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Stressful City Life Causes Some Birds To Age Faster

Hard to believe, but these two birds pictured above are the same age. The only difference is that the one on the right grew up in an urban environment. It’s an observation that’s raising questions about the health of birds and other urban animals — including humans.

We Finally Know Why Birds Are So Freakishly Smart

Birds are capable of extraordinary behavioural feats, from solving complex puzzles to tool making. There may be good reason for that. A new study shows that, pound for pound, birds pack more neurons into their small brains than mammals, including primates.

Here Are The Latest Very Bad Things To Happen To Twitter

The Death of Twitter has be proclaimed over and over in some form since 2009. Eulogies ramped up over the last year, when its monthly active user count stalled, its executives left en masse and the prospect of changes led users to revolt with the hashtag #RIPTwitter.

Notorious Bird Criminal Stole Knife From Crime Scene

Vancouver is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada, filled with tourist-friendly parks and beaches. It’s also home to Canuck, who the CBC describes as “Vancouver’s most notorious crow”, suggesting some sort of city-wide crow notoriety ranking. Why so notorious? Well, Canuck stole a knife from an active crime scene among other things.

Watch How Dead Silently An Owl Flies Compared To Other Birds

Video: When a pigeon flies, you can hear it sloppily slap its wings as it makes its way through the air. When a peregrine falcon flies, the flight is powerful and beautiful but you can still hear the movement. When a barn owl flies? Complete silence. It’s amazing to see. BBC Earth set up microphones along the flight path of the birds to let us hear the difference.

Stanford Built A Turbulent Wind Tunnel For Birds To Help Drones Fly Better

In terms of airborne manoeuvrability, Mother Nature’s flying creations still put our aircraft to shame. So when it comes to teaching drones and other autonomous aircraft how to stay aloft in the worst of conditions, it only makes sense to copy how birds do it.

Our Cities May Be Making Birds Smarter

The term “bird brain” is going out of fashion as biologists come to understand that birds are actually quite smart and competent. Now scientists in Barbados say that, in many respects, urban birds are smarter than rural birds.

Birds Nest Near Alligators To Scare Off Predators And 'Pay' Them In Rejected Chicks

A lot of things eat baby birds, and alligators eat most of those things. Birds in the Everglades seem to have noticed this, and nest in trees near alligators. The alligators provide a benefit to the birds, keeping away the opossums and raccoons that would eat their eggs. But what might the alligators get out of it?

Lazy Storks Just Sit Around And Eat Trash Now

Storks used to be majestic creatures, but now, they are trash birds. That is the conclusion of ornithologists at the University of East Anglia, who have confirmed that white storks are abandoning their normal migratory pattern in droves, instead choosing to nest at landfills and eat our garbage year round.

Male-On-Male Necrophilia Among Birds May Be A Case Of Mistaken Identity

A couple of years ago, scientists in Japan watched in amazement as three male sand martins tried to have sex with a dead bird lying face down on the ground, which they later learned was also male. Surprisingly, “homosexual necrophilia” is actually a thing among birds, but for sand martins, there’s a very reasonable explanation for this odd behaviour.

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