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Nikola Tesla was a legendary futurist before the term futurist even existed. He made all kinds of predictions about the way that world would and should operate — some of them accurate, and some of them controversial. And guess what? It's his birthday!


Where were you when the ISS launched its first module in November of 1998? Some of us watched, others were in school, still other weren't even alive yet. Either way, it's hard to believe that today is the International Space Station — the largest cooperative science project ever — is celebrating its 15h birthday today.


Try and tally up all the text messages you have ever sent in your life. Every single one. From the very first time you recharged your Nokia 3315 with credit, to the terrible way you broke up with your high-school sweetheart, right through to the one you sent this afternoon telling that gambling site to stop spamming you. Those three messages count towards the total of eight trillion text messages sent every year, and today is the anniversary of the very first. So what did it say?


While many good sons and daughters spent yesterday honouring the women who gave them life, there was another, slightly geekier celebration happening as well, as Internode celebrated its 20th birthday. Happy Birthday, Internode!


What are you doing at midday today? I'll tell you what you're doing! You're sitting by your computer, browser open with one tab set to Giz AU (like it always should be) and another browser pointed at Catch Of The Day. Because tomorrow is their birthday, and they're going special crazy. $200 for a Wii (half price), $99 for a PS2, $99 for a TomTom Satnav, $99 for a 4GB iPod Nano... that's your Christmas shopping done right there. And that's just shopping for yourself. What you get your friends and relatives won't matter after the bargains you score here today.


Congratulations iPod on turning 7 today! Starting to feel kind of old aren't you? Ahh, you have had a good life so far. Lots of friends and TONS of kids. Seriously, keep it in your pants you dirty old bastard. I don't know how you do it at your age.


This Millennium Falcon was never going to do the Kessel Run... but it might just qualify as the most awesome birthday cake ever made. I mean, look at the detail! Made by Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, one lucky guy received it this weekend... and can you guess his generous brother's profession? Yup, you were close: it's as a sysadmin. I just hope he appreciated it, since I know an armload of people who'd weep with joy if this arrived on their birthday. Particularly if it were cunningly combined with LED birthday candles for special lighting effects. There's another pic below, if you haven't seen enough.


Hey, it's your birthday! To celebrate this momentous occasion I got the pocket birthday kit complete with four candles, matches and a base. Why are you crying? What do you mean you don't have any friends? I'm here with the pocket birthday dude! This is supposed to be a happy time. Available for about US$6 (which is ridiculous).


I'm still travelling, and today on the beach in Ipanema, I got into a bit of an argument with the tide, which swept me out a bit. I waved to friends for a bit of help and they just waved back, I think. (Had already lost both contacts at this point, so couldn't see.) I made it back to shore by swimming parallel to the beach to weaker currents and planting my tippy toes in the sand when the tide pulled back out, and making it back in slowly. The Sea is mighty, even on a leisurely beach day! I'm not supposed to be posting, but I figured I'd pop in to do my usual birthday wishes.


Oh LAN, it seems like it was only yesterday that your first commercial installation (ARCnet) was born at Chase Manhattan Bank in New York. We must give thanks to Harry Pyle and that meatball sandwich he was eating for providing the inspiration behind ARCnet all those years ago. Enjoy it while you can old friend, because the times are changing, and you may not live to see your 40th.


I'm 30 today. I woke up this morning and went for a jog up to Twin Peaks. I noticed how much harder it is to run with an extra couple of inches on my waist. Then I looked down and realized it could be the gigantic Halo 3 Zune in my hand. I got back to the apartment, thankful for the kind weather and the rare chance to exercise, and made myself a lumberjack platter of pancakes, 3 eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes and a cup of ketchup and maple syrup. Damn Zune, slowing me down.

So what do I want for a present? Oh, so nice of you to ask! You don't have to get me anything. I have what I need. Buuuut....since you asked, there are some things I'd really, really like:

I'd like an interview with Steve Jobs, where...