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Dutch Police Are Training Eagles To Capture Drones

Is it a drone? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s a trained eagle hunting down an unmanned aerial vehicle like it’s a slow and useless animal that the eagle wants to eat for dinner.

A Scarecrow Is No Match For This Bird-Stalking Drone

It’s annoying when a bird poops on your car, but large flocks of them can be a genuine problem in some areas. When a straw-stuffed scarecrow just isn’t keeping them at bay, a company called Bird-X wants you to consider upgrading to a scarecrow in the sky.

A Traffic Camera Captured This Gorgeous Shot Of A Snowy Owl In Flight

Traffic cameras aren’t really known for taking particularly interesting images of the local wildlife (or anything interesting for that matter), but as this jaw-dropping photo attests, sometimes the nature comes to you.

Diabolical Falcons Trap Living Birds In Rocks For Future Meals

A team of ornithologists were working on a small Moroccan island when they observed some rather bizarre behaviour in adult falcons. The raptors appeared to be imprisoning tiny birds in the crevasses of rocks in an effort to keep them fresh for a later meal.

Scientists Think Dinosaurs Danced To Impress Lovers, Terrorise Foes

If you thought Jurassic World had the craziest picture of dinosaur behaviour, get ready to be reminded that reality can always get weirder. Researchers have found evidence that dinosaurs danced, both to terrify their enemies and impress their would-be lovers.

Rising Temperatures Are Driving Hundreds Of Species To The North And South Poles

As global temperatures rise, many animal species are edging toward the poles and even climbing mountains to stay within their preferred temperature ranges. The result is a slow but noticeable shift in the world’s ecosystems, both on land and at sea.

The US FDA Just Approved Transgenic Chickens That Make Medicine

The US Food and Drug Administration has given the thumbs up to a genetically modified chicken that produces a drug in its eggs. It’s the latest addition to a growing area in medicine known as “farmaceuticals.”

The Stinkbird's Diet Is Surprisingly Close To Our Own

Stinkbirds, otherwise known as hoatzins, have spread out across South America in part because they have something in common with humans and other mammals. The clue is in the name “stinkbird”.

Why Did The Turkey Stop Being Sacred?

Centuries ago, Americans didn’t eat turkeys — they revered them. But around the mid-1000s, Puebloan peoples of the American Southwest started roasting the sacred bird. What happened?

Shrikes Are Even Meaner Than We Suspected

Shrikes are nondescript and ubiquitous birds that have made a name for themselves as the leatherfaces of the animal kingdom. They don’t just eat their prey, they impale it on spikes and display is as part of their courtship ritual. That’s nasty enough, but they have one other trick up their sleeves.

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