BlackBerry Launches The Passport Smartphone: Hip To Be Square?

Today marks the official launch of BlackBerry’s latest flagship smartphone; the swankily named Passport. Boasting an unusual square touch screen and a miniaturized QWERTY keyboard, the Passport is aimed at business professionals who are bold enough — or crazy enough — to try something different. Read on for the specs rundown.

The Squarish BlackBerry Passport Smartphone Will Cost $US600

In mid-June BlackBerry confirmed the strange existence of the BlackBerry Passport. This atypical smartphone raised eyebrows because of its near-square design and devotion to a physical keyboard. Today, the company’s CEO John Chen revealed the Passport would cost $US600 sans subsidies.

BlackBerry Reminds Us It Still Exists With New Porsche Design Phone

The long-running Blackberry/Porsche hookup has just pumped another device onto the BB10 landfill, with the release of the P’9983. It’s like a regular BlackBerry, but with a Porsche logo and slightly more angles.

BlackBerry's Finally Getting Its Own Siri-Like Assistant

Today, BlackBerry is giving us our first look at one of the key features of BB 10.3: A voice assistant. Like everything else the company formerly known as RIM does these days, BlackBerry Assistant would have been revolutionary years ago. Today, it’s just an obvious feature that’s too late to make it a differentiator.

We're Not Dead Yet, Says BlackBerry, And Launches A 'Fact Check' Portal

BlackBerry’s market share is now 0 per cent. But the company doesn’t want you to think that it has given up yet. Instead, it has launched a new portal called the “BlackBerry Fact Check” to counter the “smoke and mirrors marketing tactics by competitors” and fight back with facts.

BlackBerry's Potential Canadian Spokespeople, Ranked

Finally BlackBerry (reportedly) called on Canada’s most reputable citizen, Drake, to promote the upcoming BlackBerry Passport. But despite Drizzy’s only cares being money and the city that he’s from, he declined. So who should BlackBerry call?

Blackberry Confirms Its Bizarre Box-Like Phone Is Coming Late 2014

According to the folks over at Mobile Syrup, during Blackberry’s quarterly earnings report, John Chen confirmed the existence of the company’s next phone — and it’s a head-scratcher. Previously known as the Windermere, the device is now officially known as the Passport and features a square 4.5-inch 1440×1440 pixel display, with a squashed QWERTY keyboard located below.

Did Apple Sherlock BlackBerry In iOS 8?

Apple debuted some amazing features in iOS 8 last night, including predictive keyboards, updated messaging capabilities and new photo features. A few features in particular are interesting on iOS 8, mostly because of who inspired them: BlackBerry. It got Sherlocked.

BlackBerry Death Rattle: We're Bringing Back The Bold

In a move that is equal parts admirable and bleak (but mostly bleak), BlackBerry has chosen to valiantly fight the imminent march of time. Instead of trying to build the next Big Thing, the company is going back to what it knows works best: 2011. Say hello to the Bold. Again.

Blackberry's Q20 Looks Great, But It Won't Be In Australia For Half A Year

This is not the BlackBerry Q20. It’s the Q10, released in 2013. The reason we can’t show you a photo of the upcoming Q20 is that no photo exists just yet. Not even computer renderings of the Q20 are available. The newly announced BlackBerry smartphone, just unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2014, won’t be available in Australia until the second half of 2014.