Why We Remember Learning About Dramatic Events So Vividly

It isn’t surprising that many Bostonians have vivid memories of the 2013 Marathon bombing, or that many New Yorkers have very clear memories about where they were and what they were doing on 9/11.

Peer Inside The X-Ray Scan Of A Creature Millions Of Years Old

How do you work out if a creature that’s only preserved as rock sank or swam? You create a complex 3D model of its stricture using X-rays is how.

Dispersant Used To Fight Deepwater Horizon More Toxic To Coral Than Oil

It’s almost five years since Deepwater Horizon went belly up — and now research suggests that a dispersant used to clear up the site of the spill is more toxic to cold water corals than the oil itself.

Not All GMO Plants Are Created Equal

Many people have strong opinions about genetically modified plants, also known as genetically modified organisms or GMOs. But sometimes there’s confusion around what it means to be a GMO. It also may be much more sensible to judge a plant by its specific traits rather than the way it was produced — GMO or not.

Scientists Can Quickly Blast Large Cargoes Into Living Cells With Light

It’s incredibly time consuming to inject large cargoes into cells through their membranes without damaging them. Now, a team of researchers has developed a new technique which uses laser light to blast substances into them — quickly, and without damage.

Does Dark Matter Cause Chaos On Earth Every 30 Million Years?

In 1980, Walter Alvarez and his group at the University of California, Berkeley, discovered a thin layer of clay in the geologic record, which contained an unexpected amount of the rare element iridium.

You Need To Spend More Time In The Dark To Sleep Better

Today most people do not get enough sleep. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has called insufficient sleep an epidemic. While we are finally paying attention to the importance of sleep, the need for dark is still mostly ignored.

Why Do We Have Allergies?

Allergies such as peanut allergy and hay fever make millions of us miserable, but scientists aren’t even sure why they exist. Carl Zimmer talks to a master immunologist with a controversial answer.

Australian Researchers Using Google Maps To Explore Depths Of Human Body

Google Maps makes it easy to pan, zoom and search the world — and now it can do the same for the deep recesses of the human body too.

To Feed The World, We May Need To Hack Photosynthesis

One of the biggest challenges of the 21st century will be figuring out how to feed our rising global population. Now, some scientists are making the radical claim that growing more food won’t be enough — we literally need to hack photosynthesis.

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