Get More Birthdays By Celebrating Mathematically Significant Dates

Birthdays are great, aren’t they? Really, we should have more of them — so why not try to do that by opting to celebrate mathematically significant dates rather than being a slave to the annual event?

Fordlandia: Inside Henry Ford's Unrealised Dream

The murky legacy of Henry Ford — who would’ve been 150 today — centres around a few familiar ideas like the assembly line and the $US5 workday. Less familiar is Ford’s biggest failure: Fordlandia, a city in the rainforest that was abandoned as quickly as it was built.

Hologram-Projecting R2-D2 Birthday Cake Makes Us Insanely Jealous

We’ve seen a lot of awesome cake designs over the years, but this is the first time we’ve been genuinely envious over what a six-year-old was served at his birthday party. After all, who wouldn’t want an R2-D2 birthday cake that actually projects holograms like the one Marc Freilich made for his son Alexander?

LED Imperial Star Destroyer Is The Best Birthday Cake In History

The Death Star wedding cake was great. So was the R2-D2. And the Luke inside the dead Tauntaun cake was absolutely amazing. But LED-illuminated Imperial Star Destroyer Cake is, so far, the best Star Wars cake I’ve ever you seen. Or at least, the best birthday cake I can possibly imagine.

Transforming Candle On Your Birthday Cake Proves Your Family Loves You

Presumably developed at some top-secret DARPA-funded research lab, what you’re looking at here is the future of birthday-cake candle technology, available today. Believe it or not, for just $US20, you can order a three-pack of these spinning candles that shoot flames before opening like a flower, all the while playing Happy Birthday.

You Can Now Use Facebook To Buy Real Birthday Gifts For Your Friends

If it wasn’t for Facebook, you’d probably forget all of your friend’s birthdays. Now, instead of just leaving them a nice salutation on their walls, you’ll be able to send them a real-life gift to their front door.

Google+ Birthday Reminders Comes To Search

Yesterday, Google put up an ad for its Nexus 7 tablets on the US Google home page. Today, the search giant will also start rolling out birthday reminders for people in your Google+ circles.

Saying Happy Birthday To Your Friend On Facebook Is Meaningless

We’ve already told you that Facebook ruined your birthday. And it’s so completely true! It’s completely meaningless now, hordes of semi-friends and quasi-acquaintances fake like they care about you. Ugh. And maybe when the wall posts first start trickling in you’re a little happy but as more and more keyboard vomit starts popping up, you tune ‘em out.

Facebook Thinks That All Months Have Only 30 Days

This may be a temporary problem, but it has been confirmed by several people including ourselves: as of this moment, you can’t set your day of birth to the 31st of any month in Facebook.

Facebook Ruined Your Birthday

Facebook both perfected and ruined the birthday. At first, it was the greatest convenience — never forget a special day ever again! And then it stopped having any meaning. On Facebook, your birthday is automated and empty because nobody has to devote a single shred of mental energy to remembering or celebrating it.

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