providing four times the range, twice the speed and even mesh networking.

These Bluetooth Headphones Custom-Fit To Your Ears In Under A Minute

Custom-fit headphones are the kind of thing that sound like a ridiculous extravagance, right up until the moment when you get your first pair. Unfortunately, that moment normally involves hundreds of dollars and a lot of inconvenience. Well, it used to.

Smart LED Bulbs Learn Your Routines, And Automatically Turn On When You Go On Vacation

One of the most effective ways to protect your home while you’re travelling is to simply make it look like you’re not actually away. But instead of wrangling timers, or having the neighbours stop by, these new BeON smart bulbs will automatically learn your daily routines and keep turning lights on and off in your absence.

Bose's $200 SoundTouch 10 Is A Bluetooth-Wifi Double Whammy

Sonos is the king of wifi multiroom audio, but if anybody can give it a run it’s Bose, the storied manufacturer of sometimes very good sound gear that people can’t get enough of. This new entry to its SoundTouch wireless line could be the key to winning over your home.

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