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Why Storing Tomatoes In The Fridge Is A Bad Idea

Most foodies warn against storing tomatoes in the fridge, saying it saps them of their flavour. New research confirms this culinary opinion, revealing the way cold temperatures prevent critical flavour-enhancing genes from doing their job.

The Placebo Effect Works Even When People Know The Pills Are Fake

Deception is necessary for placebo pills to work, or at least that’s the conventional wisdom. A surprising new study on patients with chronic back pain shows that we still experience the placebo effect, even when we know we’re being tricked.

Scientists Create Fully Functional Eggs From Skin Cells

Using skin cells extracted from mice, researchers in Japan have produced fully functional egg cells that were used to produce healthy mouse pups. Should the method work in humans, it could introduce powerful new ways of treating infertility — and even allow same-sex couples to produce biological offspring.

Tasmanian Devil Milk Could Be A Magic Bullet Against Superbugs

Researchers from Australia have discovered that chemical compounds found in the milk of Tasmanian devils are capable of killing some of the most deadly bacterial infections — a surprising finding that could introduce a new class of weapons in the war against superbugs.

Desperate Whale Calf Tries To Free Its Mother From A Sandbank In Queensland

Unbelievable footage from Queensland shows a whale calf as it desperately tries to free its mother from a sandbank.

This Freaky Plant Has An Incredible Trick For Luring In Flies

Plants employ a wide variety of tactics to lure pollinators, but an ornamental plant popularly known as Giant Ceropegia takes it to another level. Its flower smells like a honeybee under attack — an odour that freeloading, meal-seeking flies find absolutely irresistible.

Males Born Through Popular Reproductive Technique Have Low Sperm Counts

A popular fertility treatment introduced in the early 1990s has been linked to low sperm counts in men born from the procedure. Scientists aren’t entirely sure why this is happening, but it’s entirely possible that fathers are passing their fertility issues down to the next generation.

Why The Human Lifespan Ends At 122

The oldest human to have ever lived died at the age of 122 — and that was nearly 20 years ago. A recent analysis of global demographic data suggests that this may very well be the maximum age attainable by humans, and that it’s extremely unlikely anyone will ever live much beyond this advanced age. That is, unless we science the crap out of this problem.

Nobel Prize Awarded For Work On Cellular 'Self-Cannibalism'

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to Japan’s Yoshinori Ohsumi for furthering our understanding of autophagy, the biological process wherein the body eats some of itself in order to survive.

Chicago Doctor Busted For Making His Own Vaccines From Cat Saliva And Vodka

Regulators in the state of Illinois have suspended a Chicago doctor who allegedly gave patients vaccinations containing cat saliva and vodka.

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