How More Bike Parking Could Make Cities Better For Everyone

Car parking remains a major part of our economy, and it is easy to realise why its availability and low price are clung to so fiercely. Parking allows access for customers to stores, employees to work, entrepreneurs to meetings, tourists to places where they can deposit all their money, the needy to services, residents to their homes. Because of this, it’s harder to see that the costs are so high that they outweigh all economic benefits provided.

Why Bikes Make Smart People Say Dumb Things

Scott Simon’s bio on the NPR website describes him as “one of America’s most admired writers and broadcasters,” and it’s tough to argue with that. As a Peabody-winning journalist with decades of experience, Simon’s credentials are unimpeachable, and as the Saturday host of Weekend Edition, he regularly shows himself to be all the things you want a radio host to be: thoughtful, avuncular, well-informed, and above all, smart.

20 Crazy Rides From The Dawn Of The Bicycle

For a few brief decades before motorcycles and cars took over, the bicycle was the most advanced personal land vehicle around. And those decades were not just glorious but soulful and funny at the same time.

Four Ways To Prepare Your Bicycle For Winter

Riding your bike through snow can still be faster and more enjoyable than waiting on an overcrowded subway car. Here’s how make sure your two-wheeler is ready to face Old Man Winter.

Radar For Your Bike Gives You Long-Range Eyes On The Back Of Your Head

When you’re riding a bike, the world is an endless barrage of obstacles, hazards, and other vehicles sharing the road you need to avoid. Mirrors let you keep an eye on what’s going on behind your cycle, but the Backtracker promises to spot vehicles up to 137m away using radar, and warn you to get out of the way when they’re approaching a little too fast.

Samsung's Smart Bike Uses Your Phone To Keep You Safe

Samsung has teamed up with Giovanni Pelizzoli — an amazingly talented frame builder — to create a bike which uses a smartphone, combined with onboard sensors and devices, to try and keep you safe.

Dad Invents Kid's Seat For Bike Shares, Promptly Gets Cease And Desist

There are many perks to bike shares, but there’s a distinct advantage for the entrepreneurially minded: you’re not allowed to make the bike better. Not by giving it an electric motor. Not by adding a seat to take your kid to school. Nope, nope, nope. Should bike shares really be keeping such a tight reign on their bikes?

This Gold-Plated Bike Is Real And Costs $US1 Million

Choosing the right bike can be a difficult process, but now there’s an obvious choice for those with more money than sense: this frankly insane gold-plated Salsa Mukluk, which weighs in at a startling $US1 million.

Urban Downhill Racing Video Is So Scary That It Accelerated My Heart

When I started to watch this video of Kelly McGarry going downhill through the hilly city of Taxco, Mexico, I thought: “This is going to be bad.” So I measured my heartbeat and then resumed the playback. When it was finished, four minutes later, my heart accelerated from 89 to 95 beats per minute.

Seeing A Goat Ride A Man Riding A Bike Is Just As Absurd As It Sounds

Video: What’s with humans and strapping animals to their backs these days? Is it a worldwide competition on seeing who can outdo who? After seeing a dog jump in a wingsuit yesterday, today we get the honour of watching a goat hook itself to a man riding a bicycle. Seriously. And it’s as hilarious as you’d think.