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BlackBerry Twitter App Is All Grown Up And Redesigned

RIM’s Twitter client for BlackBerrys has left the pimpled beta phase and grown up to version 2.0: there’s a newly designed navigation bar, it’s faster, has better search functions, and is easier to navigate. Out now, it’s free. [BlackBerry via CNET]

BlackBerry PlayBook Has Facebook And Video Chat Apps, Too

You guyzzz, BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablet can also do video calls! It’s only over Wi-Fi, but considering that’s the only model that’s actually on sale now, I think we can live with that. From tomorrow, PlayBook owners can download it over-the-air through an update, or by checking into the BlackBerry App World.

BlackBerry App World Officially Gets Android Apps

If you’re planning to snatch up a new BlackBerry PlayBook or a QNX-based Blackberry smartphone soon, you’ll be interested to know that RIM has officially confirmed these will support both BlackBerry Java and Android apps.

BlackBerry Protect Will Find, Wipe, Backup Your BlackBerry For Free

It’s been in limited beta since July and hit the App World a few weeks ago, but if you didn’t grab it then go download BlackBerry Protect for your Blackberry now. You can locate your BB on a map, set a password, wipe it, make it ring loud or display a message and even wirelessly backup your phone’s contents. All for free! [BlackBerry App World]

Twitter For Blackberry Includes Features You've Been Missing

Blackberry owners will want to update to the new Twitter for Blackberry 1.1 beta to sate their 140-character addictions. The release brings features like geotagging and Push @mentions – late to the game – but also includes direct messages that thread like BBM chats, Social Feeds integration and additional languages. [via RIM]

Twidroyd And UberTwitter Apps Are Saved After UberSocial's Tiff With Twitter

You know there’s a problem with our elite world o’ nerds when even your non-nerdy pals start harassing you about why their favourite Twitter app has suddenly been blocked. Save their bacon by telling them Twidroyd and UberTwitter (now renamed UberSocial) are back in the Android and BlackBerry app stores, and working just fine. [TechCrunch]

Why Twitter Just Bodyblocked UberTwitter And Twidroyd

Twitter just suspended the crazy popular BlackBerry and Android Twitters apps UberTwitter and Twidroyd, respectively – among others – because they “violated Twitter policies and trademarks in a variety of ways”. Like “a privacy issue with private Direct Messages longer than 140 characters, trademark infringement, and changing the content of users’ tweets in order to make money,” says a Twitter spokespersona.

The Best Free Texting Apps On IPhone

With bloated fees for everything on your cell phone carrier, it’s easy to get frustrated when you or someone on your family plan goes over your text message limit. 

RIM's Vague Excuse For Removing The Kik Messenger App: Breach Of "Contractual Obligations"

BlackBerry users may have noticed that they can neither download the Kik Messenger app nor receive push notifications through it if they already have it on their devices. Here’s Research in Motion’s vague excuse and explanation for the whole mess:

Latest Facebook App Update For BlackBerry Brings Places And Maps

I had to uninstall the Facebook app on my BlackBerry Bold, such was my fury at how buggy it was. Let’s hope update 1.9 fixes some of the issues. Places is now supported (for “checking in” to locations), along with BlackBerry Maps integration for viewing maps of their location. [BlackBerry App World]

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