City-Dwelling Coyotes Live In Urban Spaces Like Their Human Neighbours

Whether they’re howling at fire engines or hanging out in bars, coyotes are a part of urban life. A new study of LA coyotes by the National Park System has confirmed something that Angelenos have suspected for years: Coyotes aren’t just sauntering down our streets on their way to the local park. They actually live right here in our urban neighbourhoods.

The Science Of The Dad Bod

Does a woman’s pregnancy affect the weight of her partner? And is weight gain sustained while the kids grow up?

Scientists Can Turn Human Cells Into Working Lasers

How about this for a bright idea: A team of researchers from Harvard Medical School has developed three different ways to turn individual cells into functioning lasers that emit light when they’re excited.

Sea Otters Use Tools, And Archaeologists Are On The Case

For a long time, we thought of tool use as the thing that made us human, but we actually share the ability with many other primates, as well as surprising animals like crows and sea otters. Some archaeologists are interested in studying sea otters’ tools.

This Sea Sapphire Can Become Transparent In The Blink Of An Eye

Now you see it, now you don’t. But the disappearing act performed by this small sea sapphire isn’t magic: it manage to flex its body to reflect frequencies of light that the human eye simply can’t see.

The Controversial, Mad Science Strategy To Save Earth's RhinosĀ 

Rhino horn is more precious than gold on the black market, and people’s insatiable demand for the stuff has driven rhinos to the brink of extinction. Now a Seattle-based startup has a radical plan to save these incredible animals: Using synthetic biology to manufacture rhino horns in the lab.

Australian Research Reveals This Fanged Fish Can Live Inside A Volcano

The more we learn about undersea volcanoes, the more we realise that life can thrive almost anywhere. Now, an Australian research vessel has discovered a new kind of fish living in volcanoes off the coast of the continent. It’s called a scaleless blackfish, and it’s adorably ugly.

Musician Collapses Wearing All His Clothes To Beat Budget Airline Fees

Musician James McElvar used a sitcom-style idea to beat easyJet’s baggage restrictions, taking all of his clothes out of his bag and wearing them to avoid a fee to check his case — only to collapse on the flight from heat exhaustion.

The Map Of Tastes On Your Tongue You Learned At School Is All Wrong

Everybody has seen the tongue map — that little diagram of the tongue with different sections neatly cordoned off for different taste receptors. Sweet in the front, salty and sour on the sides and bitter at the back.

This Seaweed Is Blue And Red At The Same Time

Do not adjust your monitor. This seaweed is deep red — but happens to appear a bright shimmering blue on a sunny day because of a quirk in its surface properties.