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BlackBerry 10: Which Apps Will (And Won't) Be There

Earlier this week it was reported that video streaming service Netflix has no plans to develop a BlackBerry 10 app. While that specific nugget of news wasn’t surprising, we began to wonder what other popular apps may or may not be coming to BB10.

40% Of BlackBerry 10's Apps Are Android Ports

Turns out BlackBerry’s proud claim that the new BB10 phones are launching with 70,000 bespoke apps was a bit of a lie — with one of the company’s own men admitting that up to 40 per cent of these are frantic Android port jobs.

RIM Is Making It Even Harder To Get Quality PlayBook Apps

RIM is killing the option to sideload apps in a future build of the PlayBook OS in an attempt to curb piracy. This means that they’ll have to be added directly through BlackBerry App World, similar to Apple’s modus operandi with the App Store.

Facebook Messaging Actually Useful Thanks To Messaging App

I get more Facebook messages than emails from my friends these days. But the Facebook app is horrible at notifying me when someone actually tries to get a hold of me. The new Facebook Messaging app, though, makes sure I know exactly when my friends want to ask me iPhone 4S questions.

RIM Offers Free Apps And Games To Appease Users Over Outage

BlackBerry maker RIM has announced it’s giving away a stack of apps and games to its users over the next few months, as a combined apology and peace offering to those who suffered during last week’s “BlackBerry Jam” network failures.

Optus Going Places With Restaurant App

Optus’ Go Places App will offer 20 per cent off at selected restaurants for Android, Blackberry and Symbian customers, although iPhone users will have to wait a little longer to get their tables.

Streamlined BlackBerry App World Hits 3.0 In Vacuum Of Care

Sort of like putting a fancy new hat on a terminally ill patient, RIM’s dropped details on the third version of their app store. It’ll now be much easier to browse their limited catalogue on your mediocre handset.

GroupMe, The BBM Usurper, Expands Internationally

GroupMe changed our lives in Vegas. Now it’s poised to change your lives around the globe — provided you have friends there. The newest version of the group chat giant adds cross-client support, a new UI, direct messaging and global reach.

BlackBerry's Facebook App Only Just Added Events And Places?

The Facebook app for BlackBerry’s PlayBook has been given a once over, bringing along Facebook Places for checking in and grabbing freebies, Events, plus the ability to change your privacy settings. Meanwhile, the BlackBerry phone app has been upgraded with Chat functionality. [BerryReporter via UberGizmo]

BlackBerry App Downloads Hit One Billion... But Wait

Yes, RIM has seen one billion apps downloaded from its App World store… but that figure includes updated app downloads too, according to the rep BGR spoke to. Oh dear. [BlackBerry via BGR]

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