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We Still Don't Know Why The Heck There Are So Many Blue Tarantulas

A very particular shade of blue hair has evolved independently on eight separate occasions and in at least three different ways in tarantulas, a new study finds. And scientists are having a hell of a time figuring out why.

Sugar-Producing Bacteria To Be Tested In Space As Food Source For Astronauts

Right now, astronauts have to subsist on supplies they take with them to space. But a new project is set to test whether sugar-growing bacteria could create sustenance for space travellers in low-gravity situations.

Your Doctor Does Not Give A Crap About Your Fitness Tracker Data

Patients are increasingly bringing their fitness-tracker data to their checkups. Not only are doctors ill-equipped to deal with this information — they’re sceptical that it’s even useful.

Scientists Unveil The World's First Cyborg Plant

The concept of “green energy” got a whole lot more literal last week, when scientists announced they’d successfully turned living roses into electronic circuits. That’s right — cyborg flowers are now a thing.

Why You Should Resist The Urge To Torment Your Cat With A Cucumber

So you’ve probably seen that viral video showing cats having the bejeezus scared out of them by a particularly snake-like vegetable: the lowly cucumber. Hilarious, right? Sure — if you’re a human. As a veterinary technician points out, this trending activity could cause lasting psychological problems for your feline companion.

US FDA Approves Salmon The First GM Animal Safe To Eat, Doesn't Require Labels

After decades of indecision, the US Food and Drug Administration has finally approved its first genetically modified animal as safe to eat. Welcome a fast-growing GM Atlantic Salmon to your plate.

Slow Motion Video Reveals The Rapid-Fire Dance Of Courting Songbirds

For the first time ever, scientists have documented the elaborate tap dancing courtship displays of cordon-bleu songbirds. Invisible to the naked eye, these birds execute their rapid-fire steps in as little as 20 milliseconds.

Bacteria Resistant To 'Last Resort' Antibiotics Discovered

Don’t panic (you should probably panic), but a team of researchers has discovered the first known example of a resistance gene, present in animals and some human infections, for a type of antibiotic known as colistin — the so-called ‘last resort’ antibiotic.

Princesses, Slaves, And Explosives: The Scandalous Origins Of Inoculation

The history of inoculation may sound a little dry, but it’s really an epic tale of human trafficking, semi-illicit experimentation, and high explosives. It’s a globe-hopping story that stars harem girls, noblewomen, prisoners, princesses, slaves, and even a witch hunter.

These Are The Most Spectacular Nature Photos Of The Year

The winners of Royal Society Publishing’s inaugural photography competition have been announced, and they’re extraordinary.

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