Porsche Design's $2500 Smartphone Is A Tarted Up BlackBerry Z10

What’s the most you’d ever pay for a phone? I’d venture a guess and say probably $1000 given the amount of iPhone 5s devices I see getting about. How would you like to pay over $2500 for a crap smartphone you could just pay under $400 for? Meet the Porsche Design P’9982.

Is BlackBerry Getting The Android Google Play Store?

I think at this point we can pretty safely say that BlackBerry’s BB 10 relaunch was a bit of a disaster for the once-mighty Canadian smartphone makers. I mean, you don’t give your CEO the boot for nothing right? And it now seems the company is ready to fully capitulate to its Android rival.

BlackBerry Z30 Australian Review: More Compelling Than Ever

BlackBerry might just be on the way out, but that doesn’t mean it’s about to go quietly. The Canadian manufacturer still has a few great handsets left in it, one of them being the new Z30.

Why Does BBM For Android Have So Many Horribly Fake Reviews?

So BBM for Android and iOS finally made it out after some delays. And how is it? “Really great user friendly and smooth” apparently. At least, according the legion of bots that’s leaving positive reviews on Google Play.

Report: BlackBerry Wants To Sell Parts Of Itself To Anyone Who'll Buy

According to Reuters, Blackberry is asking Google, Samsung, LG, Cisco, basically anybody with money to buy BlackBerry entirely or at the very least, certain parts of the company. This is seen as an alternative in case the finances don’t work out in going private.

BlackBerry Might Survive As Private Company

After months — years, really — of speculation about buyers and shutdowns and sales, BlackBerry appears to have found salvation in the form of a $US4.7 billion takeover. Whether the company lives on from there or is sold for scraps remains anyone’s guess.

A Love Letter To My First Four Phones

Last month was spent in a state of upheaval. After seven years in New York I was heading back to the opposite coast, which had led me to go though of the hundreds of kilos of accumulated junk one accidentally collects in boxes over the years.

BBM For Android And iOS Is Delayed

Look, we all know that BlackBerry is in a tail spin and has been for a while. And at this point the situation can only become an incredible underdog story or a put the dog out of his misery moment. There’s no status quo anymore. But somehow the hole keeps being dug deeper. BlackBerry announced an abysmal early earnings report and major layoffs on Friday, and now there’s something else. BlackBerry was forced to release a statement yesterday saying that the new BBM apps for iOS and Android, which were supposed to be released yesterday and today respectively, are being delayed. And that’s just suboptimal.

BBM For iOS And Android Hands-On: The Best Blackberry Thing In Years?

Even as Blackberry has fallen from grace over the last few years, its proprietary messaging service BBM has remained a solid, well-designed product. A few months back, the company announced plans to bring the product to iOS and Android. We were excited then, and after spending a few minutes with the final build of both apps, we’re thinking this could be Blackberry’s foothold into a new future.

Blackberry Z30 Hands-On: BB10 Gets Hip To The Hugeness

If the Z10 looked something like Blackberry was trying to build an iPhone copy to house its BB10 platform, the just announced Z30 would be the BB10 Galaxy S4 or HTC One. After holding it for a few minutes, I’m convinced it’s something I wouldn’t mind holding for at least a few minutes more.

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