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BlackBerry Just Killed The Greatest Thing It Ever Made

BlackBerry is trying to destroy the best thing it ever made. Not the line of hardware keyboard phones, or the less-relevant-than-ever BBM service. I’m talking about the music video. That mind-blowingly earnest and inexplicable REO Speedwagon cover about BlackBerry 10. It’s gone now. What the heck, BlackBerry?

BlackBerry Classic: Back To The Basics

Today, BlackBerry pulled the wrapper off the Classic, a smartphone that conjures up memories of the Canadian company’s Qwerty-powered past.

BlackBerry Q10 Review: The BlackBerry You Want, But Won't Buy

BlackBerry has returned to its knitting with the keyboard-equipped Q10, which is great on the surface but a dog’s breakfast underneath.

BlackBerry 10.1 OS Update Available Now In Australia

BlackBerry Z10 smartphone owners in Australia can now download the latest BlackBerry 10.1 operating system update. The revamped OS ushers in a raft of new features including improved cursor control, new Blackberry Hub tools and a high-dynamic-range camera mode.

BB10 Fails The UK Government's High Security Testing

The new BlackBerry ecosystem has failed the UK government’s high security testing. James Bond isn’t getting a Z10 anytime soon.

Watch BlackBerry Rock Out In Yet Another Staggeringly Awkward Music Video

BlackBerry 10 is here at last, so, of course, there’s another BlackBerry-tastic music video from VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders. Now that BlackBerry’s actually delivered on those promises from the first song, you can’t fault ’em for wanting to take a victory lap, even if it’s really hard to watch.

Blackberry's CEO Says The iPhone Is Outdated

With the launch of the last-chance Z10 around the corner, Blackberry is giving itself a pep talk to keep those hopes high. According to CEO Thorsten Heins, the iPhone is hardly in the race Blackberry’s fixin’ to win, because it’s old news.

Blackberry Sells One Million Handsets To Unnamed 'Partner'

Blackberry’s demise, much talked about and somewhat goaded, is on hold while the world reacts to the Blackberry 10 OS and two handsets launching on March 22. And already someone has come forward to buy a million units. So that’s… unexpected.

BlackBerry 10: Which Apps Will (And Won't) Be There

Earlier this week it was reported that video streaming service Netflix has no plans to develop a BlackBerry 10 app. While that specific nugget of news wasn’t surprising, we began to wonder what other popular apps may or may not be coming to BB10.

Thorsten Heins Is Coming To Australia To Launch BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry CEO and owner of the world’s best Bond villain name, Thorsten Heins, is coming Down Under next month for the local launch of BlackBerry 10 and the new Z10 smartphone.

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