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Lunch Time Deals: Get A $100 Voucher When You Spend $300 At eBay

Attention bargain hunters: eBay’s Click & Collect site is offering a $100 voucher to use at Woolworths or Big W when you spend $300 or more. You can also get a $50 voucher for orders over $149.99. In other words, you’re essentially getting a third of your money back to spend at one of the aforementioned stores. Here are the details.

Big W Plans To Use Your Frustration To Increase Pre-Orders On Xbox One And PS4

As we all know, both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are in high demand. Stock is limited and retailers are battling over the next set of units. This means — that for stores like EB Games, JB Hi-Fi and Big W — pre-orders are all important. If they can prove demand is high at their store, they’ll get more consoles.

That’s why staff at Big W have been informed to try and sell pre-orders onto customers frustrated at the fact both consoles will most likely sell out quickly.

New Research Says Aussie Retailers Suck At Online Shopping

Australian consumers are embracing digital commerce, but Australian retailers are failing to build long-term relationships with their customers online, according to new research.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Range Finally Available In Australia

For the longest time in Australia, the Amazon Kindle Fire has been the best content tablet you could never have. Amazon has figured out that there’s a giant island on the bottom of the world, and will now start selling the Fire range of tablets online and in retail stores, and much more.

New Kindle Paperwhite Lands In Australian Retailers

Continuing the tradition of the new Kindles eventually making their way to Australian vendors, the new 6th Generation Kindle Paperwhite is finally available in Australia. Here’s where you can get it.

Kindle Fire HD Is Now Available For Australians

When we reviewed the Kindle Fire HD last year, we were bitterly disappointed. Mainly because it was a good little device that just didn’t have any of the great Amazon features available for Australians. That’s about to change, however, with the news overnight that Amazon will make the Kindle Fire HD available for shipping to Australia. Hurrah!

Lunchtime Deal: Cheap Soundbar At Big W

Sound is half the story when it comes to movies, games and TV, but so often it’s expensive to improve your experience. Big W has a sub-$100 soundbar these days that’s worth considering.

Lunchtime Deal: Movie Sales At JB Hi-Fi, Big W And Target

Looks like a good week to update and expand your movie collection. There are Blu-ray and DVD specials happening at JB Hi-Fi, Big W and Target.

Breakfast Deal: Xbox Console + Kinect + Games Deal Is Back On

Remember the Dick Smith deal from earlier this week that gave you an Xbox 4GB console, Kinect, two games and a 3-month subscription to Xbox Live? It sold out in a matter of hours, but never fear, Big W is here!

Lunchtime Deal: iPod Touch 8GB $178

The entry-level iPod Touch is one of those products that regularly sees small price drops below Apple’s “official” selling price of $219, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen any retailer willing to take a larger hit on it. Big W’s current special sees it selling for $178; combined with a current free shipping promotion, this is a decent deal if you wanted an entry level iOS device. [Big W]

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