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This Amazing Little Bird Can Fly For Nearly A Year Straight

Bird lovers, let’s hear it for the little guy. Researchers have just discovered evidence that common swifts (a small type of bird) can spend 10 continuous months per year in the air without landing — a world record for sustained flight in nature.

Why The Heck Does This Hummingbird's Face Look Like A Shiny Purple Octopus?

Man, this Costa’s hummingbird legitimately looks like it has a shiny purple baby octopus attached to its face like the facehugger in Alien. I mean, look at how wacky it looks, it almost seems as if the octopus was digitally slapped onto the face. But it’s not. It looks that way because male Costa’s hummingbirds have a beautiful purple cap of feathers that stretch over their head and onto their throat that flares out when they try to court females.

Can You Find The Australian Bird(s) In This Branch?

Image Cache: Australia is best known for animals that are needlessly good at murdering things. The country is also home to the tawny frogmouth, an incredibly stupid looking bird.

John Oliver Agrees That Birds Are Dicks

Video: HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” is currently on hiatus, but that hasn’t stopped Oliver from ranting about how birds are awful. We completey agree. Birds are the worst. Birds are total dicks.

Solar Power Plant Can't Figure Out How To Stop Frying Birds

Each year, around 6,000 birds are incinerated after chasing bugs within the Ivanpah concentrated solar thermal plant in the California Mojave Desert. Officials at the facility are enacting all sorts of measures to prevent this ongoing avian massacre — but it’s not clear if anything’s working.

Smart Seagull Tricks Dumb Man Into Giving It Free Food By Beating The Shell Game

Video: Sure, it may look like the seagull is playing along with the man hiding the food under three cups in an attempt to trick the bird, but know this: Seagulls are jerks who don’t care about you or silly games. It is not playing along. It is in complete control. The bird is only pretending because it knows that it’s the only way it will get food from this guy (for now). Once the guy exposes his food stash, the seagull is going to attack it and then poop all over the dude who thought it was cute to play games with seagulls.

Watch This Crazy Bird Race Cars At Ludicrous Speeds

Video: A motorist in the Netherlands captured remarkable footage of a dove as it flies alongside vehicles at speeds reaching 100km/hour. Incredibly, this daredevil of a bird was able to fly with highway traffic for over 20km.

We Finally Know How Birds Sleep During Flight Without Dying

Owing to some horrendously long flight times, scientists have speculated that certain birds are capable of sleep during flight. A remarkable new experiment by an international team of researchers has now proven this to be true, showing that birds can catch a snooze while hitching a ride on rising air currents.

Baby Flamingos Are Even Dopier Than Their Parents

Flamingos are regal, but kind of dopey creatures that are known for standing on one leg for reasons that not even scientists can fully explain. If you’ve ever wanted to see them look sillier, check out these chicks, which hatched at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio recently.

Dinosaurs More Likely Cooed Than Roared

Do you hear that sound? It’s 65 million years ago and there’s a dinosaur calling out through the wilds. But it’s not a roar. Instead new research says that sound would probably be better described as a “coo” or a “mumble”.

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