A Hawk Attacking A Balloon In Slo-Mo Is A Graceful Murderous Ballet

There’s no denying that everything looks cooler in slow motion, but birds of prey on the hunt are particularly mesmerising through the lens of a high-speed camera. This Goshawk is being lured into attacking a water balloon baited with a piece of meat, and its mid-air manoeuvres make even our most advanced fighter planes look primitive.

The Perfect Use For All Your Old Tiny Tyres

Remember the lazy summer days of your youth spent whiling away the hours on your backyard tyre swing? It only stands to reason that your local bird population — who are all clearly unemployed — are looking for a lazy spot to hang out too. So this 5.5-inch ceramic tire swing bird feeder is the perfect way to lure them to your yard.

These Autonomous Drones That Flock Like Birds Sound Horrifying

The thing about mad scientists is that they’re both mad and good at science. It seems obvious, but the outcomes are always unexpected. Case and point: this team of Hungarian physicists who created a bunch of autonomous drones that flock like birds. The invasion begins now.

Watch A Genius Crow Solve 8 Complex Puzzles In Perfect Order

Meet 007. Not Bond but the bird. But they might just be as smart as one another because the crow can use tools to figure out complex puzzles just as well as a spy. Here’s a crow taking one of the most complex tests for the animal mind ever created. If he succeeds, the BBC says it will be a world first. Spoiler: he figures it out.

New York Wants To Kill All Of Its Invasive Swans

Swans: elegant symbols of romantic love or terrorisers of plants, small children, and aeroplanes? The non-native mute swan has been wreaking enough havoc in New York City that the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation wants to declare it a “prohibited invasive species.” By 2025, under the proposed plan, there will be virtually no more wild mute swans in all of New York.

This Tree Branch Is Actually A Camouflaged Bird Standing Really Still

What are you looking at? Some trees, some leaves, a few branches and… a bird. You see, on top of that broken tree branch actually stands a completely still bird, the common potoo. It’s hiding in plain sight and will stay that way even if predators are deathly close to them.

The Flight Paths Of Birds Create Elegant Drawings In The Sky

Wouldn’t it be cool if birds left visible trails behind them, like jets tracing the sky with smoke? That’s exactly the effect of Rhode Island School of Design professor Dennis Hlynsky achieves in his mesmerizing videos posted today at This Is Colossal.

Bird Steals Camera Hidden In An Egg And Films Entire Penguin Colony

From BBC’s Penguin — Sky in the Huddle, comes this adorable footage taken by John Dowder of a bird of prey, the striated caracara, stealing a hidden camera inside a penguin egg and taking it for a fly to film an entire penguin colony. The bird made sure to get the camera angle just right to capture the massive amounts of happy feet dancers.

Robins Can Actually See Magnetic Fields (But Only In One Eye)

Despite its unassuming looks and gentle temperament, the humble red breasted robin (Erithacus rubecula) boasts a superhero-like ability. They can see magnetic fields, giving them an almost perfect sense of direction.

An Ultra-Modern Feeder For Birds With Discerning Tastes

If you’ve found that the local bird population has been completely ignoring the feeder you hung for them to feast at, maybe the problem doesn’t lie with the nuts and seeds you’re offering. Maybe it’s the feeder itself. After all if you were a bird, would you rather eat from a hollowed out gourd, or this gorgeous ultra-modern crystal clear feeder?