World's Largest Flying Bird Was As Big As Some Aircraft

Wow. A newly discovered flying bird species had a wingspan that stretched 24 feet long — as big as some aircraft. That’s pretty much a flying giant in the sky that’s twice as big as anything that can fly today. In fact, the bird, Pelagornis sandersi, is so ginormous that it exceeds our estimates “for the limits of powered flight”.

Hawaii Uses Lasers To Scare Endangered Birds Away From Power Lines

Hawaii has a bird problem. They keep crashing into power lines and dying. While that’s not so grim when pigeons are involved, the situation gets more serious when the birds are endangered. And many of the species in Hawaii are. That’s why they’re busting out the lasers.

United Is Using Its Planes To Track Butterflies And Birds From Above

United Airlines is working with the Smithsonian on a conservation project that will tag and track the smaller members of the animal kingdom. More specifically, the project will use radio receivers mounted on planes to create a low-altitude network of vanishing species like the monarch butterfly. All while you enjoy your complimentary beverage.

Feral Parrots Of Tokyo Are A Spooky Presence Flocking Above

Birds are a traditional subject of nature photography, and usually are seen as specimens of beauty. But the parrots that soar and roost around Tokyo are portrayed in the work of Yoshinori Mizutani quite differently.

An Hour Of Birds Condensed In One Minute Is Hitchcock's Worst Nightmare

Parker Paul recently filmed the birds flying around outside his window for an hour and, in his own words, “used the sky as a blue screen” to create a one-minute-long composite video. It’s hard to decide if it’s hauntingly beautiful or just plain haunting. The dark Italo disco soundtrack suggests the latter.

Watch How These Intelligent Birds Open Automatic Doors

Video: By learning to open the automatic doors enclosing their home, the behaviour of these intelligent swallows proves yet again how smart and adaptable nature can be. The nesting birds found out how to fly up close to trigger motion detectors on doors, allowing them to go in and out of this building as if it was their own.

Science Is Finally Making Glass That Birds Won't Fly Into

Birds flying into window panes might be the stuff of cartoon comic fodder, but the reality is bleak: Hundreds of millions of birds die from flying into transparent glass every year. Thankfully, science is finally putting a stop to it.

Our Electronics Are Messing Up How Birds Navigate

The air is thick with electromagnetic noise these days. AM radio waves, the electromagnetic hum of computers — it’s invisible to us, but birds seem to detect them with their internal magnetic compass. A new study finds that electromagnetic noise disorients European robins, raising the intriguing and frightening possibility that our cities and their signals could be disrupting the annual bird migration.

Soar Like A Bird With The Oculus Rift, And This Crazy Flapping Machine

Oculus Rift can transport you to another reality and make your feel odd new sensations, but nothing we’ve seen quite tops this bizarre Oculus-enhanced machine that’s supposed to make you feel like you’re flying in the sky.

Resilient Birds In Chernobyl Are Actually Adapting To Radiation

Chernobyl is a scary, seemingly sinister place, where trees don’t decay and plants glow. A newly published study, however, shows that not all living things are necessarily doomed in this radioactive wasteland. Some birds in the exclusion zone are actually adapting to the harsh environment.