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This Ridiculous Ramp Is SF's Best Idea For A Bike Path Across The Entire Bay Bridge

After the Super Bowl leaves town, San Francisco can stop vandalising corporate statues and go back to focusing on more important projects, like imagining the day the Bay Bridge bike path might finally cross the entire San Francisco Bay.

Cycling Has Moved From Actual Doping To 'Mechanical Doping'

After a century of pumping themselves full of all sorts of performance-enhancing (and other!) drugs, it appears that at least one pro cyclist has found an easier way to cheat: hiding a motor inside the bicycle frame.

Portland Teams Up With Nike For Bike Share Bicycles That Can Be Locked Up Anywhere

They help boost tourism and take some of the load off of a city’s public transit system, but keeping a bike sharing program financially self-sufficient has proved challenging for many cities. So Portland is teaming up with Nike for its new bike share program with bicycles that can be locked up almost anywhere.

Man Wins Bikeshare Stunts By Cycling Across America

Completing stupid challenges using overly-clunky rideshare bikes is a growth industry, but one man may have just outdone everyone.

Corratec X-Vert 650B Electric Bike: Australian Review

Bicycles are great. They’re compact, quiet, and convenient — as long as you have a helmet, you can jump on and go anywhere, and you’re only limited by the energy in your legs. That’s just about the only limiting factor of bikes — the muscles of the humans riding them. But electric bikes? Now that’s another story.

Sleek Furniture Line Puts Your Bike Where It Belongs: On A PedestalĀ 

One of the perennial challenges of urban living is the lack of space. Biking in cities is great, for instance — but only if you have a spot to store your bike. Some furniture designers in Chile are offering a creative (and attractive) solution.

Waze Is Missing A Huge Opportunity To Actually Help People Improve Their Commutes

There was a frightening message waiting for many Angelenos last Friday as they fired up Waze for their evening commute. Two freeways were closed — one covered in a mudslide — and for many, the app warned of drive times that were doubled or more. The entire city of LA simultaneously canceled its dinner plans.

How A Former Video Game Designer Created The Best Intersection For Bikes

Riding through a city on a bike lane that’s separated from cars feels great. But when you roll up to a light, the infrastructure often vanishes, leaving you feeling vulnerable as you cross busy lanes of traffic. Now a new type of intersection might keep cyclists safer and more visible. And it was created by a designer who used to make video games.

How A South African Neighbourhood Banished Private Cars For A Month

Last week, Paris shooed cars from its downtown for a single photogenic day. Now a neighbourhood in Johannesburg, South Africa is one-upping that car-free day with a celebration that kicks cars off the street for the entire month of October.

A Simple Flaw Is Causing A Huge Recall Of 1.3 Million BikesĀ 

Recalls aren’t uncommon, but this is a big one: A group of thirteen bike brands are recalling more than 1.3 million disc brake-equipped bikes.

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