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7 Famous Quotes About The Future That Are Actually Fake

We love failed predictions. It’s kind of our bread and butter. But shockingly, some of the failed predictions being passed around on the internet are often misleading, frequently taken out of context, or sometimes completely fabricated.

Behold The All Time Best/Worst Movie About The Internet

There are many movies about the internet. Some are good. Some are bad. And now comedian Nathan Fielder has made a movie about the internet so bad that it is the best. Unfortunately, it’s not quite real. But the part of it that exists is great.

Bill Gates Gave An Australian University $100,000 To Make A Condom That Feels Nicer On Men

Researchers at the University of Wollongong have been given $100,000 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to build a better condom.

Bill Gates Explains How Foreign Aid Has Made The World A Lot Better

Watch Bill Gates giving a simple explanation on how foreign aid has made the world a much better place for everyone. And yes, apparently Bill Gates hates PowerPoint just like the rest of humanity.

Watch An Embarrased Jimmy Fallon Hide His MacBook From Bill Gates

Bill Gates’s Microsoft-running days are behind him. He’s moved on to toilets and condoms and general philanthropy. Still, Windows is his baby, so no wonder Jimmy Fallon felt the need to hide his MacBook during an interview on Late Night. Awkwardly.

Virtual Reality Was In, Sony Was Out: Trends From USA Today In 1995

Remember 1995? Yeah, me neither. But to refresh our memories, we’ve got an "In and Out" list from the December 20, 1995 edition of USA Today. This strange artifact (found in the University of California-San Francisco tobacco document archives) gives a peek at how mainstream America was thinking about shifting trends in media, technology and, I guess, Mexican food in the mid-1990s.

Bill Gates Unveiled Windows 30 Years Ago Today

No matter what you think of Windows 8, it’s certain that Windows is both iconic and significant in the evolution of personal computing. It’s a series of operating systems, of course, but it’s also been a concept, a way of thinking, an influencer, and a touchstone for 30 years since Bill Gates introduced it on November 10, 1983.

Bill Gates: Ctrl-Alt-Delete 'Was A Mistake'

The keyboard combo that is Control-Alt-Delete may have become iconic — but it was all just a big mistake, according to Bill Gates.

Forget Jobs, Here's The Movie Trailer For The Epic Gates Biopic

Unless you’ve been locked in a garage rooting your Android device for the past three months, you’re probably aware that Ashton Kutcher’s big, blockbuster debut as Steve Jobs is, for better or worse, just around the corner. But Steve isn’t the only great media mogul of yore — Bill Gates played just as big of a role in bringing quality computing to the world.

Watch Bill Gates Address The National Press Club Live Right Now

Isn’t it nice that we live in a world where the richest man on the planet is also probably the most philanthropic? Co-founder of Microsoft and all-time good guy Bill Gates is addressing the National Press Club right now. Here’s how you can watch it live.

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