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The Most Beautiful Landscapes From 10 Years Of Google Earth

Exactly 10 years ago, Google uploaded an announcement to its press page: Google Launches Free 3D Mapping and Search Product!

Google Earth turns 10 today, and to celebrate, the engineering team added 1500 new images to its great Earth View project, where it collects the most compelling images recorded by its source satellites.

11 Bird's-Eye Views That Show How New York City Has Grown Over 350 Years

Exactly 350 years ago today, New York City became New York City. The city itself already existed, of course: As the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam. But on September 8, 1664, the British gave it its permanent moniker, which makes today its name-day.

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a legendary futurist before the term futurist even existed. He made all kinds of predictions about the way that world would and should operate — some of them accurate, and some of them controversial. And guess what? It’s his birthday!

The ISS, Earth's Ultimate Outpost, Turns 15

Where were you when the ISS launched its first module in November of 1998? Some of us watched, others were in school, still other weren’t even alive yet. Either way, it’s hard to believe that today is the International Space Station — the largest cooperative science project ever — is celebrating its 15h birthday today.

This Was The First Video Uploaded To YouTube, Eight Years Ago Today

It’s YouTube’s eighth birthday! Since then it has given us viral smash after viral smash, but what was the first video uploaded onto the video site way back in April 2005? Interestingly, a trip to the zoo.

Happy 20th Birthday, SMS!

Try and tally up all the text messages you have ever sent in your life. Every single one. From the very first time you recharged your Nokia 3315 with credit, to the terrible way you broke up with your high-school sweetheart, right through to the one you sent this afternoon telling that gambling site to stop spamming you. Those three messages count towards the total of eight trillion text messages sent every year, and today is the anniversary of the very first. So what did it say?

How Many Of Your Facebook Friends Know Your Actual Birthday?

Outside of my immediate family, I have no idea when anyone’s birthday is without the aid of Facebook. And you probably don’t either. David Plotz at Slate wanted to see what would happen if he celebrated three birthdays in July.

Happy Birthday, Internode!

While many good sons and daughters spent yesterday honouring the women who gave them life, there was another, slightly geekier celebration happening as well, as Internode celebrated its 20th birthday. Happy Birthday, Internode!

Combo Gifts For People With Birthdays Near The Holidays

If only their parents had waited until summer to conceive! Still, they can’t change their birth date, but you can most definitely ensure they get the best two presents for their bi-celebration this December.

PlayStation Now Extra Spotty And Interested In Girls, As It Turns 15

15 years ago today in Japan, the original PlayStation went on sale. It wasn’t until a year later that it hit US and European shelves, with Ridge Racer satisfying gamers years before GTA was ever a twinkle in Rockstar’s eye.

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